Littora 200: the new range of outdoor speakers from Focal!


The manufacturer from Saint-Étienne in France is adding to its catalog of outdoor speakers with the Focal Littora 200 series. This new range, designed to equip terraces and gardens, includes the Focal OD Sat 5 outdoor speaker and its Focal OD Sub 12 subwoofer, as well as the Focal OD Stone 8 “rock” speaker. Certified IP55, this trio benefits from the expertise of the French manufacturer and integrates proprietary technologies such as the M profile tweeter.

Focal OD Sat 5 and Focal OD Stone 8 outdoor speakers, Focal Littora 200 range
The Focal OD Sat 5 and OD Stone 8 outdoor speakers make up the Littora 200 range, working in tandem with the OD Sub 12 subwoofer which reinforces the bass. They are all IP55 certified for splash and dust resistance.

Focal Littora 200 range OD sereies

The OD Sat 5 and OD Stone 8 are 2-way coaxial outdoor speakers with an Iris IP midbass driver. The latter is associated with a 1″ tweeter with an aluminum inverted dome. This dedicated high-frequency driver adopts an M-profile design.

Developed by the company from Saint-Étienne in France, the inverted dome tweeter with M profile broadens the zone of diffusion of the highs and is more rigid to limit distortion. The OD Sub 12 subwoofer has the same Iris IP cone at the heart of its 12″ driver, just like the other speakers in the range.

Focal Littora 200: a versatile and robust range

The new Focal Littora 200 range is very versatile. The entry ticket to the series, the OD Sat 5 outdoor speaker, comes with two separate mounts. The first is intended for wall or ceiling installation. The second one allows the speaker to be firmly planted in the ground or in a planter.

Very practical, the Focal OD Sat 5 speaker is adjustable and tiltable, ideal for a terrace or poolside. Like all the references in the Littora 200 range, the speaker is certified IP55. It is splash and dust resistant, and tolerates temperatures between -20°C and 65°C to stay outside all year round. Covering a frequency range of 90Hz to 28kHz, it is recommended to combine it with the Focal OD Sub12 subwoofer. The latter allows reinforces the bass of the outdoor hi-fi installation in order to enrich the immersive experience.

Focal OD Sub 12 subwoofer combined with a pair of Focal OD Sat 5 outdoor speakers
Complementing the Focal OD Sat 5 speakers, the Focal OD Sub 12 outdoor subwoofer brings more depth to the bass.

For its part, the Focal OD Stone 8 outdoor speaker has a wider bandwidth than its smaller sister, covering a range of 45Hz to 28kHz. Larger, it is also more powerful, delivering up to 75 watts RMS and 150 watts peak. Its 8″ midbass driver is associated with the same tweeter as the Focal OD Sat 5. For a secure installation in a planter or near a swimming pool, the speaker has a hidden attachment loop.

Focal OD Stone 8 speaker and Focal OD Sub 12 subwoofer from the Littora 200 range
The Focal OD Stone 8 2-way coaxial outdoor speaker incorporates an 8″ midbass driver and an inverted dome M-profile tweeter. This design gives the tweeter a wider angle of diffusion to ensure a balanced and natural sound reproduction.

Focal Littora 200: 100 volts

Designed for outdoor use, the Focal Littora 200 range adapts to all installations. All three models incorporate a transformer to be compatible with a 70/100 volt system, in addition to 8 ohm amps. As a result, the Focal OD Sat 5, OD Stone 8 and Focal OD Sub 12 speakers can equip the terrace of a hotel or a restaurant, but also a park. The Focal Littora 200 range is designed for large spaces as well as for more traditional installations in a home garden.

Detail view of transformer setting for 100 volt system
Like the Focal OD Sat 5 outdoor speaker, the devices in the Focal Littora 200 range include a transformer. Therefore, they can operate at 70/100 volts, which allows them to be installed in large spaces without loss of power.

Perfect integration

Until now, Focal has developed outdoor ranges with simple and conventional designs, such as the Focal 100 OD8 or Focal Custom OD 100 OD6. This time, the French manufacturer is changing its ways by placing integration at the heart of the project. The Littora 200 range features speakers that blend in with their surroundings.

Focal OD Sub 12 near a swimming pool
The Focal OD Sub 12 outdoor subwoofer has an output power of 100 watts RMS (up to 400W peaks). Very powerful, it allows you to reinforce your outdoor hi-fi installation while ensuring a discreet integration in the garden or next to a swimming pool.

The OD Sub 12 subwoofer looks like a mushroom emerging from the ground. Partially buried, only the circular vent and protective dome is visible. For the OD Stone 8 speaker, as the name implies, the design imitates a pebble. The French manufacturer has even pushed the illusion to the point of texturing the chassis of the device to recall that of a stone. Finally, the Focal OD Sat 5 outdoor speaker takes on the appearance of a spotlight to blend harmoniously into a garden or terrace.

The Focal OD Sat 5 speaker is sold for €499 each or €979 per pair. Available in a range of 3 colors (basalt, sand or limestone), the Focal OD Stone 8 is sold for €599. Finally, count €1,599 for the Focal OD Sub 12, or €2,499 when purchased with two Focal OD Sat 5s.

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