An update to optimize Google TV


Google has just announced an update for all TVs compatible with its Google TV operating system. It will optimize application storage and reduces latency between the remote control and the TV.

Present on many QLED TVs, LED TVs and OLED TVs, Google TV allows access to the Play Store in order to download applications and games or simply to browse the Internet. Once connected, the TV can also access VOD platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and Prime Video.

A Google TV update focused on storage space

In a press release, Google details the content of the update for its operating system. The storage space used on Google TV is reduced thanks to two new features. First of all, the App Hibernation protocol forces the shutdown of applications that are still active in the background after 30 days without use. This extended sleep mode frees up RAM space for smoother browsing.

The TCL 85QLED770 QLED TV integrates the Google TV operating system and benefits from the update.
Main new feature of the Google TV update, App Hibernation offers storage space optimization, as seen here with the TCL 85QLED770QLED TV, by forcing the shutdown of applications that have not been used for 30 days but are still active in the background.

In addition, the tech giant has reworked the Android App Bundles (AAB) for Google TV. In concrete terms, the size of applications has been reduced by 25% on average. This operation also frees up space on your TV to download more applications.

Google TV, optimized performance

In order to offer a smoother and more satisfying user experience, Google has been working hard to optimize the performance of the Google TV operating system. For example, the app loading animation, device restart and remote control/TV interaction have seen a reduction in latency.

The Google TV update includes the reduction of latency between the remote control and the TV.
The latency between the Google TV remote and the TV set has been reduced to a minimum in order to make navigation on the interface as smooth as possible.

These improvements are already being deployed on the various affected TVs. This deep update of the operating system will be done automatically on TVs equipped with Google TV.

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