An interview with Anthony, the Son-Vidé Nantes store manager


The new Son-Vidé store in Nantes is dedicated to audio and video experiences. In its 240m2, you will find a good selection of the website’s catalog, entirely dedicated to hi-fi and home theater… but also a magnificent auditorium, a home theater room and a TV area, as well as the latest headphones and turntables. The store has moved a few meters from the previous one, to one of the most beautiful squares in Nantes, a stone’s throw from the Passage Pommeraye. Anthony and his team are waiting to share new musical and visual experiences with you!

Anthony, store manager of Son-Vidé Nantes.
We interviewed Anthony, the Nantes store manager.

Can you tell us about your professional background?

Passionate about hi-fi, I opened the Pandora’s box of high fidelity at the age of 19, as a salesman of dedicated equipment for a chain of multimedia stores. At the end of my military service, I pursued this calling as a sales consultant in a supermarket where I was in charge of the audio department. I have been part of the PHC group for 15 years, and I am now in charge of the store in Nantes, which is being renovated into a new two-floor showroom.

Do you have any anecdotes (store, customer experience) to share with us?

We often forget that there is no age to develop a passion for hi-fi. One of the store’s regulars, a septuagenarian from Sables-d’Olonne who is an absolute purist, is a great example. Bluetooth headphones, DAP (FiiO M15), Chord DAC… this customer is a connoisseur and knows the functionalities of the equipment inside out. It is always a real pleasure to share and chat with him.

What was your most memorable listening experience?

There have been several. One of them took place at the Paris Audio Video Show in 2021. It was a McIntosh high-end system and a pair of Sonus Faber speakers. Another unforgettable moment was when I discovered the Grande Utopia at Focal. It is also hard to leave out listening to a breathtaking home system with Roy Gandy (the founder and director of Rega). An installation he designed himself.

Can you describe your system to us?

I mainly use a Cayin 845 Anniversary tube amplifier, PMC Twenty-5.23 floorstanding speakers and a Rega Planar 3 turntable, with a cartridge from the American brand Sumiko. For digital music, I have a Bluesound network player.

What is behind the reputation of stores?

Our strength is the size of the catalog and its countless references. A multitude of equipment carefully selected and aimed at both informed customers and beginners. In stores, meeting and talking with customers is also essential. Aware of these advantages, customers sometimes travel more than 100km for advice. For example, some travel all the way from Charente-Maritime or Côtes-d’Armor. The strength of our network is also its team of passionate individuals who listen to their clients and provide them with advice that precisely meets their needs and respects their budget. The website is also a valuable resource with a wide choice of quality devices and many tips. It is with this goal in mind that we work every day to maintain the quality of our advice and customer service.

Find Anthony and his team of passionate enthusiasts from Monday to Friday at the Son-Vidé Nantes store!

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