Elipson equips the first DTS:X theather in France


Mis à jour le 8 March 2021.


The French acoustic loudspeaker manufacturer Elipson is reuniting with its roots by proposing a range of professional cinema speakers dedicated to offering an immersive surround sound experience. Dubbed the Elipson A3i, these new spherical speakers have been specially developed for immersive cinema sound as proposed by new audio formats such as DTS:X, Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D.

Elipson has a very long and successful history when it comes to audio systems. Created in 1938 and directed by Joseph Léon for many years, the brand equipped the Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française (ORTF) and the Palais des Congrès in addition to managing the audio end of public events such as the 1968 Olympics and the Sound and Light Festivals (Chambord).


The new Elipson A3i range of cinema speakers naturally upholds the brand’s reputation for innovation, which dates back to the 50s when Elipson proposed spherical speakers combining flawless audio diffusion with sturdy materials. One way the spherical form contributes to an immersive cinema experience seems obvious: no matter which direction it?s facing, the visual presentation of the speaker remains harmonious. In contrast to the Elipson Planet M, Elipson Planet L and Elipson BS Tribute hi-fi speakers, the Elipson A3i 30, A3i 50 and A3i 65 speakers (the number corresponds to the diameter of each in centimeters) are equipped with a compression tweeter instead of standard tweeter. Characterized by a high sensitivity and high power rating, these speakers succeed in eliminating distortion and auditory fatigue, all while remaining natural. As such, they guarantee a truly immersive listening experience.

The Elipson A3i 30 is fitted with a 6.5? coaxial driver, the Elipson A3i 50 with a 12? driver and the Elipson A3i 65 with a 15? driver. Thanks to this range, listening rooms of all shapes and sizes can be equipped with an optimized audio installation.


Each of these Elipson A3i speakers comes with a support for 360° rotation and a 90° tilt angle.

In addition, Elipson proposes a laser calibration system which may be used to determine the exact location of the center of the listening area for easier configuration with respect to the characteristics of the room.

The first movie theater to be equipped with Elipson A3i speakers is located in the town of Domont in the Val d’Oise region of France. This 230-seat theater presently is fitted with over 30 speakers dedicated to reproducing immersive sound effects. The Domont movie theater is also equipped with DTS:X sound processors for efficient management of these effects.


The DTS:X format, just like the Dolby Atmos format, can manage a large number of speakers with extreme precision. Certain sounds are processed as objects and moved dynamically around the theater, from one speaker to the next.

This DTS:X movie theater is Europe?s first, and it was inaugurated yesterday by the mayor of Domont, the directors of Elipson and DTS Europe. It was La La Land, recently awarded at the Oscars, which had the honor of being screened in DTS:X.

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