CES 2023: LG OLED TV ranges, what are the main new features?


LG Electronics has just unveiled its 2023 TV lineup. It is a pleasure to rediscover OLED technology, which is brighter than ever, and the brand’s powerful image processing technologies. In addition, there is a brand-new version of the webOS platform, with more smart functions and services. Finally, the Korean manufacturer is the first to adopt QMS technology on its HDMI 2.1 ports. Here is a quick overview of the new features offered on the LG OLED TV 2023 range.

LG OLED Evo 2023
LG OLED 2023 TVs promise to be even better than LG OLED 2022 TVs, with higher brightness, a new processor to boost picture and sound, a redesigned webOS interface and outstanding performance for both movies and games.

New α9 AI Gen6 processor

The all-new Alpha processor uses LG’s most sophisticated AI-assisted deep learning technology. The guarantee of an exceptional image and sound quality. AI Picture Pro now offers improved upscaling for better clarity. Dynamic tone mapping is also optimized to reveal the depth and detail of each image. AI Picture Pro also incorporates image processing technology that detects and refines important elements, such as people’s faces, to give them a more vivid HDR quality. In addition to refining the image, the α9 AI Gen6 processor powers LG’s AI Sound Pro feature. Viewers can enjoy highly immersive “virtual” 9.1.2 surround sound from the TV’s speakers.

Brightness Booster Max technology

The LG OLED G3 2023 range incorporates Brightness Booster Max technology with a new light control architecture. Light amplification algorithms have also been improved to increase brightness by up to 70%.1 Brightness is mapped and controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis, resulting in sharper, more realistic images.

Not only are the LG OLED G3 TVs brighter than the previous generation, they are also thinner for seamless integration.

The LG OLED G3 2023 series also gets an aesthetic upgrade called the ultra-seamless One Wall Design.2 Leaving no visible space when mounted on the wall, the LG OLED G3s fit into a living room with style and elegance.

Respect for the environment

LG OLED 2023 TVs are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. Since they don’t have backlighting, the production of each TV requires fewer materials than a conventional LED TV. Many components are made from recycled plastics and TVs are shipped in environmentally friendly packaging. The latter are made from recyclable materials and have a monochrome print. All LG 2023 OLED TVs are also certified as low blue light by the independent TÜV Rheinland agency and flicker-free by UL Solutions.

New webOS 23 interface

We mentioned it in a previous post, the LG OLED 2023 TVs adopt the latest version of webOS. This redesigned user interface offers a multitude of customization options and improved ergonomics. The new thumbnail shortcuts give users quick and easy access to the content and services they use the most. They are grouped into several categories such as Home Office, Gaming, Music and Sports. Several accounts can be created, allowing all users to benefit from personalized recommendations. These adapt to their preferences based on viewing history and habits.

webOS 23
The new webOS 23 interface of the LG OLED 2023 TVs promises to be more responsive and more ergonomic than ever, with better eae of use.

Dolby Vision/Atmos, IMAX Enhanced, DTS:X, Wow Orchestra

To provide a premium home theater experience, LG OLED 2023 TVs continue to support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos with the addition of IMAX and DTS:X. In addition, LG 2023 TVs integrate seamlessly with the new LG 2023 soundbars, offering exceptional multi-channel surround sound with enhanced quality. LG TVs and soundbars can be associated thanks to the WOW Orchestra3 feature. It takes advantage of the audio channels of both devices to produce a more powerful and immersive sound.

HDMI 2.1, Quick Media Switching VRR

LG OLED 2023 TVs feature HDMI 2.1a ports and are the first to be certified by the HDMI organization for Quick Media Switching VRR (QMS-VRR). This QMS-VRR mode avoids the momentary black screen that sometimes appears when switching from one HDMI source to another4.

LG OLED 2023: the ultimate gaming TVs?

The ultimate gaming TVs, LG OLED TVs offer 0.1 millisecond response time, low input lag and up to four HDMI 2.1a ports. LG OLED 2023 TVs also feature the Game Optimizer, which allows users to quickly select and switch between specific features, such as display presets by game genre. Settings for G-SYNC Compatible, FreeSync Premium and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) are also easily accessible from the Game Optimizer.

LG OLED 2023 ranges


The LG OLED Z3 (8K/60, 4K/120) and LG OLED G3 (4K/120) TVs occupy the top of the LG OLED 2023 TV lineup, while the LG OLED M3 (4K/120) and LG OLED C3 (4K/120) series are at the center of the range. The B3 (4K/120) and A3 (4K/60) are the Korean manufacturer’s entry level series.

The LG OLED Z3 TV lineup includes the 224cm (88″) LG OLED88Z3, successor to the LG OLED88Z2, and the 196cm (77″) LG OLED77Z3, which replaces the LG OLED77Z2. These two new references adopt a native 8K UHD OLED panel and are 4K 120Hz and 8K 60Hz compatible.


Replacing the LG OLED G2 collection, the LG OLED G3 (4K 120Hz) range includes four references measuring 224cm (LG OLED83G3), 196cm (LG OLED77G3), 165cm (LG OLED65G3) and 140cm across (LG OLED55G3). Released very recently, the LG OLED97G2 with its 246cm screen should remain in the 2023 catalog of the Korean manufacturer.

The LG OLED G3 2023 series replaces the LG OLED G2 range with an even brighter picture, extremely accurate colors and a new webOS interface.


A bestseller of the manufacturer, the LG OLED C2 will be replaced in 2023 by the LG OLED C3 range, which includes six 4K 120Hz references: the LG OLED83C3 (210cm), LG OLED77C3 (196cm), LG OLED65C3 (165cm), LG OLED55C3 (140cm), LG OLED48C3 (122cm) and LG OLED42C3 (107cm).


Entry ticket to the LG OLED 4K 120Hz universe, the LG OLED B3 range includes the LG OLED77B3 (196cm), the LG OLED65B3 (165cm) and the LG OLED55B3 (140cm).


Finally, those who want to discover the OLED world at a lower cost can turn to the LG OLED A3 range with its four references: the LG OLED77A3 (196cm), LG OLED65A3 (196cm), LG OLED55A3 (140cm) and LG OLED48A3 (122cm).


New arrival in the LG OLED 2023 catalog, the LG OLED M3 range (4K 120Hz) adopts an ultra-thin wall-mounted panel accompanied by a remote box containing most of the electronics and connectors. Note that the LG OLED M3 range adopts a wireless technology between the box and the screen called Zero Connect. An integration champion, the LG OLED M3 series comes in three very large models: the LG OLED97M3 (246cm), LG OLED83M3 (210cm) and LG OLED77M3 (195cm).

  1. Applies to 55/65/75 inch G3 models.
  2. Applies to G series models only.
  3. It will be applied via a software update.
  4. Available only when using HDMI 2.1 QMS VRR certified source devices.

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