Devialet and Safran Euphony: high-fidelity sound in planes


Safran Seats and Devialet are unveiling their brand new collaboration at the Aircraft Interiors Exhibition (June 14-16, Hamburg) with the high-fidelity solution called Euphony. This innovative system offers air passengers a personal hi-fi audio experience without headphones.

Safran Seats and Devialet unveiled their partnership with the Euphony high-fidelity system specially designed for air passengers.

It must be said that in recent years, high-end audio systems have been built into many vehicles. Multiple collaborations have been formed for the creation of tailor-made high-fidelity systems. Bowers & Wilkins is a part of various partnerships, in particular with BMW, which introduced acoustic systems in the BMW Series 8 sedan and the iX model. McLaren is also present with a B&W audio solution installed in its supercars and hypercars. Other hi-fi manufacturers have created car audio systems, such as the KEF system integrated into the Lotus Eletre Hyper-SUV model and the McIntosh MX950 equipment within the Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021.

So why not create an on-board system, dedicated to hi-fi listening at the heart of aircraft? This is the challenge that Devialet and Safran set themselves with the Euphony system.

Euphony, a high-fidelity audio solution built into aircraft seats

Any traveler who has flown knows that planes are not the best place to enjoy their playlist. The hum of the engines, the discussions of the passengers, the noise of the turbulence… So many noises that can interfere with your listening experience without high-quality hi-fi equipment. The Euphony audio system, directly integrated into passenger seats, aims to improve the audio experience for passengers in Business and First class.

Intended for travelers in Business Class or 1st class, Euphony optimizes the audio experience.

This innovative solution aims to offer an alternative to headphones with active noise cancelling. Regardless of their seat position, the listener enjoys crisp, detailed sound without the hassle of headphones or cables. Euphony adapts in real time to audio content as well as ambient noise. It is then possible to communicate with the cabin crew or the other passengers, but also to dive into the heart of the actions of the film, without noise pollution. In addition, this audio bubble allows you to enjoy your music in complete privacy, without disturbing other travelers.

To enjoy a high-quality audio experience, the innovative Euphony solution adapts in real time to audio content as well as ambient noise.

« Bringing Euphony to the market aligns with Safran’s vision to innovate and offer the best passenger experience. Our partnership with Devialet, a world leading acoustic company, brings one more option for our airline customers to customize their seat out of a wide range of options available across our full range of products » Quentin Munier, Safran Seats EVP Strategy & Innovation.

Devialet and Safran Euphony: French expertise

Euphony is the result of a collaboration between two French companies. Safran, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft seats, and Devialet, a company specializing in luxury acoustic engineering. The latter has proven itself in particular with the high-performance Devialet Phantom home speakers, the Devialet Gemini True Wireless IEMs, and more recently, the innovative Devialet Dione soundbar. Also discover the test of the Devialet Dion soundbar on the Son-Vidé blog.

The Euphony system is adorned with all the expertise of the Devialet brand in terms of sound adjustment. The integrated acoustic technologies are also patented by the French manufacturer. Safran Seats, meanwhile, has developed optimal integration of the two Devialet speakers on either side of a standard size headrest. According to the Frnech brands, this combination offers a musicality that is both clear and rich.

Thanks to the two speakers integrated into the headrest, the passenger benefits from a rich and powerful sound reproduction.

Franck Lebouchard, CEO of Devialet, said: “We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Safran Seats, bringing Devialet’s world-class technology to aircraft through this unique innovation. We believe great sound should be available at every moment, whether on the ground or in the sky, and with Safran Seats we are one step closer to that goal”.

Already present with 1 million seats in service, Safran plans to install the Euphony audio system by 2023.

Safran Seats being present on the market with one million seats currently in service, the model with the Euphony system should quickly cross your path. Euphony is available on the entire Safran Seats Business and First Class range and will enter service in 2023.

Can this hi-fi system compete with the excellent Sony WH-XB910, Technics EAH-A800 and Mark Levinson No. 5909 noise cancelling headphones?

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