Trinnov Altitude 16, Amethyst and ST2 Hi-Fi audio processor preamplifiers at Son-Vidé


Founded in 2003 by three French engineers passionate about sound, Trinnov has gained an excellent reputation across the globe for its immersive sound and acoustic correction with both professionals (movie theaters, recording studios…) and consumers.

Trinnov equipment is now part of the Son-Vidé catalog, with the Trinnov ST2 HiFi audio processor, the Trinnov Amethyst hi-fi preamplifier, the Trinnov Altitude 16 A/V preamplifier (EISA 2020) and the Trinnov XLR3 and Trinnov XLR5 3D microphones used for acoustic calibration.

The Trinnov Amethyst hi-fi stereo preamplifier can handle 11 different sources and process sound across 2 or 4 channels.

Trinnov Optimizer: the peak of acoustic correction

At the origin of Trinnov devices is the observation that the weakest element of any high fidelity or home theater system is always the room. It can introduce up to 10 dB of distortion into the frequency response of an audio system and strongly influence the speaker’s sound, both in terms of frequency and timing. There are of course many so-called passive acoustic treatment solutions, but they aren’t always sufficient as they affect a range of frequencies and aren’t as precise as active correction.

Consequently, the French manufacturer has developed a powerful measurement and correction software called Optimizer and has incorporated it into its various devices to optimize speaker/room pairings. The software performs several series of multi-point measurements of all the speakers using the Trinnov 3D microphone (sold separately), before performing a time-frequency analysis so that each speaker is calibrated separately.

The Optimizer calibration software guides the user through each step of the measurement and calibration process.

The Trinnov 3D calibration microphone makes it possible to precisely measure the distance between the microphone and the speakers, to detect the direct sound of the first reflections, to assess the overall energy of the room’s acoustic response and to measure the phase and impulse response of each speaker’s drivers. After these measurements, the software provides several corrections to eliminate flaws and unwanted distortion.

The Optimizer software has enabled Trinnov to become a global reference in the field of immersive sound and acoustic correction. The software architecture implemented in the French firm’s processor-preamplifiers makes them evolutive. The Trinnov Altitude A/V processor range has received frequent updates since its launch in 2015, such as DTS:X support in 2016, Roon compatibility in 2017 and, very recently, DTS:X Pro compatibility. All of these features led to Trinnov receiving an EISA Award this year for its Altitude range and Optimizer software, after receiving a first EISA Award in 2016 for the Altitude 32.

Trinnov ST2 HiFi 

The Trinnov ST2 HiFi processes the signal over 2 or 4 channels and is designed to be used in stereo installations.

The Trinnov ST2 HiFi is an audio preamplifier-processor with an integrated analog/digital and digital/analog converter and Optimizer processing across 2 and 4 channels. It is equipped with RCA, XLR, SPDIF and AES inputs and outputs and can be connected to a preamplifier and an amplifier or added to an amplifier’s Pre-out/Main-in loop. The Trinnov XLR3 3D microphone is required when configuring the Trinnov ST2 HiFi.

Trinnov Amethyst

The Trinnov Amethyst preamplifier is Roon Audio and DLNA/UPnP compatible for network audio playback.

The Trinnov Amethyst hi-fi preamplifier can control up to 11 stereo audio sources: 7 digital sources (up to 24-bit/192kHz) and 4 analog sources including a turntable thanks to its phono MM input. It also features Optimizer processing across 2 and 4 channels.

UPnP/DLNA (renderer) and Roon compatible thanks to its Ethernet port and WiFi connectivity, the Trinnov Amethyst stereo preamplifier is fully equipped to centralize all current music sources.

Trinnov Altitude16

Recipient of an EISA 2020-2021 award, the Trinnov Altitude A/V preamplifier-processor range (here the Trinnov Altitude 16) is protected from planned obsolescence with regular updates.

The Trinnov Altitude 16 A/V preamplifier supports up to 16 channels and decodes the most recent multi-channel audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X. It can be used to build a 7.2.4 channel home theater system in which the three front speakers (L, C and R) are bi-amplified.

Like the Trinnov Amethyst, the Trinnov Altitude 16 can stream music shared over the local network by using the Roon Audio and DLNA/UPnP protocols.

Trinnov 3D Microphones

This revolutionary 3D microphone designed by Trinnov allows the Optimizer software to precisely map the speakers in the room.

The Trinnov 3D calibration microphone with XLR3 cables is designed to be used with the Trinnov ST2 HiFi and Trinnov Amethyst preamplifier-processors. Equipped with 4 capsules, this Trinnov 3D microphone can precisely determine the location of the speakers in the room, detect the direct sound of the first reflections, assess the overall energy of the room’s acoustic response and measure the speakers’ phase and impulse response.

The Trinnov 3D microphone with XLR5 cables is technically identical but is designed to work with the A/V preamplifiers in the Trinnov Altitude range.

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