Elipson P1 and A2700: a new French high fidelity duo


The French Hi-Fi specialist Elipson expands its offer in the audiophile electronics sector with the release of the Elipson P1 preamplifier, a fully modular model capable of keeping up with market developments and the listener’s requirements. It is designed to be associated with the new Elipson A2700 power amplifier offering 2 x 400 W RMS into 8 ohms, which it perfectly matches, both in terms of design and musicality. This duo that is entirely made in France aims to shake up the French hi-fi market.

Long-standing expertise

While French manufacturer Elipson is primarily known by music and film lovers for its highly musical speakers, the brand also excels in the design of hi-fi electronics. In 1979, Elipson launched the Elipson PE2/1A preamplifier and Elipson AME 120B power amplifier, capable of delivering 2 x 125W.

Introduced in 1979, the Elipson PE2/1A pre-amplifier and AME 120B power amplifier were the French manufacturer’s first high-end electronics.

Despite their high-quality performance, these two models were only moderately successful and their production was limited. Today they are real collector’s items for lovers of quality vintage hi-fi.

The Elipson PE2/1A dual mono power amplifier alongside the new Elipson A2700.

In the following years, the French manufacturer concentrated on the development of speakers for hi-fi, then for professional cinema and home theater use. However, the brand did not completely abandon electronics, which became increasingly popular in the mid-2000s. Today, Elipson is present in this sector with the Elipson Music Center Connect HD connected amplifier, Elipson Connect 250 integrated amplifier, Elipson A680 multi-room power amplifier and Elipson Infinite A1000 power amplifier. The manufacturer now wants to strengthen this position with the new Elipson P1 and Elipson A2700, models designed for the most discerning audio enthusiasts.

The Elipson Music Center Connect HD amplifier is the illustration of Elipson’s expertise, in terms of design, performance and connectivity.

Elipson P1 and A2700: unrivaled design

Far from the design of the 1979 models, the Elipson P1 preamp and the Elipson A2700 power amplifier adopt a much more compact format, with minimalist and refined silhouettes. The front panels are made of a thick aluminum plate with a long groove that extends to encircle the various buttons. Present on both models, this design ensures they are harmoniously matched. The ergonomics and operation of the two devices have been developed according to the same minimalist philosophy, with intuitive controls, whether they are the physical controls of the Elipson P1 preamplifier or its remote control.

The Elipson P1 preamplifier and Elipson A2700 power amplifier form a perfectly matched couple, with a simple, refined and luxurious design.

Elipson P1: perfect transparency

Designed according to audiophile standards, the new Elipson P1 preamplifier incorporates highly sophisticated technologies and makes a point of handling sources in the purest hi-fi tradition. It benefits from components selected after many hours of listening tests for their qualities and very low noise level. This Elipson preamplifier is therefore able to achieve a signal-to-noise ratio of 102dB, promising transparent and clear sound. The harmonic distortion of less than 0.001% over an exceptionally wide bandwidth (from 2Hz to 120kHz) ensures a natural, detailed listening experience and an astonishing sonic breadth.

The use of very low-noise components allows the Elipson P1 preamp to ensure transparent and clear sound in order to preserve the slightest details of recordings.

Elipson P1: modular

The main advantage of the Elipson P1 preamplifier lies in its great modularity thanks to the multiple racks present on its rear panel. These allow you to insert additional modules. For the moment, the brand offers two optional modules: the Elipson MDAC I and Elipson MPH II. The first is a DAC module with optical, coaxial and USB-C inputs. It provides access to Hi-Res music up to a very high resolution of 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256. The second is a phono preamp providing support for any turntable equipped with an MM or MC cartridge. The Elipson P1 pre-amplifier promises to be perfectly tailored to the user’s needs and setup.

Thanks to its additional modules, the Elipson P1 preamp can adapt to your future needs.

In its basic configuration, the Elipson P1 pre-amplifier adopts purely analog connectors with two unbalanced RCA inputs and two balanced XLR inputs. It is therefore possible to easily associate it with a CD player, a pre-amplified turntable or even a network media player, for example. The unbalanced and balanced outputs ensure a perfect match with any power amplifier, although it is naturally with the Elipson A2700 power amp that it is in perfect harmony. Note that a subwoofer output is also included to connect a subwoofer, as well as a trigger input and output which facilitate the control of the system. Finally, a headphone output allows more intimate listening sessions.

Elipson A2700: 2 x 400W RMS

The Elipson A2700 power amplifier is designed with the same care as the Elipson P1 preamplifier. We find the same rigorous choice of components, primarily selected to maintain a pure and natural sound. Its output stage is able to provide a high power of 2 x 400W RMS into 8 ohms in stereo mode or 1400W RMS into 8 ohms in mono mode. Into 4 ohms, the output reaches over 2 x 710W RMS. This high level of energy is delivered with undeniable control and distortion is reduced to the strict minimum. In addition, this amplification works in class D, thus ensuring a very strong impulse response, making it possible to respond instantly to the dynamics of the music. Thanks to this, the Elipson A2700 power amplifier is able to ideally power any pair of speakers, even the most demanding models such as the Elipson Legacy 3230s, for example.

The Elipson A2700 power amp can confidently power any pair of speakers with an output of 2 x 400W RMS into 8 ohms or 1400W RMS in mono mode (here the Elipson Legacy 3230 floorstanding speakers).

Elipson A2700: RCA and XLR inputs

At the rear, the Elipson A2700 power amplifier has an unbalanced RCA stereo input and a balanced XLR input. Cosequently, it can be paired with any preamplifier or, ideally, with the Elipson P1. To make it easier to use, a trigger input lets you turn it on and off at the same time as the associated preamplifier, while a trigger output allows you to control another source. Lastly, the speaker terminals are compatible with wide gauge cables, banana plugs and spade connectors.

The Elipson A2700 power amplifier and the Elipson P1 preamplifier can be connected via an unbalanced (RCA) or balanced (XLR) connection.

Promising to deliver music with texture and vitality, the Elipson P1 preamplifier and Elipson A2700 power amplifier form the most musical duo in French hi-fi in 2021. This system manages to reproduce and enhance the slightest details and subtleties of music, much to the delight of discerning music lovers. An exceptional hi-fi pairing that you can listen to at the Paris Audio Video Show on October 23 and 24.

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