LG StandbyME Go, the portable TV in a briefcase!


It’s a crazy idea that’s finally seeing the light of day. LG has just unveiled an innovation as original as it is intriguing: a portable TV! The LG StandbyME Go TV features a 68cm (27″) LCD panel that delivers a 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD image.

The LG StandbyME Go portable TV is housed inside a reinforced 12-centimeter-thick case and has a 3-hour battery life.

LG StandbyME Go portable TV, a true smart TV

The LG StandbyME Go portable TV is mounted inside a 12-centimeter-thick reinforced case. As well as facilitating transport, the latter protects the 27″ screen. With a battery life of 3 hours (the LG StandbyME Go TV also runs on mains power), it boasts Full HD resolution. While it doesn’t come with a tuner for traditional TV channels, it does offer access to streaming platforms and LG channels.

LG StandbyME GO portable TV
The LG StandbyME Go portable TV offers access to streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+, for example, enabling viewers to enjoy their favorite series anywhere.

Much more than just a screen on which the viewer can enjoy a film or series, the LG StandbyME Go TV is a true smart TV. It is WiFi, Bluetooth and AirPlay compatible, and features the Korean brand’s webOS 22 operating system. This means viewers can use Bluetooth headphones, for example, which is useful in an airport or vacation resort.

LG StandbyME Go portable TV, a modular screen

Regarding audio, the LG StandbyME Go features a 4-speaker system powered by a total of 20 watts. Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision compatible, the LG StandbyME Go transportable TV promises to deliver performance equivalent to the best TVs on the market.

LG StandbyME Go portable TV game mode
Thanks to its touchscreen, the LG StandbyME Go TV can even be transformed into a board game.

With the LG StandbyME Go TV, the Korean manufacturer offers a versatile entertainment device. In fact, the screen is entirely touch-sensitive, so it can be transformed into a tablet to enjoy a game with friends or family. What’s more, the LG StandbyME Go portable TV’s screen is height-adjustable over a range of 18cm, and can be set up in portrait mode.

LG StandbyME Go portable TV modular display
The height of the LG StandbyME Go portable TV’s screen can be adjusted by 18cm. To best suit the user’s needs, it can also be installed in portrait mode.

LG is only releasing the StandbyME Go portable TV for the North American market. It should be available in August at a price of $1,000. Let’s hope this portable TV reaches Europe soon.

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