CES 2023: new vinyl releases


CES 2023 put turntable brands Audio-Technica, JBL and Victrola in the spotlight. Audio-Technica was all about vinyl and burgers, while the company with the orange logo focused on retro design. It has rounded off its seventies-style Classic range with 2 new turntables: the JBL Spinner BT and the JBL TT 350. The Victrola brand offers the Stream Onyx model, which is Sonos compatible.

Audio-Technica Sound Burger

Audio-Technica says it was totally blown away by the response to its limited edition Sound Burger portable turntable at its 60th anniversary event at the PAVS last November. The Sound Burger portable vinyl player was a huge hit among visitors, so much so that it took only a few days for all the vinyl burgers to sell out. Impressed by the demand, the Japanese brand restarted production for a model without collector’s number, which should remain in the catalog for some time.

New vinyl releases at CES 2023: its unusual design lets you play your vinyls wherever you are!
Portable and compact, the Audio-Technica Sound Burger turntable has a 12-hour battery life and a Bluetooth transmitter. A retro model redesigned for the 21st century!

Portable, compact and easy to use, all it needed was Bluetooth to check all the boxes for contemporary equipment. In addition to being a fantastic introduction for newcomers, it returns to the roots of portable analog. The Audio-Technica Sound Burger turntable can be charged via USB-C for about 12 hours of battery life, plays LPs and 45s, has an RCA output and a precision motor. Enough to satisfy amateurs of unique and portable turntables, as well as fans of retro design!

New vinyl releases CES 2023: Bluetooth brings the Audio-Technica Sound Bruger into the 21st century!
With its small driver and folding tonearm, the Sound Burger turntable will let you enjoy your LPs and 45’s wherever you are!

JBL Spinner BT

The JBL Spinner BT is an aptX HD Bluetooth turntable that comes in a black finish with the brand’s signature orange color. The base is made of MDF, and the player has a black aluminum platter and a tonearm with a removable headshell. A pre-installed Audio-Technica cartridge will accompany the JBL Spinner BT. We imagine that it will be an AT81CP or an AT85EP.

Vinyl releases at CES 2023: the JBL Spinner BT is a simple and efficient turntable equipped with Bluetooth.
The JBL Spinner BT turntable features the brand’s color code and angular design. The device is reminiscent of the 70s style and will delight fans of that era.

The turntable has a Bluetooth aptX HD transmitter powered by a switchable phono preamp. It also has a speed sensor to minimize vibration of the belt-driven platter. It will cost about 400 euros to enjoy the JBL sound and design.

JBL TT 350

A feature usually found on DJ turntables, the JBL TT350 is a direct drive model. It features a walnut wood chassis and aluminum front panel, with a sixties look. The TT350 Classic also has an aluminum S-shaped tonearm with a moving magnet cartridge (probably an Ortofon 2M) also pre-installed on a removable headshell.

In a wood finish with a metal front, the JBL TT 350 turntable has a trendy vintage look.
In line with its Classic series, JBL offers an understated and elegant turntable that will blend in with the rest of the Classic range, such as the SA 750 amp and the L52 speaker series.

The model has adjustable feet and, unlike the Spinner, does not appear to include a phono preamplifier. The JBL TT350 turntable has similar features to the Pro-Ject Debut Pro turntable, such as adjustable feet and a thick base. This JBL TT350 turntable looks to be an ideal partner for the JBL L52 vintage speakers and the JBL SA750 amp.

Victrola Stream Onyx

Its minimalist, neo-retro look is immediately reminiscent of its superior model, the Stream Carbon. The American brand offers its Carbon model in a more affordable finish, the all-black Onyx. Anxious to emphasize quality, the brand wished to keep some metal elements, others, replaced by plastic, reduce costs and weight. The cartridge also goes down in range without losing sight of the musicality. The brand plans to install an Audio-Technica AT-VM95E model.

Victrola and Sonos have teamed up to offer audiophiles a simple and elegant way to listen to vinyl on Sonos systems.
The sleek, neo-retro design of the Victrola Stream Onyx vinyl turntable incorporates everything that made the Carbon model so successful, including Sonos compatibility, in a more affordable version.

For about 200 euros less than the Stream Carbon model, you’ll get all the important features: a switchable phono preamp, a Works with Sonos certification for full integration into the ecosystem via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and the brand’s minimalist dust cover. A simple and elegant model that will pique the interest of owners of a Sonos system looking for a compatible turntable.

With its sleek design, audiophile quality and Sonos compatibility, the Victrola Stream Onyx will fit naturally into your listening room.
The versatile Audio-Technica AT-VM95E cartridge powers this Victrola Stream Onyx turntable.

When it comes to turntables at CES 2023, the trend is retro! Even if there weren’t many turntable announcements, JBL has completed its range with two retro-looking turntables, Victrola has adapted its Stream Carbon model and offers the more affordable Stream Onyx, and after its 60th anniversary model, Audio-Technica has decided to reintroduce a collector’s item from the 80s: the Sound Burger.

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