Meze Liric: the first closed-back isodynamic headphones from Meze


Mis à jour le 21 December 2021.

After the very high-end and very successful Meze Empyrean Elite and Meze Empyrean , the isodynamic headphones specialist is putting brings this technology to closed-back headphones for the first time with the Meze Liric . Designed for on-the-go use and isolation from the outside world, the Meze Liric headphones adopt an innovative design with Phase-X System technology to provide a soundstage and staging worthy comparable to open-back headphones in a closed-back model.

Meze Liric brings for the first time isodynamic transducers in closed-back Meze headphones designed for mobile use.

Meze Liric: isodynamic transducers

Meze once again worke with the Polish company Rinaro for the design of the Liric’s transducers. Rinaro specializes in the development of revolutionary high-end transducers and has developed the new MZ4 drivers especially for the Meze Liric helmet. The ultra-thin 3507mm² diaphragm is placed between two differently shaped coils to ensure optimized response across the spectrum, with greater transparency in the highs and deeper lows. All the technical secrets of this double coil are revealed in detail on the Meze Liric specs sheet .

Designed in partnership with Rinaro, the drivers of the Meze Liric headphones have an emissive surface of 3507 mm² for a uniform and ample distribution of sound.

Meze Liric: optimized acoustic space

Despite the closed-back design, Meze wanted to keep the open and ample sound stage that made the success of its previous isodynamic headphones at all costs. To do so, the MZ4 drivers are coupled with the exclusive Phase-X System technology. This technology is developped to optimize the soundstage, while limiting phase distortion, too often encountered in closed-back headphones. Meze has also developed Ear pad Air Flow (EAF) technology which redistributes the rear soundwave towards the outside of the pads using vents placed on the earcups. The Meze Liric thus ensure a more faithful reproduction of the transients, while improving the overall atmosphere and spatial imagery.

Phase-X System technology optimizes acoustic space to provide a more open and fuller soundstage.

Meze Liric: optimized comfort

Like the brand’s most high end models, the Meze Liric headphones are built using noble and robust materials. We thus find a solid aluminum frame coupled with magnesium earcups and earcup holders. These are adjustable in height thanks to a threaded rod in anodized aluminum. The earcups are wide, wrap around the ears and benefit from thick padding. The headband features several padding zones placed symmetrically in a “+” shape to optimize air circulation and thus reduce heat build-up.

Built using noble and robust materials, the Meze Liric benefits from a luxurious and comfortable finish to the delight of the eyes and the listener.

The Meze Liric is already available for pre-order at a price of 1999 €. It thus constitutes the entry ticket into the world of Meze isodynamic headphones, with all the sonic qualities, while retaining the insulation and the advantages of closed-back heaphones for on-the-go use. We will soon put this promise to the test during our review of the Meze Liric headphones.


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