LG QNED 2023: high-brightness TVs with intense colors


The world leader in OLED TVs, LG is not limited to this display technology. The Korean manufacturer also offers LED LCD TVs that are distinguished by their QNED technology. The LG QNED 2023 lineup has two new series: the LG QNED81 TV series and the LG QNED86 TV series.

By combining NanoCell Display technology (Quantum Dots filter) with high performance backlighting, LG QNED 2023 TVs are among the best TVs on the market.

LG QNED 2023 TVs share the following features:

  • Image processing : α7AI 4K Gen6 processor
  • Image and sound: HDR10 Pro compatibility, DTS:X
  • Design : Slim design (very thin screen) / new center stand
  • Gaming: 2 x HDMI 2.1 QMS ports / VRR (FreeSync) / Game Optimizer
  • Smart TV: webOS 23 / Magic Remote / Artificial intelligence (LG ThinQ, Alexa) / Matter home automation protocol compatibility

The HDMI 2.1 ports on the LG QNED 2023 TVs are QMS (Quick Media Switching VRR) enabled to prevent momentary black screens when switching from one HDMI source to another (works only with HDMI 2.1 QMS VRR certified source devices).

What is LG QNED technology?

LG QNED TVs use the NanoCell technology developed by the manufacturer to improve color reproduction and the viewing angles of LED LCD and MiniLED TVs. Conventional QLED TVs use fairly thick nanoparticle filters (Quantum Dots) sandwiched between the LED backlight and the LCD screen. LG NanoCell TVs adopt a thinner filter made of nanoparticles directly integrated into the panel. This extremely thin filter allows the screen to be slimmer.

LG QNED 2023: high brightness, intense colors
LG QNED TVs benefit from intense colors, high brightness and optimized contrast.

The nanoparticles of LG QNED TVs have the function of absorbing certain unwanted wavelengths, acting as a filter to purify the backlight. This design ensures pure whites and natural greens and reds, even when the user is not directly in front of the screen.

Depending on the QNED TV range, these nanoparticles can be combined with LED or MiniLED backlighting. They are significantly smaller than conventional LEDs and offer higher peak brightness. They also allow for deeper blacks and better contrast thanks to a more precise management of the backlighting by zones.

LG QNED 81: intense colors, ultra-thin design

The LG QNED81 (2023) TV range, which replaces the LG QNED82 TV range (2022), is available in five sizes (50″/126cm, 55″/139cm, 65″/164cm, 75″/189cm and 86″/217cm).

  • LG 50QNED81 (126cm): €949
  • LG 55QNED81 (139cm): €1,099
  • LG 65QNED81 (164cm): €1,399
  • LG 75QNED81 (189cm): €2,199
  • LG 86QNED81 (217cm): €3,299

Availability: late April, early May.

Opening up the LG QNED 2023 TV lineup, the LG QNED 81 range comes in five different sizes and features a height-adjustable center stand to easily slide a soundbar under the screen.

The LG QNED 81 range is FreeSync and 120Hz 4K compatible for video games. It stands out for its central stand that has a low position and a “soundbar” position that raises the screen.

On the left, an LG 55QNED81 with the higher position enabling a soundbar can be placed under the screen. On the right, an LG 65QNED81 with stand in the standard position.

The other advantage of this LG QNED 81 range is its extreme thinness, as the screen is only 3 centimeters thick. This “Super Slim design” is made possible by the adoption of Edge LED backlighting, which places LED strips around the edge of the panel and allows for a slimmer profile. Finally, as with the LG OLED 2023 TVs, DTS is making a comeback on LG QNED 2023 TVs with support for the DTS:X immersive 3D audio format.

However, we regret the absence of the Dolby Vision/Atmos combo, which is only found on the LG QNED 86 range.

At just 3cm thick, the LG QNED 81/82 TVs can easily be placed against the wall using a TV stand like the NorStone Slimled 4080.

Main advantages

  • LG QNED technology: high brightness and intense colors
  • Super Slim Design (< 3cm)
  • New central stand, double position
  • HDR10 Pro
  • 90% DCI-P3
  • Audio: 20W, 2.0 channel stereo system

LG QNED 86: Mini LED for deep contrasts

The LG QNED86 TV range which replaces the LG QNED87 TV range (2022) offers a choice of four screen sizes (55″/139cm, 65″/164cm, 75″/189cm and 86″/217cm). Availability: July-August. Prices are not yet known.

The LG QNED 86 series adopts MiniLED backlighting that increases image brightness and contrast, with excellent rendering of HDR10 and Dolby Vision content.

The LG QNED86 range is distinguished by its MiniLED backlight. Brighter than traditional LED backlighting, it also offers more finesse in its management of different areas of the image. This gives the images increased brightness and contrast, with almost complete elimination of the blooming effect (halo around light objects on a dark background, such as subtitles, for example).

The LG QNED 86 TVs are FreeSync, Dolby Vision Gaming and 4K 120 Hz compatible via their HDMI 2.1 QMS ports to provide the best possible experience with video games.

LG QNED 86s TVs support 4K at up to 120Hz and are Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos compatible, in addition to HDR10 and DTS:X. They also adopt a center stand but, unlike the QNED81 range, it can’t be lowered. The screen is therefore raised so you can easily place a soundbar underneath. The slim panel of the LG QNED 86 TVs is less than 6 centimeters thick.

Main advantages

  • LG QNED MiniLED technology: deep contrast, high brightness and intense colors (1 million shades of gray)
  • Slim Design (< 6cm)
  • New central stand (fixed, high position)
  • 95% DCI-P3
  • Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos
  • Audio: 40W, 2.2 channel stereo system
  • Gaming: 120Hz 4K Dolby Vision gaming

LG QNED 2023: summary

Processorα7 AI 4K Gen6α7 AI 4K Gen6
ImageHDR10 ProHDR10 Pro, Dolby Vision IQ
SoundDTS:XDolby Atmos, DTS:X
Gaming2x HDMI 2.1, FreeSync, 120Hz 4K, Gaming Optimizer2x HDMI 2.1, FreeSync, 120Hz 4K, Dolby Vision, Gaming Optimizer
Smart TVwebOS 23, Magic Remote, Artificial intelligence (LG ThinQ, Alexa), Matter compatibilitywebOS 23, Magic Remote, Artificial intelligence (LG ThinQ, Alexa), Matter compatibility
DesignSuper Slim Design (< 3cm) Dual position center stand (low and high position)Slim Design (< 6cm), center stand (fixed, high position)
Audio20W, 2 channels40W, 2.2 channels

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