Sony 2022 TVs: QD-OLED, TV gaming and mini-LED


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A major player in the 4K and 8K UHD television market, Sony has unveiled its new BRAVIA XR TV ranges equipped with the Cognitive Processor XR. The Sony Z9K 8K and Sony X95K 4K mini-LED TVs sit alongside the Sony A95K QD-OLED range. Also present are the Sony A90K and Sony A80K 4K OLED series, not to mention the Sony X90K 4K LED range. Less advanced but more affordable, the Sony X85K and Sony X80K series are the entry-level Sony 2022 TVs.

Sony Bravia XR 2022 TVs promise natural images and immersive sound.

Sony OLED ranges

Sony A95K OLED Master Series: QD-OLED display

The Sony A95K TV range is the first to use QD-Display (QD-OLED) technology, offering colors that are both rich and bright while guaranteeing perfect blacks. It comes in two screen sizes: 55” (139cm) and 65” (164cm).

Sony is the first to use QD OLED technology with its Sony A95K Bravia XR OLED range. These TVs with a screen manufactured by Samsung Display combine the advantages of Quantum Dots and OLED technology. Colors are rich and bright while maintaining perfect blacks and infinite contrast.

QD OLED: the technology that is revolutionizing TV

Sony A90K OLED Master Series: TV Gaming

Designed for video game enthusiasts, the Sony A90K OLED TV range is available in two screen sizes: 42” (106cm) and 48” (121cm).

Video game enthusiasts will turn to the Sony A90K range which is designed specifically for them. It includes two 48”/121cm and 42”/106cm models with the Perfect For Playstation 5 certification. HDMI 2.1, 4K/120Hz, low latency, automatic gaming mode: this Sony A90K range does everything to satisfy gamers. It replaces the Sony A90J range.

All Sony Bravia XR 2022 televisions are certified Perfect for PlayStation 5, with two exclusive features: automatic HDR adjustment and automatic picture mode, which can also be found on Sony A90K OLED TVs.

Sony A80K OLED: the gateway to OLED

The Sony A80K series is the most accessible of Sony’s 2022 OLED TV lines. It is available in three screen sizes: 55” (139cm), 65” (164cm) and 77” (195cm).

An entry ticket to the Sony 2022 OLED TV world, the Sony A80K OLED range includes the Cognitive Processor XR. The latter drives the XR OLED Contrast Pro (intense brightness, deep blacks) and XR Triluminos Pro (wide color palette) technologies. Regarding sound, the Acoustic Surface Audio+ process converts the screen into a speaker: the sound literally comes out of the image displayed on the screen. The Sony A80K television range replaces the Sony A80J series.

Sony OLED 2022 TV: Acoustic Surface Audio+

Sony OLED 2022 TVs continue the Acoustic Surface Audio technology to produce sound. This technology uses the entire surface of the screen as an acoustic membrane, instead of dynamic drivers. Several pistons take place directly behind the panel. They are responsible for transmitting the micro-vibrations that transform transform the screen into a real driver.

Thanks to Acoustic Surface technology, the sound literally comes out of the screen with unparalleled realism.

Totally invisible, these micro-vibrations produce a much more immersive sound than the speakers usually integrated into televisions. The sound literally springs from the image, just like in movie theaters where the speakers are placed behind the screen.

The Sony Mini-LED ranges

Sony Z9K 8K LCD and Sony X95K 4K LCD

Flagship of the Japanese manufacturer’s Mini LED LCD offer, the Sony Z9K 8K TV range replaces the Sony Z9J range.. It is available in two screen sizes: 75” (19 cm) and 85” (215cm).

XR Backlight Master Drive is featured on the 4K Sony X95K and 8K Sony Z9K series. Thousands of mini-LEDs managed by zones make it possible to boost brightness. This way, a very wide dynamic range and deep blacks are achieved. Enough to enhance the display of HDR10 and Dolby Vision images.

The XR Backlight Master Drive backlighting allows very precise management of the thousands of mini-LEDs that line the back of the panel to modulate the brightness zone by zone depending on the image displayed.

For sound, Acoustic Multi-Audio technology ensures a very immersive experience. For this, it uses drivers placed on the top and on the sides of the screen. The latter extend the soundstage vertically and laterally.

The Sony X95K range is the most successful in the Japanese manufacturer’s LED LCD TV offer. It uses XR Backlight Master Drive backlighting which controls thousands of mini-LEDs managed by zones. It replaces the Sony X95J range.

Sony 4K LED ranges

Sony X90K

Entry ticket into the world of Sony 2022 TVs equipped with the XR processor, the Sony X90K range is intended to replace the current Sony X90J television range.. It is available from 55” (139cm) to 85” (215cm).

Opening the range of Sony 4K LED TVs with the XR processor, the Sony X90K series features a Full Array LED backlit LCD panel. It also uses XR Triluminos Pro and XR Contrast Booster 10 technologies. Therefore, the blacks remain deep, the brightness intense and the chromatic palette wider than average. However, this is done with less precision and subtlety than on the higher-end ranges.

Concerning sound, we find the Acoustic Multi-Audio process with speakers that allow the sound to follow the action on the screen.

Sony X85K and Sony X80K

More accessible, the Sony X85K (100Hz) and Sony X80K (50Hz) 4K TV ranges incorporate the Sony 4K HDR X1 video processor. In addition, Object-based HDR remaster technology optimizes depth, textures and colors. Finally, 4K X-Reality PRO image processing is included for 4K upscaling.

TVs from the Sony X85K range are set to replace those of the current Sony X85J range.. The manufacturer intends to offer models ranging from 43” (109cm) to 85” (215cm).

Sony BRAVIA XR 2022 TV: the highlights

  • Cognitive Processor XR: This cognitive intelligence processor divides the screen into hundreds of zones. It recognizes each object present in these areas in order to optimize its display.
  • XR Backlight Master Drive: High brightness, super wide dynamic range, deep blacks and natural midtones.
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+™/ Acoustic Multi-Audio: a perfect match between sound and image. Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology also makes it possible to use the audio section of the television as a center speaker in a home theater installation.
  • Enhanced Audio-Visual Experience: Sony BRAVIA XR 2022 TVs are designed to work together with select Sony audio devices such as the Sony HT-A9 Wireless Home Theater System or Sony HT-A7000 Soundbar.
  • 360 Spatial Sound Mapping: acoustic calibration of the room in which the TV is located. Creation of multiple optimally distributed virtual speakers to produce a wide and immersive cinematic sound field. The Acoustic Center Sync feature allows the audio section of the TV to be used as the center channel of the home theater or soundbar to obtain a perfect match between the sound and the image displayed on the screen.
  • Ambient Optimization Pro: This technology uses a camera to optimize image and sound quality based on users’ position in front of the screen. The BRAVIA CAM camera can locate the users in the room and measure the distance which separates them from the television. As a result, it can adjust the sound and image parameters to perfection. Additionally, the BRAVIA CAM knows when viewers are no longer in front of the TV and dim the screen brightness to save power.
  • Google TV: thousands of movies, shows, live TV and other entertainment accessible through multiple apps, with personalized recommendations.
  • Bravia Core: the Bravia Core app is a preloaded video service offering credits for up to 10 movies and 24 months of unlimited streaming with the purchase of a BRAVIA XR TV. Bravia XR, Pure Stream and IMAX Enhanced technologies give the content optimal image and sound quality.
  • Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode: this new display mode is based on Sony’s BRAVIA XR ambient light sensor. It guarantees that the artistic design is preserved in all lighting conditions. The result of close collaboration between Sony and Netflix, this feature allows viewers to enjoy Netflix content with accurate colors, crisp contrast and realistic motion regardless of the viewing environment (dark or bright).
  • Perfect for PlayStation 5: Bravia XR TVs automatically adjust and optimize the picture to the best settings for the PlayStation 5 console, whether it’s being used for gaming or watching a movie. More immersive images and sound, 4K UHD at 120Hz, smooth motion and responsive display.

The manufacturer has yet to announce pricing and availability dates for the 2022 TV ranges.

Until the new Sony 2022 TVs arrive…

As you probably know, the arrival of new TV ranges is usually accompanied by a repricing of previous ranges… So, for those of you who are looking for a good deal and don’t necessarily want to invest in the latest TV on the market, this is a great opportunity to change your old television!

It is therefore the perfect time to discover or rediscover the Sony 2021 TV ranges before the manufacturer replaces them:

Sony X81J
Sony XR X90J
Sony X95J TV range
Sony XR-A80J
Sony XR-A90J
  • New Sony 2022 TVs: QD-OLED, TV gaming and mini-LED
  • Sony 2022 TV

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