KEF R Series Meta: the new benchmark for British speakers


The legendary KEF R Series hi-fi and home theater speaker lineup has been upgraded to the KEF R Series Meta. This newly unveiled lineup improves on the British manufacturer’s most popular speakers by incorporating a Uni-Q coaxial driver with MAT (Metamaterial Absorption Technology). The promise of an even more transparent and realistic sound!

KEF R Series Meta: a full range

The KEF R Series line is the heart of the British manufacturer’s range. It sits between the entry-level KEF Q Series and the KEF Reference Series that tops the brand’s catalog. Launched in 2011, the KEF Series R has quickly established itself as the manufacturer’s most popular lineup for movie lovers and audiophiles. It was then renewed in 2018 to refine the aesthetics and acoustics. The new KEF R Series Meta marks the third generation of this legendary line. It consists of the following speakers:

KEF R Series Meta: Uni-Q Coaxial driver

Since the end of the 80s, the British manufacturer has stood out from the crowd with the performance of its Uni-Q coaxial driver. The latter ensures a more homogeneous diffusion, with a better perception of the different frequencies. The new KEF R Series Meta speakers are the twelfth generation, which began with the KEF LS50 Wireless II (KEF LS50 Wireless II review) and KEF LS50 Meta (KEF LS50 Meta review), followed by the KEF LS60 Wireless.

With the KEF R Meta series, the 12th generation Uni-Q driver has been refined to promise increased dynamics and even better balance. With a diameter of 5″ on all the speakers of the range, this driver has a cone dedicated to the midrange designed in aluminum and mounted on a surround offering a greater excursion. The magnet assembly has also been redesigned to expand the harmonic range while reducing distortion.

All KEF R Series Meta speakers (here the KEF R7 Meta) adopt an advanced version of the 12th generation Uni-Q coaxial driver to maximize dynamics, balance and naturalness.

KEF Series R Meta: tweeter with metamaterials

At its center, the Uni-Q coaxial driver incorporates a 1″ vented aluminum dome tweeter. It features the latest developments from the brand, including redesigned damping and a waveguide. The back of this tweeter now benefits from Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) to neutralize 99% of unwanted noise and improve the transparency and naturalness of the sound. A solution that has already proven itself on the KEF LS50 Meta, KEF LS50 Wireless II, KEF LS60 Wireless and the KEF Ci250RRM-THX in-wall speaker.

The rear of the KEF R Meta’s tweeter uses metamaterials to neutralize resonance and maximize purity and transparency.

KEF R Series Meta: deep bass

By using a single coaxial driver for the midrange and treble, the British manufacturer frees up space to integrate a driver specifically dedicated to the lows. The latter benefits from a new hybrid design combining a paper cone covered with aluminum to maximize rigidity while remaining very light. The magnetic system provides a more uniform field to improve control and reduce distortion.

With a 6.5″ woofer, the KEF R3 Meta bookshelf speaker has a 3-way design to deliver generous bass in a compact format.

This driver varies in diameter and number depending on the speaker. The KEF R3 Meta 3-way bookshelf incorporates a 6.5″ model, the KEF R7 Meta floorstander two 6.5″ models, as does the KEF R6 Meta LCR speaker. The KEF R11 Meta, which tops the range, includes four 6.5″ models. Finally, the KEF R5 Meta floorstanding speaker and the KEF R6 Meta center speaker opt for two 5″ models.

With four drivers dedicated solely to bass, the KEF R11 Meta floorstanding speaker is sure to deliver deep, powerful lows.

KEF R Series Meta: pure sound

The British manufacturer has also drastically reduced any potential distortion, resonance or coloration. For example, the rear port on all speakers (except LCR and Atmos models) has flexible walls to eliminate turbulence. In addition, the chassis has many internal reinforcements and uses materials that convert vibrations into heat to decouple the drivers.

The KEF R Meta’s ports adopt flexible surfaces to suppress turbulence and achieve a silent airflow.

With the new KEF R Series Meta speakers, the manufacturer has further developed its most popular lineup by incorporating the innovative technologies of the KEF LS50 Meta and KEF LS50 Wireless 2 models. With an even more accurate sound, the KEF Series R Meta speakers promise to keep this lineup a benchmark for years to come.


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