M&K Sound: the cinema speaker specialist


Cinema speaker specialist M&K Sound is finally back in France with wall-mounted speakers, subwoofers and speaker packs designed to bring a true cinematic experience directly to your living room or home theater. What could be better for your home theater system than the same speakers used by directors?

M&K Sound: the cinema specialist

M&K Sound is an American brand founded in 1973 under the leadership of Jonas Miller and Ken Kreisel from which it takes its name. From the outset, the manufacturer has designed innovative acoustic solutions specific to cinema requirements. The brand is behind many revolutions, including the first satellite/subwoofer system and the world’s first active subwoofer: the M&K Sound Servo Volkswoofer.

Launched in the 70s, the M&K Sound Servo Volkswoofer subwoofer was the world’s first active model.

A true pioneer and leader in cinema sound reproduction, M&K Sound works with the greatest directors. Its speakers and subwoofers are used for audio mixing in major Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros, Fox, Universal, Paramount, LucasFilm, and more. Many movies like The Lord of the Rings, Pearl Harbor, Wall-E, King Kong and even Star Wars were made using M&K Sound audio systems. The M&K Sound speakers therefore ensure you enjoy the soundtracks of films and series with the same elements as those used during mixing. Providing an experience that is faithful to the director’s expectations.

M&K Sound speakers are used in major Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros, Fox, Universal, Paramount, LucasFilm, and more.

M&K Sound: wall speakers

To make the most of movie soundtracks while limiting visual footprint and clutter, M&K Sound offers three wall speakers: the M&K Sound M50, M&K Sound M70 and M&K Sound M90. These speakers are also found in the M&K Sound M50 5.0, M&K Sound M50 5.1 and M&K Sound M70 5.1 packs. Ultra thin, M&K Sound wall speakers can be wall-mounted vertically or horizontally, allowing them to be used as front, center or surround speakers. These wall-mounted speakers share identical technologies, including a 4″ fiberglass driver. A design that maximizes rigidity and that can handle more power. This driver ensures the reproduction of the bass and midrange. It is used alone on the M&K Sound M50 speaker and in pairs on the M&K Sound M70 speaker. Finally, the M&K Sound M90 speaker features 4 of them: 2 for the bass and 2 for the midrange.

The quadruple fiberglass driver of the M&K Sound M90 speaker is extremely rigid to guarantee precise reproduction at high volume.

M&K Sound wall speakers also share Phase-Focused technology. Specific to the brand, the latter consists of mounting the crossover according to an in-depth analysis of the frequency domain and work on the transient response. This results in better phasing, with crossover points that are more respectful of the different frequencies. The restitution thus gains in smoothness and the soundstage in spaciousness, with a better three-dimensional image.

M&K Sound: cinema speakers

For a private home theater, the American manufacturer offers three cinema speakers: the LCR M&K Sound LCR-750C and M&K Sound LCR-750 speakers, as well as the M&K Sound SUR-55T surround speaker. The latter have technical characteristics allowing them to support an even higher level of amplification power. To do this, their driver has an oversized voice coil for better control of the cone, even at high volume. A pair of these 5″ drivers is used on the LCR M&K Sound LCR-750C and M&K Sound LCR-750 speakers. The M&K Sound SUR-55T surround has a single 5″ model, but it works in tandem with two 3″ full-range drivers mounted on the sides (bipolar). These properties allow M&K Sound cinema speakers to be THX certified, guaranteeing a very high sound level, with very low distortion.

Used on all M&K Sound cinema speakers, the tweeter is designed to withstand maximum power. M&K Sound has incorporated a ferrofluid to improve cooling, since this driver is the most exposed to power surges and overheating. This ferrofluid is charged with ferrous nanoparticles, the excitation of which by the magnetic field of the driver’s magnet gives it magnetic properties. Stable in temperature, the voice coil is protected from loss of efficiency due to excessive heating. The dynamic margin is therefore perfectly preserved.

The tweeter of M&K Sound cinema speakers is cooled using a ferrofluid to extend the power handling.

M&K Sound: subwoofers

Since its inception, M&K Sound has also excelled in the design of innovative and cinematic subwoofers. The manufacturer currently offers three sealed enclosure models: the M&K Sound V10 Plus, M&K Sound V12 Plus and M&K Sound V15 Plus. The V10 Plus opens the range, with an amplification of 300W RMS to power a state-of-the-art 10″ driver. It adopts a treated paper cone and incorporates a fiberglass core to maximize rigidity. A design that is also found on the other models of the brand. At the heart of the range, the M&K Sound V12 Plus provides a power of 400W RMS and a 12″ driver. It is THX certified. Finally, the M&K Sound V15 Plus is designed for a large living room or a large home theater thanks to its 500W RMS of power and 15″ driver. It also benefits from THX certification.

Designed to deliver thrills, the M&K Sound V15 Plus subwoofer can effectively reach 20Hz thanks to its 15-inch driver and 500W RMS of power.

With its wall speakers, cinema speakers and subwoofers, the American manufacturer M&K Sound offers solutions that adapt to all needs to build a home theater system identical to those used by the greatest directors. To create your own cinema room with M&K Sound speakers, discover the guide: how to design a home theater?

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