CES 2023: Imagine Dragons performs the first-ever live concert in Dolby Atmos


The revolution of three-dimensional audio formats has turned our listening habits upside down and opens up new possibilities after the reign of stereo. Dolby Atmos is now part of our daily lives with soundbars and home theater amplifiers, but also in vehicles thanks to several collaborations between Dolby Laboratories and car manufacturers. On the sidelines of CES 2023, the band Imagine Dragons even offered the first Dolby Atmos concert in history to support a non-profit organization.

Imagine Dragons first concert broadcast in Dolby Atmos
Imagine Dragons became the first band to perform on stage with a Dolby Atmos sound reproduction. The American musicians have ushered in a new era for artists around the world.

The Dolby Atmos revolution

As evidence of the growing importance of the three-dimensional format, Dolby Atmos was ubiquitous at CES 2023. In Las Vegas, ASUS showed off gaming displays that support Dolby Atmos, and TCL announced the integration of the technology on its new line of S4 TVs. At the same time, Samsung and LG presented their new lines of Dolby Atmos-compatible soundbars.

The Dolby Atmos selection on Son-Vidéo.com

As the video industry moves toward 8K, with Samsung and Hisense unveiling an 8K ultra-short throw projector, the audio industry is also looking to enhance immersive experiences. This progress is achieved through the implementation of three-dimensional formats. Adding a vertical dimension to the sound field, the Atmos format creates an audio bubble around the viewer. A 5.1.2 or higher home theater setup will enrich the immersion with your favorite movie. On 4K Blu-ray or streaming, discover the best movies to test immersive home theater sound.

Illustration for Dolby Atmos: 3D home theater sound guide

Studios are also in the midst of a transformation following the Dolby Atmos revolution. Guillaume Tell, an iconic French studio near Paris, was recently equipped with a new ultra-modern Dolby Atmos mixing setup. For their part, David Quintard and Brad Pitt are renovating the recording studios at the Château de Miraval by integrating this new system. After having invested studios, it is now time for Dolby Atmos live performances.

Guillaume Tell Studio equipped with a 9.1.4 system
The mixing room of the French Guillaume Tell studio is equipped with a 9.1.4 channel system.

The first concert in Dolby Atmos

History will remember that the first stage performance with Dolby Atmos sound was by Imagine Dragons. For CES 2023, the American pop-rock band held a show mixed in Dolby Atmos in favor of a nonprofit organization that supports children with cancer. During their hour and a half performance, the four artists from Las Vegas immersed the 5,200 spectators of the MGM Park Dolby Live theater in a sound bubble.

Imagine Dragons on the Dolby Live stage at MGM Park after their performance
On January 5th, during CES 2023, the band Imagine Dragons offered the first Dolby Atmos concert to the 5,200 people in the audience.

True pioneers in Dolby Atmos concerts, Imagine Dragons have paved the way for many singers. In 2023, Bruno Mars will play 10 concerts at the MGM Park Dolby Live theater. Other artists such as Lady Gaga, Aerosmith and Usher are also in the process of organizing Dolby Atmos concerts for their fans. In the meantime, maybe an identical concert hall be created in Europe?

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