Yamaha TW-E7B and TW-ES5A: IEMs that protect your hearing


Yamaha introduces two new pairs to its range of True Wireless in-ear monitors: the Yamaha TW-E7B high-end model, as well as the Yamaha TW-ES5A, the very first sports pair.

Yamaha TW-E7B and TW-ES5A
Yamaha expands its range of wireless IEMs with the Yamaha TW-E7B and introduces its new series of sports earphones with the Yamaha TW-ES5A model.

Only five months after the evolution of the True Wireless range with the Yamaha TW-E5B, the Japanese manufacturer unveils new IEMs. The Yamaha TW-E7B wireless IEMs are adorned with the various technologies that made the previous version so successful. Notably the True Sound and Listening Care technologies. The Japanese brand adds active noise cancelling (ANC) in order to enjoy music without any external noise. Ideal for travelling by public transport (bus, metro, train, plane) or working in an open space office, for example. In addition, the Yamaha TW-ES5A are designed for practicing sports while enjoying high quality sound.

Yamaha Selection

Yamaha TW-E7B and TW-ES5A: True Sound and Listening Care

Like their predecessors, including the Yamaha TW-E3B (read the review of the Yamaha TW-E3B IEMs on the Son-Vidéo.com blog), these two new models feature True Sound and Listening Care technologies. The first is intended to reproduce the music as the artist intended. Yamaha guarantees a sound that is both realistic and detailed based on three criteria: tonal balance, dynamics and sound image.

True Sound Technology by Yamaha
True Sound technology uses tonal balance, dynamics and the sound image to deliver realistic and detailed sound.

Listening Care technology takes care of your hearing. Indeed, the latter makes it possible to balance the high and low frequencies which can be difficult to hear at low volume. The Japanese manufacturer highlights them to deliver precise sound, whatever the volume. As a result, the listener does not have to increase the volume to enjoy generous bass or detailed treble. Listening Care therefore reduces auditory fatigue and, in the long term, preserves hearing.

Listening Care Technology by Yamaha
Thanks to Listening Care technology, the True Wireless Yamaha TW-E7B and TW-ES5A IEMs reduce hearing fatigue and preserve hearing.

With the Yamaha TW-E7B, the Listening Care feature is equipped with additional innovations. Named “Listening Care – Advanced”, this tool now takes into account volume as well as background noise. For the implementation of this advanced technology, the brand’s engineers relied on the YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Acoustic Optimizer) automatic calibration process, notably present on amplifiers such as the Yamaha MusicCast R-N803D and Yamaha Aventage RX-A8A.

Yamaha TW-E7B: active noise cancelling

The Yamaha TW-E7B True Wireless earphones benefit from three great technologies, as they also feature active noise control (ANC). According to the Japanese brand, this active noise cancellation is unique thanks to an algorithm specially created by Yamaha. It performs a double analysis (signal received by the internal microphone and the musical signal being played). Then, it calculates and filters the different elements of the sound. The musical signal is then enhanced for outdoor listening by eliminating surrounding noise. The Ambient Sound mode, on the other hand, allows you to hear ambient sounds clearly while continuing to listen to your music. Practical for starting a convesation or crossing the road safely!

Yamaha TW-E7B in situ
The True Wireless Yamaha TW-E7B IEMs are equipped with ANC technology to reduce the presence of surrounding noise and put the music at the heart of the listening experience.

As a bonus, the new Yamaha TW-E7Bs feature Qualcomm Clear Voice Capture (cVc) technology to enjoy clearer and crisper calls. The TrueWireless Mirroring function allows independent transmission of music sources. Only one earbud maintains the Bluetooth connection. While the second earbud reproduces the sound of the connected earbud, ensuring better playback stability. Finally, the Gaming mode guarantees low latency between sound and video.

Gaming Selection

Yamaha TW-ES5A: the first model built for sport

The TW-ES5A in-ear monitors are Yamaha’s first sport-specific pair. In a market dominated by manufacturers like JBL and Jabra, the TW-ES5A stand out thanks to the same technologies as the brand’s standard wireless IEMs: True Sound, Qualcomm cVc and Listening Care.

Yamaha TW-ES5A
A first for Yamaha: earphones designed for sport. The Yamaha TW-ES5A incorporate the True Sound, Qualcomm cVc and Listening Care technologies of the brand’s other models.

In addition, the earphones are water resistant (IPX7 certified) so they can be worn in the rain or while running (sweatproof), and their compact design offers ideal support. Finally, with a total autonomy of 34 hours (headphones + case), the Yamaha TW-ES5A are the perfect partners for your most intense sports sessions.

Yamaha TW-E7B and TW-ES5A
The Yamaha TW-ES5A and TW-E7B IEMs will be available from July 2022 starting at €199.

The True Wireless Yamaha TW-E7B IEMs will be available from July and will retail for €279. The sports earphones will also arrive in July for a price of €199.

Will the Yamaha True Wireless IEMs be able to dethrone best sellers such as the Apple AirPods, Sony WF-1000XM3 and Marshall Minor III (read the review of the Marshall Minor III headphones on the Son-Vidéo.com blog)?

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