Smaller and more powerful Sonos speakers thanks to Mayht


Connected speaker manufacturer and multi-room audio expert Sonos has just acquired the Dutch audio brand Mayht for a sum of approximately 100 million dollars. Mayht presented its proprietary Heartmotion technology at CES 2022 and seems to have caught the eye of the Californian manufacturer. But will this new technology really be a game-changer?

Sonos Roam speaker
Using Mayht’s proprietary technology, Sonos may be able to create smaller, lighter and more portable speakers capable of delivering a powerful sound reproduction (above, the Sonos Roam).

Who is Mayht?

Launched in 2016 by brothers Timothy and Mattias Scheek, Mayht Technologies is a Dutch startup whose mission is to deliver high-quality sound over a wide frequency range, in an ultra-compact and attractive format. To this end, Mayht developed Heartmotion, the world’s first fully balanced dual-membrane driver technology. Thanks to a very high air displacement, Heartmotion drivers can produce the maximum sound pressure level of a larger conventional driver. In theory, these new drivers will allow manufacturers to reduce the size of their speakers without impacting sound quality.

Mayht Heartmotion drivers
Dutch company Mayht is behind Heartmotion, the world’s first fully balanced dual-membrane driver technology.

What does this mean for Sonos?

Mayht Heartmotion technology could allow Sonos to improve the performance of its speakers and soundbars, without having to make larger and heavier cabinets. For example, it could allow users to enjoy a soundbar without adding an external subwoofer. Smaller and lighter speakers would also allow Sonos to create devices with a more unique design, or portable Bluetooth speakers that are even easier to carry. In short, with this acquisition, Sonos seeks to offer more powerful sound from more compact devices.

Patrick Spence, CEO of the California-based manufacturer, said: “Mayht’s breakthrough in transducer technology will enable Sonos to take another leap forward in our product portfolio. This strategic acquisition gives us more incredible people, technology and intellectual property that will further distinguish the Sonos experience.” Mayht’s team also seemed very excited about the possibility of their technology being released on the market. Mayht CEO Mattias Scheek said, “We are very excited and proud to become a part of Sonos. Our dream has always been to set a new standard in the audio industry. The integration of our technology into Sonos products will further revolutionize high quality sound.”

For now, few details are known about this acquisition, but the speaker manufacturer has hinted that it will share more about its plans for this new technology in May.

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