CES 2023: JBL expands its console gaming range


JBL continues its momentum in the gaming market with the release of its Quantum headphones range. After the release of their flagship model, the JBL Quantum 910 a few months ago, the American brand will release models dedicated to PlayStation and Xbox consoles by March 2023.

The JBL 910 QuantumP is designed specifically for Xbox.
The JBL Quantum 910X model, in Xbox colors, allows wireless connection with Xbox consoles and head movement tracking.

With the new JBL Quantum 910P and JBL Quantum 910X, the American firm intends to provide high-end gaming headphones for console gamers. The JBL 910 headphones offered multiple functionalities available only on PCs and, although compatible with consoles, the latter did not provide software support to use the headphones’ options, which were very interesting.

The JBL 910 QuantumP is a dedicated model for PlayStation 5.
With 2″ dynamic transducers, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility, the JBL Quantum 910 range has something for every gamer!

JBL fills this gap and completes its offer with two other mid-range headphone models, also dedicated to consoles. They are the JBL Quantum 360P and JBL Quantum 360X, which have the letters “P” for PlayStation and “X” for Xbox. Like their predecessors, they offer the same features as the PC model with software support on consoles.

The 360X and JBL Quantum 360P are the mid-range models for consoles.
The JBL Quantum 360X and JBL Quantum 360P models drop the active noise reduction and head movement tracking and the transducers are reduced from 2″ to 1.6″.

JBL wants to confirm its position in the gaming world and, considering the qualities of their headphones, is likely to impress many gamers!

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