Pro-Ject Metallica: the collector turntable of the year?


This year, Pro-Ject is proud to present a limited edition collector turntable featuring the legendary heavy metal band: Metallica. The Austrian manufacturer has once again created a sublime adaptation of a band in vinyl turntable format. There was the iconic Yellow Submarine collector’s turntable and the Sergeant Pepper model from the limited edition The Beatles collection.

limited edition The Beatles Yellow Submarine turntable
Some old collector models designed by Pro-Ject illustrated the identity of a band with an imaginative and playful design.

How the Metallica model came to be

A member of the Pro-Ject staff present at the PAVS 2022 told us how surprised the team was when representatives of the band Metallica gave the project the go-ahead. At first skeptical about the veracity of the request received via email, the employees of the Austrian brand first thought it was a joke. They answered candidly, without being believing the identity of their interlocutor. Then the official confirmation came and the whole team was excited about the idea of collaborating with such a legendary band.

Pro-Ject Metallica limited edition turntable
In addition to its atypical design, the Pro-Ject Metallica turntable has all the assets of a record player for confirmed audiophiles: S-shaped tone arm, audiophile cartridge, very heavy platter, counterweight and anti-skating.

The design

The Pro-Ject Metallica turntable has a singular structure. Made of metal with a mirror effect and reminiscent of the group’s logo, it definitely stands out. Indeed, the glass platter rests on a heavy die-cast aluminum support, all of which rests on a base shaped like the Metallica logo. The angled silhouette is really gorgeous.

Pro-Ject Metallica limited edition turntable
Metallica Ninja Star logo by James Hetfield

Inspired by the band’s logo designed by James Hetfield, the Pro-Ject Metallica turntable attracted a lot of attention at the Austrian manufacturer’s booth during the Paris Audio Video Show 2022. It’s hard to be unmoved by such a design.

Audiophile turntable

The S-shaped tonearm, its bearings and its base are made of aluminum. The arm is equipped with an I Pick it S2 cartridge whose “Concorde” shape suggests that it was manufactured by Ortofon. The tracking force and anti-skating are both adjustable and the adjustable feet ensure that the turntable is perfectly level. Finally, the electronic speed control allows you to switch from 33 and 45 rpm records, without forgetting the addition of a belt for 78 rpm playback. All these elements make this turntable a real collector’s item for audiophiles.

The Pro-Ject Metallica turntable has impressed the entire vinyl community since its press release. With the “Ninja Star” design by James Hetfield, this turntable is a must have for any collector looking to add a little flair to their audio system!

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