CES 2023: LG OLED Meta, ultra bright OLED TVs up to 2,100 nits!


LG Display has just announced its third generation of OLED TV displays at CES 2023. With its META technology, this all-new OLED panel offers 60% brighter images and 30% wider viewing angles than conventional OLED models, all while reducing power consumption.

LG OLED Meta: ultra-bright OLED TVs
The new LG Display OLED Meta panels are expected to be extremely bright, with peak brightness reaching 2,100 nits! This will enable HDR content to be displayed on the next generation of OLED TVs.

LG Display OLED META: 2,100 nits

LG Display META technology is based on Micro Lens Arrays that maximize the light emission of the OLED display. It also uses the META Booster algorithm to improve brightness. The new OLED META panels are up to 30% more efficient than previous OLED EX technology. META technology guarantees a maximum brightness of 2,100 nits, which is 100 nits more than the new QD-OLED technology announced by Samsung Display.

Billions of micro lenses!

LG Display’s third-generation OLED panel is equipped with 42.4 billion micro-lenses, which is 5,117 micro-lenses per pixel. These even emit the light lost due to internal reflections to produce clearer and more detailed images. In addition, the META Booster algorithm analyzes and adjusts the brightness of each scene in real time, resulting in more detailed and vivid HDR images with intense and accurate color expression. LG Display will initially apply its META Technology to 55, 65 and 77-inch 4K as well as 77 and 88-inch 8K OLED TV panels, with plans to expand it to all lines in the future.

LG OLED Meta: ultra-bright OLED TVs
Billions of micro-lenses drastically improve the brightness of LG Display OLED Meta displays to deliver an even richer, more nuanced display of HDR images.

OLED META: bright prospects for OLED

“The successful development of our META Technology advances the picture quality of OLED TVs to a new unmatched level,” said Hyeon-woo Lee, senior vice president and head of the large screen business unit at LG Display. “We will continue to lead the OLED TV market by expanding the ultra-premium OLED sector and strengthening our competitiveness with the best picture quality and most diverse ranges ever assembled.”

More ambitious than ever, LG Display seems well on its way to accentuate its leadership in the OLED TV sector with this META technology. An innovation that comes just at the right time to counter the brand-new Samsung Display QD-OLED panels, which are also very bright.

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