LG MAGNIT: revolutionary 4K Micro LED TV for home entertainment!


LG Magnit Micro LED TV in an entertainment room
The new LG Magnit micro LED 4K screen measures 118″ (3m)! It will set you back $237,000…

LG Electronics has just announced a brand-new range of high-end LG MAGNIT Micro LED displays. The price and size of this new 118-inch (3m) 4K UHD model make it ideal for the most luxurious homes. This adds a whole new dimension to film viewing in a very large living room or private home theater.

LG Magnit 4K is the name of the Korean manufacturer’s range of high-end Micro LED residential displays. We talked about it on the blog just under a year ago, when we presented the very first LG MAGNIT, measuring 136″ (3.45m). LG has now added a slightly smaller model with a diagonal of 3m (118″).

“The new LG MAGNIT introduces our cutting-edge Micro LED display technology to home installations, enabling residential customers to enjoy impressive picture quality on a cinematic scale,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit at LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “We will continue to expand our range of very large Micro LED TVs for home use, complementing the new 118-inch and 136-inch models with innovative solutions that reinforce our leadership in the high-end display market.”

  • LG Magnit in a living room during the day
  • LG Magnit: giant home theater
  • LG Magnit in a bar
  • LG Magnit: music!
  • LG Magnit: Yoga

118″ LG Magnit: unrivalled picture quality

The very high brightness and high contrast of Micro LED technology ensure that future owners of this Premium TV will enjoy exceptional visual immersion. LG’s cutting-edge technologies guarantee superb picture quality, with vivid colors and excellent contrast.

LG Magnit: a huge Premium micro LED TV for the living room
The 118-inch LG Magnit’s Micro LED technology, combined with cutting-edge video processing from the Alpha 9 processor, enables this screen to display ultra-realistic images.

Equipped with the intelligent Alpha 9 processor powered by AI, LG’s 118″ MAGNIT intelligently analyzes and adjusts image quality according to the content being viewed (movies, sports, video games). This unusual TV screen also boasts AI-driven brightness control and features that enhance facial detail and on-screen text, boosting viewers’ sense of immersion. Unfortunately, this premium technology is reserved for a lucky few, as the LG Magnit 118″ is priced at… $237,000.

Understanding LED, OLED and Micro LED TV technologies

LG Micro LED 118″: webOS and immersive sound

LG’s new Micro LED display integrates the webOS smart TV platform. Easy to navigate, it guarantees access to a growing catalog of streaming apps, including Prime Video, Disney+ and YouTube.

Regarding audio, MAGNIT adopts a 4.2-channel, 50-watt audio system. Users benefit from spatialized sound, contributing to their immersion in films and video games.

Choosing the right streaming service

118″ LG MAGNIT: HDMI 2.1, AirPlay 2

The 118″ LG MAGNIT micro-LED TV supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Miracast to wirelessly stream content from iOS and Android smartphones to its large screen. It also features four HDMI 2.1 ports for easy connection of a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, video game console or TV box. HDMI eARC compatibility is included, making it easy to connect an AV receiver. Finally, to guarantee maximum installation flexibility, the manufacturer offers customers a choice of two mounting options: wall-mounted or on feet.

LG brand guide

The new LG MAGNIT 118″ is already available in the USA, and will soon be available worldwide.

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