webOS 23 and Matter compatibility on LG 2023 TVs


LG will deploy webOS 23 on all its LG 2023 TVs to simplify and streamline the user experience. This evolution hides another one: compatibility with the Matter home automation protocol… After the Micro Lens Array (MLA) of LG OLED G3 TVs, the remote connectors of the new LG OLED M3 and LG WOW Orchestra technology on future LG soundbars,2023 promises to be eventful for the Korean manufacturer.

webOS 23 on LG 2023 TVs
The LG webOS 23 interface promises to be more user-friendly, smoother and more interactive than previous versions.

New webOS 23

LG’s webOS smart TV interface is going to evolve. Renewed in 2021, webOS dropped its strip of icons at the bottom of the screen to span the entire surface of the latter. The opportunity for the manufacturer to integrate ads and recommendations, like the operating systems of competing TVs. This allowed webOS to compete with the Google TV interface that equips Sony, Philips, TCL and even some Panasonic smart TVs.

With webOS 23, these personalized recommendations will still be present, but in a new optimized layout. The main screen is divided horizontally into three parts with a large carousel at the top for recommendations and sponsored content. In the center are several user-customizable shortcut icons: Live TV, Game, Music, Sports and Office. At the bottom are the icons of the installed applications.

LG also announces smoother navigation thanks to the sixth generation of the Alpha 9 processor, which is faster. The latter is essential to run the new OS: it will not be compatible with previous generations of LG televisions, which is a shame…

Matter compatibility

With the integration of webOS 23, LG 2023 TVs will also benefit from support for Matter. This new universal home automation connection protocol will allow you to control all the smart objects in your home from your LG 2023 TV. See the article: Matter: a smart device and home automation revolution?

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