360 Spatial Sound Mapping update for the Sony HT-A7000 soundbar


Sony is updating its high-end Sony HT-A7000 Dolby Atmos soundbar to add support for its 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology. The latter has already proven itself with the Sony HT-A9 wireless speaker system recently tested on this blog: read the Sony HT-A9 system test. This new technology will also be integrated into future Dolby Atmos soundbars from Sony.

Sony HT-A7000 sound bubble
New update: the Sony HT-A7000 soundbar and Sony SA-RS3S surround speakers kit will be compatible with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology for total immersion in a sound bubble.

Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping feature combines two technologies: Sound Field Optimization and Monopole Synthesis. The first is an automated calibration that uses two microphones built into each speaker to measure the height of the room, the distance between the speakers and their placement. The second is a technology that follows similar principles to Ambisonics reproduction and sound wave optimization to create a soundstage made up of real sources and “phantom” sources. This technology allows more flexible positioning of the speakers to create a sound bubble.

Sony HT-A7000 soundbar and subwoofer
Accompanied by a subwoofer, the Sony HT-A7000 soundbar has two upward-firing drivers to reproduce Atmos/DTS:X multi-channel sound in 7.1.2.

The Sony HT-A7000 soundbar features 11 drivers for compatibility with Atmos and DTS:X content. For more information on Atmos soundbars, read our article: which soundbars are compatible with Dolby Atmos? as well as our comparison of the best soundbars of 2022 to help you choose the right model for your needs.

To benefit from 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, users will need to update their Sony HT-A7000 soundbar software via USB or WiFi. The new feature will then be accessible once the soundbar is integrated into a surround system consisting of the Sony SA-RS3S wireless surround speakers or the new SA-RS5 speakers, which are scheduled to be launched in June 2022.

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