How Humane turns your smartphone into a miniature projector


Imran Chaudhri, a former designer at Apple, has unveiled the well-kept secret of the startup Humane: a revolutionary little multitasking gadget. This tiny object slips easily into a shirt or jacket pocket and provides access to many features: calls, video projection, translation, voice assistant, etc.

Former Apple designer, Imran Chaudhri revealed the secret product of the startup Humane: a revolutionary multitasking gadget with a laser projector to display an interactive interface on any surface!


The device is equipped with a small laser projector capable of displaying an interface on any surface. Even better, it is possible to interact with the displayed elements! The part that protrudes from the user’s pocket also has a camera and a speaker. Finally, the part hidden by the pocket includes the battery and the processor of the device.

“This is a new type of wearable device, a platform designed entirely for artificial intelligence. This device is self-contained, so you don’t need a smartphone or any other device to use it. It interacts with the world the same way you do, hearing what you hear, seeing what you see, while respecting your privacy, safely and completely fading away,” explains Imran Chaudhri.

With this small device, Humane makes it easy to communicate thanks to its translator that picks up the voice of your interlocutor and translates in real time what they are saying into the user’s earpiece.

In addition to the camera, this gadget from Humane also has several sensors and offers many features. For example, it allows you to make phone calls. In addition, it incorporates an automatic translator that picks up the voice of the speaker and automatically translates his or her words into the user’s earpiece. Note that when the listening mode is activated, a small LED lights up on the device to indicate that the conversation is being recorded.

We like to say that the experience is screen-free, seamless and sensory, allowing you to access the computing power of a smartphone while remaining present in your environment, restoring a balance that has been out of place for some time.

Imran Chaudhri

During his presentation, Imran Chaudhri stressed the importance of turning away from screens – which he largely helped popularize during his time at Apple. He believes that to truly change the relationship between humans and technology, it is necessary to develop something radically different from screens, which are ubiquitous in our daily lives (computers, smartphones, tablets, connected watches, etc.).

A true technological feat, the Humane device is equipped with a laser projector capable of displaying an image on the palm of your hand. To answer a call, simply press the “✔️” displayed on your hand.

In short…

There is a lot of excitement about the Humane gadget, but it is important to note that it is still in the testing phase. Many aspects such as privacy and missing functionalities (web browsing, image/video display, etc.) need to be improved. And while it is interesting, it doesn’t seem to be ready to replace smartphones just yet and remains a niche gadget for now. Finally, despite the speculations, no information about the hardware specifications or the price of the Humane video projector/smartphone has been disclosed. To be continued!

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