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The prestigious IFA trade show held at the Messe in Berlin from September 2 to 6 has just closed its doors. In the image, sound and gaming worlds that we enjoy, there are no breathtaking or truly revolutionary new products. Except, of course, the LG OLED Flex gaming/TV screen that made waves. However, we did discover some interesting new releases and trends!

LG OLED Flex gaming/TV screen: the star of IFA 2022

This is without a doubt the product that was most talked about at IFA 2022. The LG OLED Flex screen can be curved in any direction for ultra-immersive gaming sessions. And to watch 4K UHD movies in the best conditions, you just need to reset it. This screen has the same panel and main characteristics as the LG OLED42C2, one of the manufacturer’s best-sellers.

IFA 2022: LG OLED Flex
The Korean manufacturer demonstrated its LG OLED Flex display at IFA 2022.

The curvature of the screen can be gradually adjusted with the remote control via the Game Optimizer menu. Two motorized arms placed behind the screen are responsible for curving it.

Seeing the LG OLED Flex screen bend is a pretty awesome experience!

In order to convince gamers of the appeal of this new product, several of these screens were on display in the heart of the Flex Arcade. They were accompanied by LG OLED42C2 TVs.

IFA 2022: LG Flex Arcade
Many LG OLED Flex displays were presented at IFA by the manufacturer in the heart of the Flex Arcade area dedicated to video games.

LG Lifestyle TV

Initiated by Samsung with the Samsung The Serif and Samsung The Frame, the Lifestyle TV trend is now coming to LG. Named LG Objet Collection, it includes two different models.

LG Posé

Lifestyle TV LG Posé (IFA 2022)
The LG Lifestyle TV range is available in three sizes (42″, 48″ and 55″). It adopts the same panel and the same technical characteristics as the LG OLED C2.

The LG Posé TV in particular caught our eye at IFA 2022. It comes in three sizes: 42″ (107cm), 48″ (122cm) and 55″ (139cm). This Lifestyle TV with a very attractive design uses the same panel as the LG OLED C2 range. The guarantee of a sumptuous 4K HDR image.

Lifestyle TV LG Posé (IFA 2022)
At the back of the LG Posé, a removable stand can accommodate TV magazines and remote controls. You can even consider installing a TV box or an AV network player.

LG Easel

Lifestyle TV LG Easel (IFA 2022)
The LG Easel blends into the background with its Kvadrat fabric cover. The latter partially hides the screen in Line View mode.

LG also presented the LG Easel model, a 65″ with the same screen as the LG OLED65G2. This wall-mounted TV comes with a motorized cover adorned with Kvadrat fabric. The latter partially hides the screen in Line View mode. The part that remains visible can then display the time, the weather or the title of the song you’re listening to.

Lifestyle TV LG Easel (IFA 2022)
In Line View mode, the LG Easel’s screen can show the time or the local weather. It can also display the title of the music being played.

In Full View mode, the cover comes down to reveal the entire screen when you’re watching a show or a movie.

Lifestyle TV LG Easel (IFA 2022)
In Full View mode, the screen of the LG Easel is fully revealed. One can enjoy movies with the same image quality as the LG OLED G2 range.

The LG Easel features a powerful 4.2 channel 80 watt audio section that is Dolby Atmos compatible.

TCL Lifestyle TV and soundbar at IFA

The manufacturer TCL also presented a Lifestyle range with an eye-catching design called Art TV. Only available in Asia and the US for now, the TCL Art TV adopts a 4K 120Hz QLED panel. It supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+. The frame is interchangeable and the connectors are deported to an external box, like the Samsung The Frame TV. This model is available with a ceramic table base and a ceramic and metal floor stand.

Introduced at IFA 2022, the TCL Art TV features a 4K 120Hz QLED panel that is Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatible.

We were also able to discover the TCL ART TV+ project. It combines a wall-mounted TV with an interchangeable frame, an ultra-thin soundbar and a camera for video calls.

The TCL Art TV+ concept includes a wall-mounted TV with an interchangeable frame and a soundbar with matching finish. It comes with a subwoofer and wireless surround speakers, each with a rechargeable battery.

Beautifully designed, the soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer and has two removable rechargeable surround speakers. They can also be used as connected wireless speakers and follow you around the house!

TCL Art TV+ soundbar (IFA)
Two rechargeable wireless surround speakers accompany this TCL Art TV+ soundbar.
Detail of TCL Art TV+ soundbar (IFA)
Each of the speakers that come with this TCL soundbar can be used as connected speakers to listen to music around the house. The manufacturer even plans to integrate a voice assistant!

In addition, you can match the soundbar’s finish to the screen’s. A very appealing design.

Detail of TCL Art TV+ soundbar (IFA)
For perfect integration, the TV and the soundbar can be matched.

Leica Cine 1 Ultra Short Throw Projector

No cameras or lenses on the Leica booth at IFA, but we saw the brand’s very first ultra short-throw laser projector: the Leica Cine 1. This is the first of a future range of projectors designed in partnership with the manufacturer Hisense. Like the Benq V7000i/V7050i, it uses a motorized protective cover that opens during start-up.

Leica Cine 1
Unveiled at IFA 2022, the Leica Cine 1 ultra short-throw projector is the result of a partnership with Hisense, a specialist in laser TVs.

Leica created the overall design of the Cine 1 and Hisense developed the electronics and audio. Leica’s custom-made lens offers optimal sharpness and clarity, even in the corners of the images. The demonstrations on a dedicated 80″ (2m) and 100″ (2.5m) projection screen convinced us. This bodes well for future Leica ultra-short-throw projectors designed to incorporate 100% Leica lenses.

IFA 2022: Leica Cine 1
The first in a new line of ultra-short-throw projectors, the Leica Cine 1 includes a DVB-T tuner, a 2 x 20-watt audio section and the smart TV functions found on the Hisense laser TVs.

Xgimi 4K LED Ceiling Light/Laser Projector

A nice surprise was waiting for us on the Xgimi booth with an unusual and very innovative projector named Magic Lamp in China and Aladdin in Japan. It is a dimmable LED ceiling light that integrates a 1080p laser projector (DLP, 1200 lumens, 4K downscaling compatible). It is easily mounted on the ceiling and connected directly to the mains cable intended for the lighting.

Xgimi LED Projector/Ceiling Light (IFA)
The Xgimi Magic Lamp projector is hidden in a LED ceiling light. Ideal for apartments where the installation of a conventional projector or an ultra short-throw projector is not possible.

A lens shift ensures a good range of image adjustment and the audio section is by Harman Kardon. The sound diffused towards the wall is reflected towards the spectators as if it came out of the image. It is very effective! This connected projector accesses streaming services and can wirelessly mirror a smartphone screen.

Xgimi LED Projector/Ceiling Light (IFA)
Marketed only in Asia, this Xgimi projector could perhaps arrive in Europe, if the manufacturer believes that it can attract an audience here.

Marketed only in Asia, the Xgimi Magic Lamp offers an ideal solution for projection in an apartment where space is at a premium. We insisted on seeing it distributed in France! To be continued…

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