Audio Pro A36 and Audio Pro Addon SW-10: the best 2.1 system?


Mis à jour le 25 November 2021.

Sold for €799, the Audio Pro A36 connected floorstanding speakers have a 2-way bass-reflex design and feature an amplification of 2 x 75 watts. They are WiFi and Bluetooth compatible to stream music wirelessly, are equipped with audio inputs and an HDMI eARC port to play the sound of a TV, and are controlled using a mobile app or the included remote control. Associated with the Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer (€399) in a 2.1 installation, will these speakers provide an impressive performance for both hi-fi and home theater?

The Audio Pro A36 speakers and Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer are designed for both hi-fi and home theater.

Audio Pro A36 and Addon SW-10: packaging & accessories

The Audio Pro A36 speakers come with the following accessories:

  • Two power cables (GB/EU)
  • A cable to connect the left and right speakers (4m)
  • An infrared remote control (batteries included)
  • Eight adhesive floor pads (four per speaker)
  • Two user manuals
  • A Spotify leaflet
The Audio Pro A36 speakers come with everything necessary to get them up and running right out of the box.

The Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer comes with the following accessories:

  • Two power cables (GB/EU)
  • A mono RCA cable to connect the speakers or an amplifier (5m)
  • Two user manuals
The Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer comes with two user manuals, two power cables (GB/EU) and an RCA mono connection cable (5m).

Audio Pro A36: presentation

The Audio Pro A36 wireless floorstanding speakers are designed to replace a traditional hi-fi system consisting of an amplifier and a pair of speakers. As they feature an integrated amplification module, these WiFi and Bluetooth compatible speakers are easy to install.

Equipped with an amplification module and wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and WiFi), the Audio Pro A36 speakers don’t need to be connected to any other device, other than a smartphone, to stream music.

Although the sometimes tricky question of matching the speakers with the amplifier has been eliminated, the issue of the cables between the speakers is not entirely resolved as the left speaker, which is equipped with the two amplification modules, has to be connected to the right speaker using the included cable. However, they only require one power cable.

The left and right speaker must be connected using the included cable (4m). Only the left speaker has to be connected to the mains.

Audio Pro A36: elegant and discreet

The design of the Audio Pro A36 speakers is in keeping with what is known as Scandinavian style. They therefore have a streamlined silhouette, simple finish, reduced footprint and discreet visual impact. The use of small drivers allows these floorstanding speakers to be very reasonably sized. They can easily be placed in a modestly sized living room or bedroom without standing out.

The Audio Pro A36 speaker’s finish is impeccable, with no visible screws or notches.

Audio Pro A36: 2-way bass-reflex, 2 x 75 watts

The Audio Pro A36 connected speakers are equipped with a 2 x 75-watt digital amplifier integrated into the left speaker. Each speaker features a 1” fabric dome tweeter and two 4” midbass drivers.

The fabric dome tweeter is placed inside a waveguide to limit directivity by expanding the diffusion of high frequencies. It is protected by a metal grille.
Powerfully motorized, the Audio Pro A36’s tweeter is equipped with a star-shaped radiator with cooling fins behind the magnet that is designed to cool the moving parts to eliminate distortion.
Two 4” midbass drivers equipped with a long-throw surround are used to reproduce the mids and lows.

The midbass drivers have a rigid cone mounted on a long-throw surround and are powerfully motorized to provide powerful lows despite their small size.

The Audio Pro A36’s midbass drivers are powerfully motorized to deliver a full and energetic sound. The interior of each speaker cabinet is lined with acoustic foam to absorb standing waves and avoid internal interference.

The bass-reflex enclosure and large circular port on the back of the speaker also improve the bass response. The Audio Pro A36 floorstanding speakers therefore cover a wide frequency range from 32Hz to 25kHz.

The Audio Pro A36 speakers have a bass-reflex enclosure with a large circular port on the back that extends the bass response.

Audio Pro A36: Bluetooth, WiFi, multi-room

The Audio Pro A36 connected speakers are ideal for streaming music wirelessly, either through Bluetooth (SBC and aptX) or WiFi (Hi-Res Audio compatible), via the local network or with a direct WiFi connection. Although the aptX Bluetooth codec ensures audio quality close to that of CDs, it is preferable to use the WiFi connection to enjoy a more detailed sound, especially for the playback of Hi-Res audio files shared over the local network or on online music services. You can then enjoy Spotify and Deezer in hi-fi quality, and even listen to Qobuz in Studio Master quality (FLAC up to 24-bit.192kHz). It is a shame that Tidal’s MQA format isn’t supported. Users of this service will have to make do with the hi-fi quality (16-bit/44.1kHz). It’s the same story for DSD aficionados, who won’t be able to enjoy their files encoded in this format.

The Audio Pro A36 speakers support the aptX Bluetooth codec for optimal sound quality with compatible devices.

Concerning connectivity, compatibility with the Audio Pro multi-room protocol means that these speakers can be added to a multi-room system featuring other compatible speakers. It is therefore possible to create different listening zones to enjoy the same music throughout the house or a different song in every room by controlling everything via the app.

Audio Pro A36: optical, mini-jack, HDMI ARC, Sub output

The Audio Pro A36’s connectors include a mini-jack auxiliary input, an S/PDIF optical input and a convenient HDMI ARC port. Consequently, the speakers can be easily connected to any source equipped with an analog or optical digital output, or even a television. In the latter case, movies, concerts and video games can be enjoyed with much better sound quality than with the TV’s speakers. When the HDMI port is used, it is also possible to activate a Virtual Surround mode to expand the soundstage and enjoy better immersion. The only thing missing is a phono input to connect the speakers to a turntable. It’s a pity, but it is possible to make up for this shortcoming by inserting a phono preamplifier between the turntable and the speakers, or to opt for a turntable with an integrated phono preamp, such as the Elipson Omega 100 RIAA.

The left speaker features all of the connectors with, at the top and from right to left, an HDMI ARC TV input, an optical input, an auxiliary mini-jack input and an output for a subwoofer. At the bottom is a pair of terminals to connect the right speaker and the power supply socket.

If you wish to enjoy deeper and more impactful bass, it is possible to connect a subwoofer to the Audio Pro A36 speaker’s sub output. This is ideal for large rooms of over 25m².

Audio Pro Addon SW-10: presentation

The Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer features a 7.8” driver coupled with two 8.6” passive radiators. Equipped with a 200-watt amplification module, this sub delivers deep and powerful bass.

The Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer has a 7.8” front driver protected by a metal grill (on the left on the picture) and two 8.6” passive radiators placed on the left and right sides.
On the back of the Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer, there are the standard forced/auto power switch, phase switch (0°/180°) and crossover and level controls. The audio input is in mono RCA format.

Visually, the subwoofer matches the Audio Pro A36 speakers particularly well, forming an elegant and efficient 2.1 system adapted to both hi-fi and home theater. Note that the subwoofer is mounted on four conical feet that allow it to be decoupled from the floor.

Four conical feet decouple the Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer from the floor very efficiently. As a result, the lows are leaner.

Audio Pro A36: key specifications

  • 2-way bass-reflex active speaker
  • 1 x 1” fabric dome tweeter
  • 2 x 4” midbass drivers
  • Amplification : 2 x 75 watts
  • Virtual Surround mode
  • WiFi, aptX Bluetooth, mini-jack, optical and HDMI ARC inputs
  • Sub output
  • Remote control
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 190 x 832 x 210mm

Audio Pro Addon SW-10: key specifications

  • Digital amplification: 200W
  • 1 x 7.8” long-throw driver
  • 2 x 8.6” passive radiators 
  • Frequency response: 33Hz – 120Hz
  • 1 x RCA input
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 280 x 280 x 295cm
  • Weight: 11.6kg

Audio Pro A36: configuration

For this review, we connected the Audio Pro A36 to our local WiFi network using the Netgear Orbi RBK852 to access different streaming services. We also connected them to the TCL 65C825 4K Mini LED TV using an Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI cable to make use of the HDMI ARC connection and distribute the TV’s audio. We took care to enable the TV’s HDMI CEC and ARC features and to select the PCM audio output format in the settings menus. The whole setup was powered by the Taga Harmony PF-2000 filtered power strip, the speakers and sub plugged into the direct sockets and the TV into one of the filtered sockets.

To play movie and video game soundtracks, we tested the Audio Pro A36 speakers and Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer with the TCL 65C825 4K Mini LED TV.

The Audio Pro mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android, is needed to configure the Audio Pro A36 speakers. Once launched, the app automatically searched for nearby devices and quickly found the speakers.

The Audio Pro app detects the speakers and connects to them via WiFi to allow you to easily configure them.

We then simply had to connect the smartphone to the WiFi hotspot generated by the speakers and follow the instructions on the screen to enter the local WiFi network password. The speakers were then operational and could be controlled via the app to access online music services.

Once the smartphone is connected to the speakers, you must enter the wireless network you wish to connect them to and enter the password. After only a few seconds, the Audio Pro A36s are operational.

The app prompts you to rename the speakers to find them more easily, either by using a personalized name or by giving them the name of the room in which they’re placed.

Audio Pro app

The Audio Pro app provides access to multiple settings and features. It is therefore possible to adjust the bass and treble levels, set the level of the subwoofer (-5/+5), activate the Virtual Surround (Off, Min, Mid, Max) and Midnight modes when the HDMI ARC connection is activated, program a music alarm clock and even configure the speakers’ standby mode (1 hour countdown max).

Numerous settings are available via the Audio Pro app: equalization, subwoofer level, surround sound mode, standby, WiFi hotspot activation…
The Audio Pro app lets you assign a playlist or web radio to each of the numbered buttons on the remote control. To do so, simply go into the context menu during playback (three horizontal dots in the left screenshot) and select the Preset option.
The application’s home screen provides access to streaming services and local music. This is also where you can select one of the sources connected to the speakers.

Remote control

The Audio Pro A36 remote control is particularly well designed. Its brushed aluminum chassis is both elegant and robust, its well organized and clearly identifiable keys make it easy to use. All sources are accessible by pressing their dedicated button, while the buttons numbered from 1 to 5 allow you to directly launch a preassigned playlist, album or web radio. Naturally, this remote control also controls playback (next/previous track, play/pause) and the volume.

The Audio Pro A36 speaker’s remote control is a success. It is elegant, very functional and pleasant to handle.

Note that with an HDMI ARC connection, it is possible to control the volume of the speakers with this remote control or with the TV’s remote control thanks to the HDMI CEC feature.

Audio Pro A36: listening impressions


The Audio Pro A36 speakers delivered a globally balanced sound with a slight emphasis on the high-mids and highs, which effectively brightened the music, without generating fatigue. The bass was lively, responsive and displayed a nice impact. The depth of the bass didn’t match the energy, but it was still remarkable considering the size of the speakers and proved to be more than enough, allowing us to enjoy our music without any frustration. The effectiveness of the 4” midbass drivers’ long-throw cones and hefty motorization was evident.

With the FLAC HD (24/96) version of London Grammar’s album Californian Soil on Qobuz, we thoroughly enjoyed the energy delivered by these speakers and the many details that were revealed.

As you might expect, the association with the Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer proved to be very effective in optimizing the listening experience. It brought depth and substance to the lowest octaves to give even more body to the music. From the opening track of London Grammar’s album Californian Soil, we could really hear the difference: the double basses materialized in front of us and expressed themselves with more intensity; the sound became more realistic. Likewise with the track Baby It’s You, from 1’38”, the subwoofer effectively supported the speakers to handle the bassline. We were easily transported by the music.

The Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer brings real added value to hi-fi listening sessions, offering a more spacious soundstage and giving more body and depth to vocals and instruments.

We also appreciated the excellent layering of the different frequency ranges and the precisely delineated elements in every track we listened to. Spatialization was rigorous with well-centered vocals (perfect phasing) and instruments that were spread out to occupy the entire soundstage.

Dynamic shifts were handled well, proof that the amplification was carefully adapted to the characteristics of the drivers. There is certainly a little compression at high volumes (from 75-80%), no doubt due to the DSP and intended to prevent any risk of clipping or saturation. In fact, even when turning the volume up unreasonably high, the sound remained distinct and well articulated.

Movie and video game soundtracks

For both movies and games, the Audio Pro A36 speakers were valuable allies for our television, enhancing the impact and intelligibility of soundtracks while providing wider spatialization.

Even when they were used without a subwoofer, the Audio Pro A36 speakers were very effective in adding energy and amplitude to movie soundtracks.

With Avengers: Infinity War, we immediately understood the benefit of connecting a 2.1 audio system to the TV to enjoy the soundtrack in the absence of a real home theater system. The sound was both clearer, richer and more impactful, especially during action scenes, which were more realistic. While the spatialization was convincing in pure stereo, it was even more immersive with the Virtual Surround mode activated. We achieved the most convincing results during this test of the Audio Pro A36 speakers and the Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer by setting it to Mid or Max. The soundstage then became wider and taller, contributing to a better immersion of the spectator in the heart of the action.

When the Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer enters the picture, the sound takes on a whole new dimension, with more impact and density.

This was even more true with video games, whose soundtracks are full of sound effects and low frequencies. The couple formed by these wireless speakers and the Audio Pro subwoofer worked wonders on classics such as Ratchet & Clank (metallic sounds of the collected bolts, roar of the engines, explosions of all kinds…) and Red Dead Redemption (gunshots, atmosphere of the saloon, nocturnal sounds in the desert…).

With video game soundtracks, the 2.1 system comprised of the Audio Pro A36 speakers and Audio Pro Addon SW-10 sub impressed us with its ability to plunge us into the heart of the game.

The stereo spatialization of sound effects was very effective, ambient sounds were reproduced with great detail and the bass was thunderous during action scenes. Fans of immersive video games will appreciate the sound atmosphere produced by this 2.1 audio system.

Audio Pro A36: compared to…

Tangent Spectrum X6 BT Phono
More affordable, the Tangent Spectrum X6 BT Phono speakers don’t offer as many options as the Audio Pro speakers and deliver a slightly less energetic sound.

Also Scandinavian, the €399 Tangent Spectrum X6 BT Phono speakers are similar in size and have an equally simple finish. Wireless connectivity is limited to Bluetooth without the aptX HD codec. These speakers do not benefit from an optimized transmission quality in Bluetooth and the absence of a WiFi connection prevents wireless playback of Hi-Res music. Moreover, the lows delivered by the Tangent speakers aren’t as deep and are less energetic and powerful than those provided by the Audio Pros. Finally, they do not have an HDMI ARC port for the TV, which will have to be connected to the speakers via the optical connector. However, they are equipped with an RCA input that is compatible with turntables. The Tangent speakers offer fewer functions, but are half the price of the A36s.

Klipsch The Fives
The Klipsch The Fives don’t lack power, but they don’t have WiFi connectivity for wireless Hi-Res playback.

Sold for €999, the Klipsch The Fives have a more compact bookshelf design with a smaller enclosure than the Audio Pro, which implies bass that isn’t as deep, but no less energetic. No WiFi either on this American speaker, which is content with wireless audio playback via Bluetooth. The playback of Hi-Res music will therefore have to be done via the USB audio port (24/192) from a computer or via the optical input (24/96) from an audio network player. Equipped with an HDMI ARC port, the Klipsch The Five is also equipped with an RCA input compatible with turntables.

Audio Pro A36: who are they for?

Looking for a simple, elegant stereo sound system that doesn’t take up too much space so you can enjoy your music, movies and video games with efficient, accurate and energetic sound? The Audio pro A36 wireless speakers alone, let alone the Audio Pro A36 2.1 system with Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer, should be at the top of your list! Easy to set up and to use on a daily basis, these speakers and subwoofer give you a lot of bang for your buck. One wonders if the manufacturer has underpriced them…

Audio Pro A36: conclusion

Stylish, space-saving, easy to use, and capable of efficiently delivering music, movie and video game soundtracks in a room of 15-25 square meters or more, the Audio Pro A36 connected speakers are a versatile, high-performance, and very inexpensive solution to not only boost the sound of any TV, but also replace a traditional stereo system. Together with the Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer, they form a 2.1 stereo system that in many ways is a good substitute for a soundbar and subwoofer. We think this set is a must-have in this price range!

The Audio Pro A36 connected speakers and Audio Pro Addon SW-10 subwoofer form an excellent 2.1 stereo system in this price range.

We liked

  • The ease of use
  • The meticulous finish and small footprint
  • The speakers’ clear, precise and powerful sound
  • The subwoofer’s deep and immersive lows
  • The remote control

We would have liked

  • A wireless connection between the two speakers and subwoofer
  • A more appealing interface for the app
  • DSD and MQA compatibility
  • A phono input

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