An upgrade for the Cabasse The Pearl app and speakers


French hi-fi specialist Cabasse is updating its control app for its range of Cabasse Pearl connected speakers: Cabasse The Pearl Akoya, Cabasse The Pearl Keshi 2.1 System, Cabasse The Pearl and Cabasse Pearl Sub. The update includes a more intuitive, smooth and user-friendly interface. The Cabasse Pearl speakers also receive the Roon Tested certification, as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

Roon Tested Certification

The new Cabasse Stream Control mobile application (version 4.0.12) for iOS and Android allows the French manufacturer to obtain the Roon Tested certification for all the speakers in its Cabasse The Pearl range. Speakers are now detectable as a playback device in the Roon app menus. With Roon Tested compatibility, audio streams are automatically adapted to the speaker’s capabilities. Even if a Cabasse The Pearl speaker is incompatible with DSD, Roon can convert these files into a format accepted by the speakers. The same goes for the MQA, allowing you to use Tidal with the best possible sound quality.

Optimized source display

The Cabasse Stream Control application was one of the negative features of The Pearl connected speakers. It was often criticized for its lack of ergonomics. The new Cabasse app corrects the shortcomings noted by users, in particular by offering a better presentation of the various available sources via an icon now located at the top right of the screen. You can now easily navigate from one source to another from a single click.

The new Cabasse Stream Control app facilitates source selection for the Cabasse The Pearl speakers.

Compatibility with Amazon Alexa

The Cabasse The Pearl speaker is now officially compatible with the Alexa voice assistant. It is therefore possible to pair it with a smart speaker or a device equipped with Alexa to control the music vocally. You can ask Alexa to play the track of your choice or your favorite playlist, adjust the volume and even turn off the speaker. The other speakers in the Cabasse The Pearl range are in the process of being certified, but it is already possible to use them with Alexa. As a result, the speakers are now much easier to control.

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