Deezer and Sonos sign major partnership


Starting in April 2023, Sonos and Deezer will begin a collaboration. The French music streaming platform is looking to conquer the American market. It is therefore natural to rely on the recognized expertise of Sonos to cross the Atlantic. “This is the beginning of a new and exciting story for Deezer and Sonos. Thanks to this partnership, Deezer will expand its presence to new users in major markets, especially the United States,” enthuses Jeronimo Folgueira, CEO of Deezer.

Deezer logo, a company that has launched a partnership with Sonos
Founded in 2007 in Paris, Deezer now offers access to over 90 million music tracks in 180 countries based on an innovative recommendation algorithm.

This major partnership will allow Sonos speaker users to benefit from privileged access to the Deezer platform. In total, a catalog of 90 million titles will now be accessible in 16 countries around the world including the USA and Canada, but also in Europe (UK, Germany, France). This catalog is designed to enhance the Sonos Radio streaming service and the Sonos Radio HD subscription service, providing a wide range of editorialized music choices for Sonos users.

A win-win partnership between Sonos and Deezer

This collaboration will also allow Sonos to benefit from Deezer’s innovative music service development capabilities to offer listeners new music experiences. Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said, “Providing our customers with the best content experience is a critical part of our long-term growth strategy. Deezer is a great partner to support our ambition to provide a better listening experience.”

Selection: products compatible with the Deezer music streaming platform

Through this collaboration, two behemoths of their sector are about to join forces and share ideas. In the coming weeks, it will be very easy to access Deezer from a Sonos Move or Sonos One speaker.

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