What Hi-Fi? Awards 2021: discover all the winners


Mis à jour le 17 January 2022.

Every year, the leading British magazine What Hi-Fi? publishes its selection of the very best audio and video equipment of the year. The What Hi-Fi? Awards honor the best electronics in a variety of different categories, including televisions, turntables, wireless hi-fi speakers, A/V receivers, hi-fi headphones, soundbars, radios, projectors, network audio players, hi-fi amplifiers, speaker packs, DAPs, compact speakers, floorstanding speakers, CD players, True Wireless earphones, audio DACs and multi-room speakers.

As usual, What Hi-Fi? favors British electronics. So we inevitably find major British hi-fi brands such as KEF with the LSX Wireless and LS50 Meta speakers, Chord with its Qutest and Hugo 2 DACs, the B&W speaker manufacturer with its B&W 606 S2 and 607 S2 compact models, and Rega with the Planar 1 and Planar 6 turntables, the Rega Fono MM MK3 preamplifier and the Rega IO and Rega Aethos stereo amplifiers.

The KEF LS50 Meta speakers have once again proven themselves to be among the best compact speakers in their price range.

Among the winners are a few American brands such as Klipsch with the T5M IEMs, Grado with the SR80x and SR325x headphones, and SONOS with the Beam Gen 2 and SONOS ARC soundbars.

With the SR80x and SR325x, Grado has won two What Hi-Fi? 2021 Awards.

Finally, regarding image, Sony does well with the XR-55A80J and XR-65X90J TVs, and we find the Epson EH-TW9400 and JVC DLA-N5 in the best video projector category.

The Philips 48OLED806 TV is one of the What Hi-Fi? Awards 2021 winners.

Find the award-winning equipment in our selection: What Hi-Fi? Awards 2021 .

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