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The Jamo S809 HCS 5.1 home theater speaker pack is designed for living rooms measuring between 25 and 50 m² (269 to 538 sq ft). It features a pair of floorstanders, the Jamo S809, which are compatible with the optional Dolby Atmos Jamo S8 ATM speakers. A center speaker (Jamo S81 CEN), two surround speakers (Jamo S801), and a subwoofer (Jamo S810 SUB) are also part of this pack.

The Jamo S809?s bass driver.

Jamo S809 HCS 5.1: technologies

The Jamo S809 HCS?s tweeter.

Jamo speakers from the S8 range are fitted with aluminum cone mid-bass drivers. Visually and technically akin to the Klipsch IMG drivers (the two brands belong to the same corporate group), these 4? (center and surround speakers) and 5? (floorstanding speakers) drivers  feature a rigid cone designed to maintain its original shape at high volume, especially in the lower end of the spectrum.

Each speaker is fitted with a 1? plastic dome tweeter, and because they are all equipped with the same drivers, Jamo speakers from the S8 range all have a very similar sound signature. Moreover, the tweeter can go up to 26 kHz and benefits from sound dispersion properties which ensure limited directivity.

Jamo S809 HCS 5.1: bass-reflex enclosure

The Jamo S809?s bass-reflex port.

Each speaker implements bass-reflex technology which allows them to offer an extended response in the lows. The technology allows the Jamo S809 speaker to go as low as 97 Hz.

Jamo S809 HCS 5.1: Dolby Atmos compatible

Since it first appeared on the market, the Dolby Atmos format has become increasingly popular, and Jamo designed the S809 pack to ensure compatibility with this format. Each floorstanding speaker is equipped with terminals dedicated to Atmos signals in order to let the user connect an optional Jamo S8 ATM speaker.

The Jamo S809 features two pairs of terminals. The terminals on the bottom may be used to connect the speaker to the amplifier. Above these are the terminals for an optional S8 ATM Dolby Atmos speaker (to place on top of the floorstander).
The top panel of the Jamo S809 is fitted with connectors to power a pair of optional Jamo S8 ATM Atmos speakers.

Jamo S809 HCS 5.1: slim subwoofer

The Jamo S810 SUB subwoofer features a 10? synthetic cone driver powered by a class-D amplifier rated at 150 W (peak). Its frequency response ranges from 36 Hz to 180 Hz and it is equipped with an adjustable high-pass filter.

The Jamo S810 SUB?s 10? driver.

The Jamo S810 SUB?s bass-reflex enclosure features a long, back-firing laminar port. This design was developed to cancel airflow noise at high volume.

The Jamo S810 SUB?s laminar port is situated at the bottom of the subwoofer.

It is possible to configure the Jamo S 810 subwoofer to switch on automatically upon detecting an incoming signal. The subwoofer?s other adjustable settings are rather classic: phase inversion, adjustable high-pass filter (40 to 160 Hz), and volume level.

Jamo S809 HCS 5.1: test conditions and listening impressions

We connected the Jamo S809 HCS 5.1 speaker pack to the Yamaha MusicCast RX-A870 home theater receiver. The floorstanding speakers were set as LARGE, while the center and surround channels were set as SMALL. The subwoofer handled frequencies below 80 Hz for the center and surround channels. We connected the speakers using NorStone CL250 Classic speaker wire.

When we listened to the Jamo S809 HCS 5.1, our first impression was that their sound signature was a lot more suitable for movie soundtracks than music. The accent is put on the mids, which are open and energetic. The listener?s attention is captured by a generous amount of details, even at low volume. Jamo played the card of clarity, which works really well with the tonal balance of the Dolby and DTS tracks often used by movies and series. The speakers add an interesting touch of brightness, although voices are a little too bright at times. The restitution with our Yamaha receiver was clearly demonstrative. The subwoofer offers a generous restitution and delivers a lively growl, providing a very pleasant foundation.

The spatialization is excellent, and the sensation of depth and height is also convincing. The lateral/back stage, handled by the Jamo S801 compact speakers, is precise.


Jamo S809 HCS 5.1: conclusion

Despite a few spikes in the restitution of mids, the Jamo S809 HCS 5.1 speaker pack offers a pleasant home theater experience. We recommend it if you?re looking for a dynamic and demonstrative listening experience at low to medium sound level. The possibility of adding Dolby Atmos speakers with the Jamo S 8 ATM is a plus.

What we liked:

  • The dynamic listening experience
  • The magnetic acoustic grill (which can slide to adapt to the optional Dolby Atmos speakers)
  • The energetic subwoofer
  • The design and elegant finish

What we would have liked:

  • Softer mids
  • More solid lows for the floorstanders


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