How to enjoy 4K 120Hz gaming on Nvidia GeForce Now


Video game enthusiasts have seen cloud gaming take off in recent years. These Cloud Gaming services give you access to all the latest games in great quality. All this without having to constantly renew your computer equipment in an endless and expensive quest. Today, the GeForce Now service offers the performance of an RTX 40xx graphics card, which cost upwards of 600 euros. In order to display and play in 4K resolution at 120Hz, what hardware will provide the best experience with GeForce Now?

What internet speeds?

Before anything else, you’ll need a GeForce Now Ultimate subscription (which allows 4K / 120Hz resolution) and a high-speed internet connection. The better it is, the more you can increase the definition and the number of images per second. To be precise, the GeForce Now service requires a connection of at least 35 Mbps. Aiming for 45 Mbps will not be a luxury to handle data spikes. A wired Ethernet connection or a 5 GHz wireless router is highly recommended.

The entire Nvidia GeForce Now system is based on the quality of your internet connection. Neglecting this parameter will therefore negatively affect your user experience. Preferably, opt for a Wi-Fi 6 router. If the modem and your interface are far apart or separated by thick walls, Wi-Fi repeaters can also be a good solution, notably the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi mesh systems.

How to achieve the best picture?

Here’s a list of compatible devices that allow you to access the Nvidia GeForce Now service and connect your controllers so you can play in 4K 120Hz in the best conditions:

If you already have a 4K TV with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz, make sure it can disable all image processing used for TV and movie viewing. To do so, you just need to activate the “game mode” as well as the “VRR” (for Variable Refresh Rate), G-Sync or FreeSync functions, available on some models.

Which controllers for GeForce Now?

To play, you will of course need to use either a controller or a keyboard and mouse. The GeForce Now-compatible devices listed above all offer the ability to connect a standard wired controller, and Microsoft Xbox, Sony DualShock PS4, and DualSense PS5 controllers are all compatible, whether the connection is wired or wireless. It should be noted that the SteelSeries Stratus+ Android controllers, or Apple-certified controllers like the SteelSeries Nimbus+, are compatible with smartphones and tablets of all brands. Wireless controllers are more dependent on the device receiving the signal (see list above) than on GeForce Now. If this device accepts a Bluetooth or RF 2.4 GHz connection, you’ll have no problem combining wireless controllers, keyboards and mice.

Smart TV, all types of computer, smartphone... The list of Nvidia GeForce Now compatible devices is long!
The variety of devices on which you can enjoy Geforce Now is incredible: computers, smartphones, tablets, network players, connected TVs… You can now access the service from most of your connected devices.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of this service: for a small subscription fee, you get not only a huge catalog of games, but also exceptional picture and performance. It would be a shame to subscribe to such an offer and not take full advantage of it, because of a screen that is not designed for gaming and cannot display all the information. In addition, we recommend reading the guide “how to take advantage of ray tracing“, a technology that is also integrated into this Ultimate offer.

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