Netflix now offers Spatial Audio for iPhone and iPad


Netflix now supports Spatial Audio on iPhone and iPad.

Netflix has added the Spatial Audio feature on iPhone and iPad. Apple’s surround sound solution for headphones is expected to give Netflix users a more immersive experience when streaming movies and series.

The news first leaked on Reddit and was later confirmed by a Netflix spokesperson. The feature appeared in the latest version of the Netflix app; just go to the configuration menu and open the volume settings to activate or deactivate the Spatial Audio function.

However, not everyone will be able to access this feature. Spatial Audio only works withApple AirPods Pro True Wireless IEMs and theApple AirPods Max Bluetooth headphones, both compatible with the brand’s three-dimensional dynamic tracking of head movement developped by Apple. It is also necessary to have at least an iPhone 7 running iOS14 or a later version, or an iPad running iPadOS14 or a later version.

To benefit from spatial sound on Netflix, you must have Apple AirPods ProTrue Wireless IEMs or the Apple AirPods MaxBluetooth headphones,as well as iOS14 (iPad or iPhone).

Netflix users have been waiting for this news for a long time. Rumors that the streaming giant was testing Apple’s spatial audio support for the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max first surfaced in January. But only a month later, the claim appeared to have been denied by an anonymous Netflix developer. Instead, Netflix announced that the company was testing multi-channel support for built-in TV speakers, as part of an effort to provide “new experiences” to its users and “improve” its service.

Compatible with three-dimensional dynamic head movement tracking technology, Apple AirPods Pro True Wireless headphones allow you to enjoy a unique sound experience with Netflix content.

The competition between streaming services is becoming increasingly fierce, especially after the purchase of MGM studios by Amazon and Disney + reaching 116 million subscribers. With the Spatial Audio technology, Netflix added an unprecedented function that has the potential to increase the streaming service’s attractiveness.


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