TCL at IFA 2022: QLED and mini LED TVs, Atmos soundbars, concept TV and Lifestyle audio


TCL is the third largest global TV manufacturer behind Samsung and LG. The Chinese manufacturer clearly displayed its ambitions at IFA 2022. QLED and Mini LED TVs were prominently featured on its stand, as well as a full range of soundbars. TCL also presented its vision of Lifestyle TVs as well as 8K TVs and even a prototype Micro LED display.

TCL at IFA 2022: general view of the TCL booth
At IFA 2022, the TCL stand was a reflection of the ambitions of the Chinese brand, the world’s third largest TV manufacturer.

TCL at IFA 2022: QLED TV and 4K Mini LED

Ready to ambush LG to take the second position on the TV manufacturer podium, TCL presented its flagship QLED TV ranges at IFA. Visitors to the show were able to admire the image quality offered by the TCL C731 range. On the menu: Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+, Google TV with voice assistant and Chromecast, streaming services and Google Play Store. The TCL C731 series also offers an optimal gaming experience. It offers a very high refresh rate (144Hz). HDMI 2.1, ALLM, VRR and AMD Freesync Premium ports are also included.

TCL at IFA 2022: TCL C731 TV range
The QLED TVs of the TCL C731 series were a prominent feature at the TCL booth, highlighting their image quality and gaming capabilities with PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Even more powerful, the TCL C931 range was also present at the stand. These QLED TVs feature the 4th generation of Mini-LED OD5 backlighting to eliminate any risk of blooming on the screen. They support the latest HDR formats for detailed, bright and high-contrast images. The audio section is designed by Onkyo, integrating a dedicated woofer and vertical drivers. So you can enjoy a very immersive Dolby Atmos sound experience. Like the TCL C731 range, this TCL C931 series will delight gamers with its high refresh rate. ALLM, 144Hz VRR, Freesync Premium and the TCL game bar menu are included.

TCL at IFA 2022: TCL C931 TV range
At the high end of the TCL QLED TV catalog, the TCL C931 range has largely influenced the Chinese brand’s growing popularity.

TCL expands its line of Atmos soundbars

With the success of its TCL Ray-Danz soundbar, the Chinese manufacturer presented three new models at IFA. The most compact one, named TCL P733W, is a 3.1 channel model compatible with Dolby Audio and DTS. The second, named TCL C935U, operates across 5.1.2 channels using Ray Danz technology. Introduced on the TCL soundbar of the same name, this process uses acoustic reflectors. The latter provide a wider distribution of surround sound effects for a better acoustic image. The TCL C935U supports Dolby Atmos and DTS audio tracks. It is also DTS Play-Fi compatible.

TCL at IFA 2022: soundbars
Three new soundbars have been added to the Chinese manufacturer’s catalog, including two that are Dolby Atmos compatible.

The most powerful model is the TCL X937U. It is a 7.1.4 channel soundbar with Ray Danz technology as well. It comes with a pair of wireless surround speakers. Each features both a rear surround effects driver and a vertical surround effects driver.

All these soundbars have a wireless subwoofer.

TCL at IFA 2022: subwoofers
From left to right, the subwoofers that accompany the TCL P733W, TCL C935U and TCL X937U soundbars.

TCL at IFA 2022: Lifestyle TV and soundbar range

We mentioned in our IFA 2022: favorites, new products and trends article that TCL is also rolling out a Lifestyle TV. Called Art TV, it is only available in Asia and the USA for the moment. This TCL Art TV adopts a 4K UHD QLED LCD panel with a refresh rate of 120Hz. It is also Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatible. The TCL Art TV has an interchangeable frame and its connectors are in an external box. Any resemblance with the Samsung The Frame TVs is probably not accidental… This model is available with a ceramic table stand. Or you can choose the ceramic and metal floor stand.

TCL at IFA 2022: Art TV
Introduced at IFA 2022, the TCL Art TV features a 4K 120Hz QLED panel that is Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatible.

Alongside this model that we would like to see marketed in France, the manufacturer presented the TCL ART TV+ project. The latter combines a wall-mounted TV that has an interchangeable frame with an ultra-thin soundbar. A camera for video calls is also present. The soundbar is beautifully designed and comes with a wireless subwoofer and two removable and rechargeable surround speakers. The latter can be used as wireless connected speakers to follow you around the house!

TCL at IFA 2022: Art TV+ concept
The TCL Art TV+ concept includes a TV with interchangeable bezel and a matching soundbar, along with a subwoofer and wireless surround speakers, each with a rechargeable battery.
TCL at IFA 2022: Art TV+ soundbar concept
Two rechargeable wireless surround speakers accompany this TCL Art TV+ soundbar.

TCL at IFA 2022: 136″ Micro LED display prototype

While it is a strong advocate of QLED display technology with its TVs, TCL does not leave out alternative technologies. Like Samsung, it devotes a portion of its research and development budget to Micro LED technology.

TCL at IFA 2022: Micro LED prototype
The TCL The Cinema Wall prototype is a giant 3.45m 4K screen made of multiple micro LED panels.

The prototype presented at the IFA 2022 looked promising. Called The Cinema Wall, this giant 3.45m 4K screen foreshadows the future of TVs. It is composed of multiple micro LED tiles measuring approximately 30 x 30cm, which can be modulated as desired.

Micro LED technology offers blacks that are as intense as OLED. This is because each pixel can be turned off completely and its brightness is variable. Unfortunately, it is currently too expensive to be used in our living rooms as such a screen costs 800 to 1000 euros per inch!

TCL at IFA 2022: Mini 8K LED

TCL is a pioneer of Mini LED technology, first introduced on the famous TCL 65X10, which was replaced by the TCL 65X925 8K UHD TV. At this show, the Chinese manufacturer displayed its expertise with an 85″ 8K QD Mini LED model (C9 range). A 98″ 4K mini LED model with a Dolby Atmos compatible audio section was also present.

TCL at IFA 2022: TCL Mini LED 8K TV
TCL plans to release very large 8K TVs in the near future to follow the TCL 65X925 8K TV.

Scheduled for release in late 2022 and early 2023, these TVs should delight those who love watching sports and movies on a very, very large screen.

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