Lumene Eden Extra Bright: a high-end transportable projection screen


Lumene, the projection screen specialist, has launched the Eden Extra Bright, its top-of-the-range screen dedicated to ultra-short-throw projectors with three main features: motorized, tensioned and transportable. This innovation, available from €2,499, is based on the expertise of the French manufacturer and combines the best of the Coliseum and Majestic ranges. With its ruggedness, ALR technology and stunning contrast, the Lumene Eden Extra Bright projection screen promises to maximize the movie experience anywhere.

Lumene Eden Extra Bright: portable design

This is the main strength of the new Lumene projection screen. The Lumene Eden Extra Bright is easy to install thanks to its base and is easy to transport. Consequently, it is perfect for presentations. Professionals, who sometimes need to project their work, can easily install and uninstall the projection screen. Motorized, it unfolds and retracts automatically with the help of its aluminum joints. During transport, the screen is entirely protected inside the steel casing to avoid damage and tears.

Lumene Eden Extra Bright
Lumene’s new projection screen is specially designed for ultra-short-throw projectors.

In addition, the compact size of the new Lumene display makes it convenient to integrate. Reduced to the bare essentials, the base can fit into small spaces. The clip-on mounting system also comes in handy. Its purpose is to simplify mounting, whether on the wall or on the back of a piece of furniture. In addition, it is possible to hang the screen. This system allows for maximum placement flexibility, even in more complex areas such as meeting rooms.

Lumene Eden Extra Bright: resistant to wear and tear

Like most of the brand’s new projection screens, the Lumene Eden Extra Bright is tensioned. This adjustment system, located on the sides, consists in keeping the screen as flat as possible. To do this, the rotation of a screw activates a cable that stretches the fabric and prevents the warping, inevitable over time, that can occur with other projection screens. Thanks to this system, the fabric always has a smooth surface. It delivers a crisp, bright image to complement the performance of your ultra-short-throw projector.

Technical view of the Lumene Eden Extra Bright tension system.
The tensioning system, located on both sides of the screen, activates a cable that stretches the screen to prevent warping. Consequently, the screen is always smooth and resists wear and tear over time.

Like its predecessors, the Lumene Show Place HD and Lumene Majestic HD, the Eden Extra Bright has an anti-yellowing and anti-dust treatment to guarantee image quality and prevent wear.

Lumene Eden Extra Bright: for ultra short-throw projectors

Developed solely for ultra-short-throw devices, the Lumene Eden Extra Bright offers a wide viewing angle and rich colorimetry. With a directional pattern of 175°, it aims to offer an optimal viewing angle for all spectators. An asset for families who want to enjoy a film in the living room, but also for professionals who want to project a presentation in the presence of several collaborators. Equipped with Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) technology, the projection screen allows you to enjoy the performance of your ultra-short-throw projector at any time of the day. It remains effective in both daylight and the dark. In addition, its blackout back allows it to be placed in front of a window without fear of light leakage. Moreover, the black edges improve the perceived contrast.

Lumene Eden Extra Bright Blackout Back
Thanks to its black back, the projection screen can be positioned in front of a window, even in daylight, without losing image quality.

The Lumene Eden Extra Bright projection screen is therefore incredibly versatile. Equally effective during the day and at night, it relies on ALR technology and its blackout back. Easily transportable, it is ideal for people looking for a mobile projection screen. The projection screen is available in three sizes. The Lumene Eden Extra Bright 200C, priced at €2,499, is 2m in length and 92 inches across. Sold at €2,699, the Lumene Eden Extra Bright 240C has a diagonal of 100 inches for a length of 2.2m. Finally, the Lumene Eden Extra Bright 270C is the largest screen in the range. It is 2.6m long and 120 inches across with a price of €3,999. Designed for ultra-short-throw projectors, the screen can be easily integrated into any type of room.

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