CES 2023: Samsung and Hisense 8K ultra short-throw projectors!


Samsung and Hisense each unveiled a major innovation in videoprojection at CES 2023. The two manufacturers have just announced their very first 8K ultra short-throw projectors! The Samsung The Premiere 8K and the Hisense Laser TV LX8K.

CES 2023: Hisense 8K ultra-short throw projector
The Hisense LX8K is the first 8K 120Hz ultra short-throw laser projector.

8K ultra-short throw projector

The Samsung The Premiere 8K and Hisense Laser TV LX8K are the first ultra-short throw projectors capable of projecting images in native 8K ultra-high definition (7680 x 4320 pixels). These two projectors use a triple RGB laser light source. However, the manufacturers do not specify the projection technology used.

It is most likely to be a native 4K Texas Instruments DLP array with upscaling to 8K UHD using XPR (pixel shifting) technology. This is the same process that allows 4K UHD DLP projectors to project native 4K ultra-high definition images using a 1080p Full HD DLP array.

Among projector manufacturers, JVC was until now the only one to offer models capable of projecting an 8K image. Notably with the JVC DLA-NZ7, JVC DLA-NZ8 and JVC DLA-NZ9.

3.8m image, 4000 lumens, 8K 120Hz

The Samsung The Premiere 8K projector is expected to offer a brightness of 4000 lumens allowing users to project an image of up to 3.8m across without any effort. The manufacturer recommends using the projector with an ultra-short throw projection screen to optimize the contrast and to project during the day.

The technical specifications of the Hisense UHD 8K ultra-short throw projector are still unknown. All we know is that the new in-house video processor handles 8K up to 120Hz, a world first for a projector, while the Samsung model is said to offer only an 8K 60Hz display. Both projectors should also support HDR content.

CES 2023: Hisense 8K ultra-short throw projector
The new Hisense LX8K ultra-short throw laser projector handles 8K at 120Hz with its powerful Hi-View Engine graphics processor. This ensures perfectly smooth images, even during action scenes in movies and during sports broadcasts.

8K connected projectors, Dolby Atmos sound

Like the Samsung The Premiere LSP7T and Samsung The Premiere LSP9T 4K ultra short-throw projectors, the Samsung The Premiere 8K features the Tizen operating system. It benefits from the same Smart TV features as Samsung TVs. The Hisense LX8K projector uses the Vidaa operating system, which is compatible with voice control. Once connected to the Internet, these projectors can access many streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and YouTube.

Regarding sound, the Samsung has a 5.1 channel 100 watt audio system. The Hisense features a 4.1.2-channel audio configuration. Both are Dolby Atmos compatible to deploy an immersive sound field.

At this time, Samsung has not provided any information about the availability and price of the Samsung The Premiere 8K. The Hisense LX8K could be available in the second half of 2023 at a price of around €15,000.

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