Audi is adding the Apple Music app to its cars


Car manufacturer Audi has announced that Apple Music will be added to the car audio systems in its vehicles, giving drivers the ability to listen to their playlists and podcasts while on the road. The app will be added natively, so it will be possible to enjoy it without going through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and without connecting a Bluetooth device.

“Integrating Apple Music into the Audio infotainment system marks the next step in the collaboration between Audi and Apple,” said Christiane Zorn, Head of Product Marketing at Audi. “For our customers, it means that we are offering them direct access to their own personalized listening experience. This is our understanding of a premium digital in-car experience.”

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Audi isn’t the first brand to integrate Apple Music natively. Porsche had already added this feature to its Taycan electric model in 2019. However, as Audi cars are more affordable, many more motorists around the world will be able to take advantage of native Apple Music support.

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Thanks to the native integration of the Apple Music application, Audi drivers will be able to enjoy an extensive catalog of tracks without going through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and without using a Bluetooth device.

Almost all 2022 models in Europe, North America and Japan will come with the built-in Apple Music app. All 2022 cars already on the road will receive it via an update which should be available in the coming months. To benefit from Apple Music’s extensive catalog, which includes 90 million tracks, tens of thousands of playlists, custom mixes and radio stations, motorists will need to log in using their Apple ID and enter a verification code sent directly to their smartphone. At this time, there is no information on whether or not ALAC tracks or Apple Spatial Audio are supported.

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Apple had to add its music service to car infotainment systems in order to resist Spotify’s dominance in the market. The Swedish giant’s app is already present in vehicles from BMW, Mini and Volvo. Previously, Apple preferred car manufacturers to use the CarPlay operating system, so it will be interesting to see how well Apple Music works with the Audi system.

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