Feliks Audio: the tube headphone amplifier specialist


More than a century after its creation, the vacuum tube remains a must in the audiophile world. An element that only a small handful of manufacturers have developed to a degree of excellence. One of these manufacturers is Polish brand Feliks Audio, which uses its incredible craftsmanship to develop exceptional hi-fi and headphone amplifiers.

Feliks Audio: the tube amplifier specialist

The Feliks Audio brand has been a reference in the Polish audiophile world for over 20 years. Originally, Feliks Audio focused mainly on the design of custom tube amplifiers based on customer requests. Word about these models quickly spread throughout the audiophile sphere and the manufacturer’s reputation took off.

The Feliks Audio Envy Standard headphone amplifier demonstrates the brand’s expertise in designing prestigious and highly musical tube electronics.

To meet all demands, Feliks develops several ranges of hi-fi amps and tube headphone amps. These are produced on a larger scale, but they still combine the passion for music and craftsmanship that drives founder Henry Feliks. All the amplifiers of the brand are designed and assembled by hand in Poland in Feliks Audio’s workshops. This allows the manufacturer to control every aspect of its electronics to offer only very sophisticated models. However, for a long time these amplifiers remained exclusive to the Polish market. Recently, the manufacturer has opened its borders to allow music lovers from other countries to discover the unique sound of its different ranges of tube amplifiers.

Feliks Audio: exceptional headphone amplifiers

Tube headphone amplifiers spearhead the Polish manufacturer’s catalog. It offers four main ranges, with very different characteristics.

Feliks Audio Echo 2: an introduction to the brand

The Feliks Audio Echo 2 is the entry level model in the manufacturer’s range of headphone amps. This model offers an uncompromising entry into the world of design quality usually reserved for much more expensive models. So, like all other Feliks amps, the Audio Echo 2 amplifier adopts audiophile-grade components and hand-connected point-to-point wiring. This means that there is no PCB in the circuit, therefore optimizing the signal path.

Like all Feliks Audio Echo 2 headphone amplifiers, the Echo 2 uses audiophile-grade components with aerial wiring in the shortest path.

Very ambitious for a model available for €799, the Feliks Audio Echo 2 headphone amplifier adopts a 6N1P tube pre-amplifier coupled with a pair of 6N6P power tubes. It can deliver up to 350mW over a bandwidth of 15Hz to 45kHz. From its 6.35mm headphone output, it is able to power headphones and earphones with an impedance between 80 and 600 ohms.

The Feliks Audio Echo 2 tube headphone amplifier can deliver 350mW to power headphones and earphones with an impedance from 80 to 600 ohms.

Feliks Audio Elise 2: a step up

In spite of its more compact and minimalist format, the Feliks Audio Elise 2 amplifier is even more musical thanks to the use of very high quality tubes. Marketed at €1,590, it adopts a preamplifier stage composed of paired PsVane 6SN7 tubes. They are combined with 6N13S power tubes, which are renowned for their wide soundstage and their ability to reproduce many details. The choice of these tubes lowers the power output to 200mW, but extends the frequency response from 10Hz to 60kHz. On the other hand, the Feliks Audio Elise 2 amplifier is more versatile and can power headphones with an impedance from 32 to 600 ohms from its 6.35mm jack output.

Thanks to its 6N13S power tubes, the Feliks Audio Elise 2 headphone amp offers an extended frequency response and an ever richer reproduction.

Feliks Audio Euforia: the heart of the range

Sold for €2,190, the Feliks Audio Euforia headphone amplifier is at the heart of the brand’s range. An advanced version of the Elise 2, it shares a very similar design, but differs in its internal components. Its power supply transformer is hand-wound according to very strict specifications. The tube sockets are gold-plated and have Teflon insulation. The wiring is still aerial, but with pure silver conductors, also Teflon plated. The tubes have been replaced by PsVane CV181 models for the input and 6N13S models for the power stage. The integration of a Crossfeed circuit allows for optimal channel separation. This design allows the Feliks Audio Euforia amp to deliver 250mW of power from 8Hz to 75kHz. It can power headphones from 32 to 600 ohms from its 6.35mm headphone output.

The Feliks Audio Euforia headphone amplifier connects each component with pure silver conductors to preserve the finest details of the analog signals.

For its 20th anniversary, the Polish manufacturer produced an even more sophisticated version of the Feliks Audio Euforia headphone: the Feliks Audio Euforia Anniversary. It has the same main elements, but uses even more high-end components. The Mundorf and Nichicon capacitors have been changed to ClarityCap models. They use CopperConnect technology for a more dynamic and detailed reproduction. The power supply has also been redesigned to be even quieter and to offer better isolation against electro-magnetic interference. A constant current module is added to ensure a stable and clean current. Elements that extend the power output to 280mW while keeping the same tubes.

The Feliks Audio Euforia Anniversary headphone amplifier is more advanced, offering a more transparent and detailed reproduction for an even more accurate listening session.

Feliks Audio Envy: the ultimate in tube amplification

Flagship of the brand, the Feliks Audio Envy tube headphone amp condenses all the manufacturer’s expertise. Priced at €6,499, this headphone amplifier is adorned with a beautiful real wood chassis available in two finishes: light oak or walnut. For the first time, it includes a balanced XLR output, in addition to the unbalanced 6.35mm jack output. The preamplifier stage uses a pair of 6SN7 tubes. Regarding the output, the Feliks Audio Envy headphone amplifier uses the iconic 300B Electro Harmonix tubes, which many tube sound enthusiasts consider to be among the most musical models. Thanks to these, it can deliver up to 5V RMS into 600 ohms from 8Hz to 100kHz. To ensure optimal reproduction with any headphones with an impedance between 32 and 600 ohms, the Feliks Audio Envy headphone amplifier has three adjustable gain settings: low, medium and high.

Equipped with the legendary 300B tubes, the Feliks Audio Envy headphone amplifier concentrates all the expertise of the brand to deliver sound with the highest precision up to 5V RMS into 600 ohms from 8Hz to 100kHz.

Feliks Audio Arioso 300B: the only hi-fi amplifier

The Feliks Audio Arioso 300B stereo amplifier is the only hi-fi amp offered by the brand. Like the Feliks Audio Envy headphone amp, it uses the legendary 300B power tubes. They are associated here with a pair of PsVane CV181 MK2 tubes for the preamplifier stage and a 5C3S rectifier tube (NOS). This design allows the Feliks Audio Arioso 300B amplifier to deliver up to 2 x 8 watts into 8 ohms. An output that may seem modest, but that is capable of competing with much more powerful transistor amps thanks to a solid power supply. The latter uses a hand-wound toroidal transformer associated with very rare Soviet PIO K75-10 capacitors.

The Feliks Audio Arioso 300B stereo amp brings the unique sound of Feliks Audio tube electronics to a pair of speakers.

With its various headphone amplifiers, the Polish manufacturer offers solutions for all music lovers who want to get the most out of their headphones or earphones. The Feliks Audio Arioso 300B stereo amplifier completes this offer so you can enjoy the harmonic richness of Feliks Audio tube electronics with a pair of speakers.

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