Sony: Project Q & Project Nomad for PlayStation 5


Announced earlier this year, Sony confirms the launch of its two accessories for the PlayStation 5, the “Project Nomad” wireless earbuds and the “Project Q” portable console.

Sony Project Q: handheld console?

A kind of console extension, Project Q resembles the Sony DualSense controller with an 8″ screen in the center. This “connected controller” is not quite a console, since its function will be to stream your PlayStation 5 games via the Remote Play feature. While some may look back with nostalgia to the glory days of the PSP, the aim here is to cut costs and avoid having to multiply ecosystems with a true handheld console. Many details remain to be discovered, such as screen resolution and refresh rate.

Sony Project Nomad: True Wireless earbuds

Project Nomad benefits from all the Japanese manufacturer’s expertise in True Wireless in-ear headphones, as well as a design that is clearly reminiscent of the PlayStation 5 console. Connection should be via the 2.4 GHz bandwidth, since Sony’s announcements emphasize simultaneous connection to a smartphone or other devices with a Bluetooth transmitter. The Sony Nomad earbuds should therefore be open to all other systems, perhaps even overshadowing the indestructible Apple AirPods.

The Japanese brand does not specify a release date for the Sony Q and Nomad projects, whose definitive names are also unknown. Nevertheless, both projects should see the light of day by next year!

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