Why use a home theater for racing simulation?


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Many of us are passionate about image and sound, but also about beautiful cars, motor racing and video games. On the Son-Vidéo.com website, you will find a car audio category: it offers amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers to improve the sound in your vehicle! You can also follow the new De zéro à son series that we launched last November on our YouTube channel. Cyril Drevet presents the most beautiful car audio systems fitted in prestigious vehicles.

Like many of you, we have been eagerly awaiting the release of Gran Turismo 7. The driving experience is ultra-realistic, with accurately rendered vehicles and extremely detailed circuits. The opportunity for us to explain why and how a 5.1 home theater system can make a difference. During your car chases and racing sims. But also how to equip yourself with the best gaming accessories to feel like a real race driver!

Gran Turismo 7
The release of a new Gran Turismo game is always a highly anticipated event for racing and video game enthusiasts. The opportunity to take a look at the different solutions to optimize your audio video system and equip yourself with the best gaming accessories.

For immersive games, is a large image enough?

Ultra short throw projector
Ultra short throw projectors offer the possibility of playing easily on a very large screen: each player has a larger image to control their racing car and thwart his opponents’ attempts to overtake.

Do you own a Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation or Nintendo game console or a gaming PC? You have probably already played one of the many car racing games available on these platforms. Whether it’s the super-realistic hit franchises Forza Horizon and Gran Turismo, Dirt, WRC, Formula 1 and many more. Or more arcade-oriented racing games like the Need For Speed, Burnout, Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing. They all offer a very exciting gaming experience and an exhilarating feeling of speed.

Gran Turismo 7
A large 4K TV is essential to enjoy good immersion with racing simulation games. But is it enough for an optimal gaming experience?

To have an even better experience and play with maximum immersion, it is essential to have a large image. You will be able to improve the gaming experience with a large 4K UHD television, or even a projector!

A large image is essential to play in good conditions. However, the sound should not be overlooked. Firstly, to make the most of the superb soundtracks that punctuate the progression in the game. But also and above all to immerse yourself even more in the heart of the action during the various races.

Why use a home theater for racing simulations?

When gaming, a big picture is important. But one should not forget the sound of racing games. Because it contributes greatly to the engagement of the players.

Gran Turismo 7
To take full advantage of the roar of the engines of these superb racing cars, there’s nothing like a home theater. The sound is then more realistic, with the same sensations as a racing driver.

The purr of the engines and the whistling of the exhausts, the various driving sounds on the asphalt and on desert tracks, the beating of the rain on the windshield, the screeching of the tires during skids and drifts, the crashes: the television’s speakers are far too limited to provide the necessary realism.

Klipsch R-625FA HCM 5.1.2 Speaker Pack
With a pack of home theater speakers, the soundtracks of car racing simulation games take on a whole new dimension! (here the Klipsch R-625FA HCM 5.1.2 pack)

With a home theater system, you benefit from real sound spatialization in depth, width and even height! The sound effects are very realistic and placed very precisely. This allows you to experience the race more intensely.

On the track, you can clearly hear the competitors’ vehicles. Especially those behind or to the side of you trying to overtake. You can even tell how close they are just by listening. This is an advantage for precisely adapting your driving according to your opponents. Ideal for thwarting an attempt to overtake, for example by braking late.

Denon AVC-X3700H AV receiver
Powerful, capable of powering up to 9 speakers, compatible with 4K/120Hz, VRR, ALLM and QFT, theDenon AVC-X3700H AV receiver is ideal for video games.

A home theater system ideally consists of an AV receiver and a pack of compact speakers. Or a large home theater speaker pack, depending on the space available in your room and your budget. You can opt for a compact home theater with five identical satellite speakers in a small space. In a large room, we can choose a more powerful system. Ideally with floorstanding speakers at the front and a real center speaker for dialogue. To benefit from effective and realistic sound spatialization, the key is to opt for a system with at least five speakers and a subwoofer. The famous 5.1 home theater system.

Klipsch Reference Cinema System Dolby Atmos 5.0.4 home theater speaker pack
When space is limited, a home theater speaker package like the Klipsch Reference Cinema System Dolby Atmos 5.0.4 offers excellent performance in a small footprint.

What accessories can improve immersion in racing simulations?

Do you have a large image and sound that is perfectly spatialized around the driver? What can you do to further improve your system? How can you optimize immersion and really feel as if you are behind the wheel of your racing car, in the cockpit?

Many accessories allow you to immerse yourself even more in the atmosphere of the race. For example, steering wheels and pedals. Equipped with force feedback systems, these offer very realistic sensations. Resistance in bends, vibrations in your hands when you hit the edge of the track, stiffness and progressiveness of the pedals. A reference in the field, gaming accessories manufacturer Thrustmaster offers a wide range of steering wheels and pedal sets. Holder of an official Ferrari license, Thrustmaster even offers very realistic replicas. It therefore offers steering wheels identical to those in the GTs and F1s of the iconic manufacturer from Maranello.

Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition steering wheel
The Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition is a replica of the Ferrari 488 Challenge’s steering wheel, produced under official license from Ferrari.

Do you want to go a step further in terms of realism and make car racing simulations an unforgettable experience? rSeat bucket seats propel you into the cockpit of your favorite racing car! Ergonomic and modular, they are designed to accommodate a maximum of equipment. You can add a gear lever, joysticks, a keyboard, a mouse, touch pads, button boxes, Buttkickers, dynamic systems…

Gaming audio-video installation
A big 4K TV, an AV receiver (here the Denon AVC-X3700H), an Atmos speaker pack (in this photo, the Polk System 5.0.2 R600 speaker pack), a subwoofer, a simulation steering wheel + pedals and one rSeat bucket seat : the ideal set-up to experience races as if you were there!

The bucket seats on rails are mounted on very sturdy bases. And the structure allows you to customize the seat (height and tilt). The driving position is therefore adjusted to the millimeter, according to your preferences. Generally adjustable in tilt and depth, the pedal bracket is made of sturdy and thick steel. No risk of demaging it when braking too suddenly!

rSeat RS1 racing seat
A great tool for passionate gamers, the rSeat RS1 propels you into a new video game dimension. Comfort, efficiency and immersion go up a gear! (steering wheel, pedals and gear stick sold separately).

Do you want to optimize your gaming system as much as possible?

Whether you are a fan of racing, motorcycle or flight sims, RPG, action and adventure games or platform games, do not hesitate to take a look at the guide: How to fully enjoy your video games You will find many tips to improve your gaming experience.

How to fully enjoy your video games

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