Klipsch McLaren Legends: combining the spirit of McLaren with Klipsch expertise


Mis à jour le 23 October 2023.

As an official partner of the McLaren Formula 1 team, hi-fi and home theater specialist Klipsch is celebrating its collaboration with the British racing team with limited edition McLaren versions of its most popular speakers. Combining McLaren’s unrivalled design philosophy with Klipsch’s acoustic expertise, the speakers in the Klipsch McLaren Legends series are true collector’s items. 

Klipsch & McLaren: a legendary collaboration

The American manufacturer Klipsch may be better known to rock and music lovers than to car enthusiasts, but it is one of McLaren’s main official partners. Since 2020, Klipsch has supplied pilots in the British Formula 1 team with headphones and portable audio systems. A great strategy for Klipsch, who promises to deliver the best possible sound in one of the world’s loudest environments. This collaboration led to the launch of the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC McLaren earbuds in 2020, followed by the Klipsch The Fives McLaren. Due to the success of these models, the manufacturer is renewing the partnership with the new “McLaren Legends” 2023 speaker range. 

Klipsch McLaren Legends: a unique design

The Klipsch McLaren Legends speakers are inspired by the world of the British Formula 1 team, borrowing its visual codes and the legendary number 5. Each speaker cabinet features the iconic n°5, a tribute to the brand’s founding father. The number refers to the car that enabled Bruce McLaren to win at Sebring in 1958, making him the youngest Grand Prix winner at the time.

The Klipsch McLaren Legends speakers (here the Klipsch The One II McLaren Legends) are decorated with the iconic n°5 present on the car in which Bruce McLaren won his first Grand Prix in 1968.

The Klipsch McLaren Legends speakers also have a papaya-orange finish. This color, deeply rooted in McLaren’s heritage, made its first appearance in 1968 on the body of the McLaren M7A. At the time, the shade had a strategic purpose: it enabled McLaren cars to stand out easily from other competitors on black-and-white TV screens. 

Presented in 1968, the McLaren M7A was the brand’s first vehicle to use a papaya orange color to stand out on black and white screens.

Today, this iconic orange hue give the Klipsch McLaren Legends speakers undeniable appeal, immediately catching the eye.

The Klipsch McLaren Legends speakers (here the Klipsch Groove McLaren Legends) stand out with their papaya-orange finish, reminiscent of McLaren’s 1960s racing cars.

Klipsch Forte IV McLaren Legends

An iconic model in the McLaren Legends range, the Klipsch Forte IV McLaren Legends floorstanding speaker incorporates the acoustic elements of the Klipsch Forte IV in the colors of the famous Formula 1 racing team. The 3-way design features a very large 15” woofer. It is combined with a midrange driver and a horn-loaded tweeter to extend the diffusion zone and ensure perfectly balanced sound throughout the room.

With its large 15” woofer on the rear panel, the Klipsch Forte IV McLaren Legends speaker can deliver extremely deep and powerful bass to rhythm music.

Klipsch The Nines McLaren Legends

A direct descendant of the recent Klipsch The Nines, the Klipsch The Nines McLaren Legends connected speaker incorporates all the same functions in a highly elegant format. This pair of Klipsch The Nines McLaren Legends speakers is equipped with an amplification capable of delivering up to 240 watts RMS to power a large 7.9” driver. Versatile, the Klipsch The Nines McLaren features a full range of connectors, including an RCA line/phono input, a mini-jack input, a 24-bit/192kHz compatible USB-B port and an HDMI ARC input for a TV. Finally, its Bluetooth 5.0 receiver facilitates wireless music listening.

With a total power of 900 watts, the Klipsch The Nines McLaren Legends speakers can deliver sound in any living space.

Klipsch The One II McLaren Legends

A limited edition of the Klipsch The One II, the Klipsch The One II McLaren Legends speaker offers the same features, allowing you to listen to music via Bluetooth from any smartphone, tablet or computer, and to connect a wired source thanks to its 3.5mm mini-jack input. With a power of 60W and its many drivers, the Klipsch The One II McLaren Legends speaker promises an excellent music reproduction.

Thanks to its Bluetooth receiver, the Klipsch The One II McLaren Legends wireless speaker allows you to easily listen to music from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Klipsch Groove McLaren Legends

The Klipsch Groove McLaren Legends portable Bluetooth speaker lets you take Klipsch’s iconic sound and the colors of the British racing team anywhere. This limited edition of the Klipsch Groove speaker incorporates a Bluetooth receiver, so you can easily listen to music from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Its 8-hour battery life and carry case let you enjoy your music anywhere.

Equipped with a Bluetooth receiver, the Klipsch Groove McLaren Legends can stream music wirelessly. It can also be used in wired mode via a headphone mini-jack connector.

With the Klipsch McLaren Legends speakers, the illustrious heritage of the car manufacturer is perfectly combined with the innovative principles established by Paul W. Klipsch. The objective is clear: to merge excellent sound performance with striking design. These limited edition speakers embody the quintessence of Klipsch’s most iconic models while paying tribute to the prestigious British racing team. They are the symbol of a collaboration that transcends genres, much to the delight of both eyes and ears.

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