LG Display OLED panels: what does the “Perfect Black” certification mean?


LG Display, the world’s leading manufacturer of OLED panels for OLED TVs and gaming displays, has reached a new achievement. Its OLED panels, which are found on the new LG OLED Posé and LG OLED Easel Lifestyle TVs, are the only models certified as being able to achieve perfect black levels in any environment. LG Display recently received the “Perfect Black” verification for all its OLED panel models from 1m (42 inches) to 2.46m (97 inches). The certification is issued by the world leader in scientific security, UL Solutions.

LG Display OLED panels: what does the "Perfect Black" certification mean?
LG’s OLED display technology has just received the Perfect Black certification from the independent American organization UL Solutions.

Why is black important on a television?

Most TVs and gaming displays are affected by external light when displaying colors and black. The ability to display accurate black levels, independent of external lighting, allows for better expression of colors which are more intense.

LG Display OLED panels: perfect black
OLED’s ability to display absolute black not only allows for better contrast and readability in dark scenes, but also more saturated colors, which are more intense and realistic.

That’s why OLED TVs are favored by home theater enthusiasts around the world, who generally value contrast and color realism over brightness peaks.

LG Display OLED panels: absolute black and infinite contrast

UL Solutions evaluated the black levels of various displays in a brightly lit environment of 500 lux. This is equivalent to the brightness of a living room during the day. In this evaluation process, LG Display OLED displays offered black levels of 0.15 nit. This is about 40% lower than standard “Perfect Black” criterion of 0.24 nit. The LG Display OLED panel is the first to receive the “Perfect Black” certification.

LG Display OLED panels: "Perfect Black" certification

By extension, all LG OLED TVs, but also Philips OLED TVs, Panasonic OLED TVs and Sony OLED TVs, can boast this Perfect Black certification. Indeed, they all use LG Display OLED panels. The guarantee of absolute blacks, a high contrast and intense colors.


LG OLED: auto-emissive pixels

Thanks to their self-emitting pixels that can be individually controlled, OLED panels eliminate light leakage. The pixels can be completely turned off to obtain perfect blacks and infinite contrast. The image is then very realistic, with no clouding effect around the bright elements on a dark background. The subtitles stand out clearly on the screen. Night scenes with urban lighting are particularly intense and realistic. This can be seen when watching a movie on an LG OLED TV such as the LG OLED C2 or LG OLED G2 TVs.

In bright scenes with dark or black backgrounds, the LG OLED42C2‘s OLED technology is clearly superior to LED and QLED LCD technology with impressive contrast levels and vibrant colors.

This is also true of LG OLED gaming screens, like the very recent LG OLED Flex (LG 42LX3) with its flexible OLED panel, or the superb LG Ultragear 48GQ900-B with a 4K 120Hz OLED panel.

LG OLED: a realistic image for movies and video games

LG Display OLED panels have long been known for their ability to accurately display realistic images in terms of brightness and color. They have received “100% Color Fidelity” certification from Intertek, one of the world’s leading product testing and certification companies, before the recent “Perfect Black” certification.

“Through UL Solutions’ objective and science-based assessment, LG Display’s OLED has been proven to be the first panel to deliver perfect black levels,” said Jin Min-kyu, Head of Life Display Promotion Division at LG Display. “Utilizing the recent verification from UL Solutions, we will continue to actively promote the excellent image quality of OLED.”

LG OLED Flex (LG 42LX3) TV/gaming screen
The LG Display OLED panel of the LG OLED Flex (LG 42LX3) TV and Gaming Display works wonders with both movies and TV shows as well as video games, with deep, nuanced blacks and intense colors.

The LG OLED Flex screen features a 106cm flexible OLED panel that displays absolute black and intense colors. It features 4K 120Hz compatible HDMI 2.1 ports to ideally pair with a PS5, Xbox Series X or PC for gaming.

Understanding LED, OLED and Micro LED TV technologies

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