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Since its partnership with Audi back in 2005, the Bang & Olufsen company has been making a name for itself in the automotive high fidelity industry. Always striving for innovation, the brand continues to make a name for itself through partenrships with automotive manufacturers, showing more than ever the ambition to combine remarkable on-board audio system with exceptional design.

Bang & Olufsen was founded on three major concepts almost 100 years ago: sound, design and architecture. These are concepts that perfectly match the world of high-end car audio systems.

Bold and selective, the brand now works for illustrious brands such as Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ford Mustang. While B&O has always made a point of adapting to the customers requests in all circumstances, providing pure and balanced sound in a car remains the essential challenge. To meet this challenge, Bang & Olufsen has developped astonishing technologies, such as Acoustic Lens and ICEpower.

Proprietary B&O technologies: Acoustic Lens and ICEpower

To provide high-quality sound to the vehicles from the most prestigious brands, Bang & Olufsen has used, among others, two technologies: Acoustic Lens technology and the ICEpower amplifier, which are also used by the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 high-end loudspeaker.

The high-end Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 loudspeaker benefits from proprietary Acoustic Lens and ICEpower technologies for high-quality sound reproduction.

Acoustic Lens

This technology allows a wide horizontal dispersion (180 °) of high frequencies. The highs thus benefit from a better balance and spacious restitution. In short, it optimizes sound restitution in all circumstances.

Bang & Olufsen acoustic lenses offer an impressive feeling of space and realism in terms of sound reproduction.

ICEpower amplifier

In order to attain optimal performance while saving as much space as possible in each vehicle, Bang & Olufsen has most often used the ICEpower amplifier. Unlike a traditional amplifier which only transmits 30% of the received power to the speaker, ICEpower wastes very little energy and can therefore send more power to the speakers. The resulting reduction in heat emission thus facilitates cooling of the amplifier.

Bang & Olufsen and the Ford Mustang Mach-E

The partnership between Bang & Olufsen and Ford is based on the alliance between distinctive design and visionary engineering. A recipe that continuously feeds on the mutual experiences of the two brands.

The result of this partnership it the latest generation of Ford Mustang which benefits from an exemplary sound system. This B&O car sound system is comprised of 10 speakers including an externally coupled subwoofer (ECS) offering a good reserve of power in a compact format. This system is driven by an amplifier capable of delivering up to 560 watts.

Bang & Olufsen and the Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen have signed a partnership based on innovation and exemplifying their respective traditions in technology and design. Atypical and even unconventional, they lead together an endless quest for excellence without any compromise on quality and style.

The result of the collaboration between Aston Martin and B&O, the DB11 cabriolet, is equipped with 13 loudspeakers including two front tweeters benefiting from Acoustic Lens technology and a subwoofer with 8″ speaker placed at the rear.

Everything is powered by a 13-channel amplifier with ICEpower technology capable of delivering up to 1000 watts of power. Among the audio functions, we find for example the automatic volume control, which consists of a real-time adaptation of the equalization to compensate for changes in sound level.

Bang & Olufsen and the Audi A8

“Sophisticated”, this is undoubtedly the key word of this partnership. Bang & Olufsen and Audi indeed share this taste both for technology but also for design in all that is more discreet and emotional.

With its multidimensional function, the Symphonia 3D Sound system of the Audi A8 offers a feeling of total immersion for passengers and driver.

The Audi A8 with B&O sound system is the result of a clever mix of design and multidimensional sound. Thanks to the Symphoria 3D Sound system, listeners, passengers and driver alike, can enjoy total immersion, wherever they are in the vehicle.

The ICEpower amplifier developed by Bang & Olufsen, which integrates 23 channels with class D amplification, is the perfect image of the brand’s taste for sophistication.

For an optimal musical experience, Bang & Olufsen has integrated its proprietary Vehicle Noise Compensation technology (VNC) in the Audi A8 in order to eliminate as much noise as possible. In terms of characteristics, this vehicle features a 23-channel class D ICEpower amplifier delivering a grand totale of 1,920 watts.

The noise compensation system designed for the Audi A8 by B&O eliminates a maximum of parasitic noise for optimal listening comfort.

Bang & Olufsen and the Bentley Continental GT

This high-end collaboration brings together two specialists driven by one goal: to create the ultimate in automotive design and sound performance to make every trip unforgettable.

The Bentley Continental GT features 16 speakers as well as a 1500 watt B&O BeoCore amplifier for a powerful and balanced sound. It also benefits from a Beosonic One Touch audio adjustment interface allowing the user to choose between four different sound presets: energetic, bright, relaxed and warm. This is the assurance of enjoying sound reproduction in accordance with your mood of the moment.

Bang & Olufsen and the Lamborghini Urus

This partnership, which relies on the union between Italian warmth and Danish freshness, is fueled by a common ambition: innovation and excellence.

The culmination of this philosophy is the Lamborghini Urus which is loaded with a total of 21 Acoustic Lens speakers powered by a BeoCore class D amplifier providing a total power of 1,700 watts. Passengers and driver also benefit from a 3D immersion thanks to Symphoria technology. This result in a sound that is both pure and powerful for an unrivaled driving experience.

As the undisputed expert in hi-fi design, and in-car audio systems, B&O’s catalog also features a selection of Bluetooth, gaming and noisecanceling headsets, true wireless in-ear monitors , portable Bluetooth speakers as well as connected speakers.

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