LG at IFA 2022: Lifestyle TV, OLED Flex display, Bluetooth speakers…


It was in the huge hall 18 of the Berlin exhibition center that IFA welcomed LG. No OLED tunnel to impress visitors like in 2016, but huge 97″ ( 246cm) OLED Evo displays. LG also presented beautiful Lifestyle spaces and its latest OLED TVs. Not to mention the LG OLED Flex screen and many gaming monitors. The Korean manufacturer also unveiled its first Dolby Atmos and Dolby Head Tracking certified in-ear monitors. Here is a recap of what we saw.

LG at IFA 2022
LG OLED Flex gaming displays at the heart of the Flex Arcade and LG OLED97G2 2.5m TVs were waiting for IFA 2022 visitors at the LG booth.

LG Objet Collection: LG’s take on Lifestyle TVs

Until now, the Lifestyle TV universe was the prerogative of Samsung (if we omit the low-selling models by prestigious brands Loewe and B&O). To counter this predominance, LG presented its vision of Lifestyle TVs through the LG Objet Collection series. This range includes two television models: the LG Posé and the LG Easel.

LG at IFA 2022: LG Lifestyle TV
The LG Lifestyle TV range is available in three sizes (42″, 48″ and 55″). It adopts the same panel and the same technical characteristics as the LG OLED C2.

LG Posé: a very successful exercise in style

The LG Posé comes in three screen sizes: 42″ (107cm), 48″ (122cm) and 55″ (139cm). All use the same OLED panel as the LG OLED C2 range. In addition to a sumptuous image quality in 4K HDR, the LG Posé range is adorned with a very attractive design. The design features curved lines and high-quality materials.

LG at IFA 2022: LG Lifestyle TV
The LG Posé TV is as appealing from the front as it is from the back. Its rear panel is partially covered with a very nice Kvadrat fabric.

A clever removable media shelf hangs on the back of the LG Posé to accommodate TV magazines and remotes. Spacious, it can also accommodate a set top box or a network media player. A cover behind the screen hides the connectors and features an intelligent cable management system.

LG at IFA 2022: LG Lifestyle TV
Once the cover is removed from the back of the screen, the connectors are revealed as well as the cable management system.

LG Easel: the biggest lifestyle TV

The LG Easel TV is the largest of the LG Objet Collection series. It measures 65″ and has the same Evo panel as the LG OLED65G2.

LG at IFA 2022: LG Easel Lifestyle TV
The LG Easel is placed against a wall and remains very discreet thanks to its Kvadrat fabric cover that hides the bottom of the screen in Line View mode.

This television is installed against a wall and has a motorized cover covered with Kvadrat fabric. The cover can partially hide the screen (Line View mode), to reveal the time or the weather for example. In Full View mode it reveals the entirety of the screen so you can watch a TV program or a movie.

LG at IFA 2022: LG Easel Lifestyle TV
The cover of the LG Easel slides down when you want to watch a movie or a TV program.

The LG Easel is equipped with a 4.2 channel audio section of 80 watts. Dolby Atmos compatible, it is hidden behind the sliding cover.

On the sidelines of the LG Lifestyle area, the monumental LG OLED88Z2 was also on display. Its 2.22m diagonal screen is placed on a dedicated cabinet. Visitors enjoyed an extremely precise image on this screen. It presented an impressive contrast and exceptional colorimetric richness.

LG at IFA 2022: LG OLED88Z2
The LG OLED88Z2 TV mounted on a dedicated cabinet impresses with its 2.22m display.

LG at IFA 2022: LG RP4 and LG LX03 Lifestyle Bluetooth speakers

The LG Lifestyle area also featured several Lifestyle Bluetooth speakers, including the LG X03 and LG RP4. These two speakers diffuse sound over 360°. They use an upward-firing driver coupled with a lenticular diffuser.

LG at IFA 2022: LG RP4 Bluetooth speaker
The LG RP4 Bluetooth speaker will easily match any interior thanks to its warm fabric finish.

These decorative speakers also incorporate a set of LEDs that diffuse colored light in rhythm with the music. Both have a rechargeable battery offering a maximum autonomy of 10 hours (LG RP4) to 24 hours (LG X03). Protected against dust and water projections, the LG X03 benefits from an IP54 certification. It can therefore be used outside.

LG at IFA 2022: LG X03 Bluetooth speaker
The LG X03 speaker broadcasts sound at 360° and projects a halo of colored light.

LG OLED Flex: the OLED TV that turns into a gaming screen

A star of IFA 2022 in the eyes of many visitors, this LG OLED Flex TV/gaming display impressed many. The LG OLED Flex inherits the display and technical characteristics of one of the manufacturer’s best-sellers: the LG OLED42C2. Its screen curves on command thanks to a motorized system, guaranteeing an excellent immersion with video games. To enjoy 4K UHD movies in the best conditions, you just need to reset it.

LG at IFA 2022: LG OLED Flex gaming display
Several examples of the LG OLED Flex display were on display at the heart of the Flex Arcade, along with LG OLED42C2 TVs.

The curvature of the screen can be gradually adjusted with the remote control via the Game Optimizer menu. Two motorized arms placed behind the screen are responsible for curving it.

The Korean manufacturer hasn’t yet announced a price or when it will be available.

LG OLED C2: the ideal best-seller for home theater and video games

LG couldn’t come to IFA 2022 without bringing LG OLED C2 TVs. Spearheading the LG OLED 2022 TV catalog, the LG OLED C2 range has been a worldwide hit since its release.

LG at IFA 2022: OLED C2 TV
An essential of the Korean manufacturer’s OLED offer, the LG OLED C2 range is available from 42″ (107cm) to 83″ (210cm).

Home-cinephiles appreciate its HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatibility as well as its cinematographic picture in Filmmaker mode. Gamers praise its responsiveness, G-Sync/FreeSync compatibility and 4K 120Hz compatibility.

LG at IFA 2022: C2 OLED TV trio
The LG OLED C2 range is ideal for gaming. Gamers enjoy optimal color and contrast, as well as smoothness and responsiveness.

LG at IFA 2022: LG OLED G2, OLED technology in 97 inches

At the top of the LG OLED 2022 TV lineup sits the prestigious LG OLED G2 series. Its OLED Evo panel uses Brightness Booster Max technology to deliver a contrast never before seen in an OLED display. Six examples of the flagship of the range, the brand-new LG OLED97G2, welcomed visitors to IFA 2022 at the entrance to Hall 18 and offered a huge, breathtaking image (2.5m across). It is not known if LG will maintain the price announced at the beginning of the year for this TV (€25 000) or if it will be more expensive.

LG at IFA 2022: new 97" OLED G2 TV
Visitors couldn’t help but be impressed by the huge image of nearly 2.5m displayed by the six LG OLED97G2 screens presented by the Korean manufacturer.

Of more modest size, the LG OLED65G2 television (164cm) took place in the Lifestyle stand of the Korean manufacturer. It was paired with the LG GX soundbar. Ultra flat, it fits perfectly with this large TV.

LG at IFA 2022: LG GX soundbar
At just over 3cm thick, the LG GX soundbar is the perfect companion for the LG OLED65G2 TV. It is Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible and comes with 420 watts of amplification.

LG at IFA 2022: gaming displays and pro monitors

Are you a gamer and thinking of changing your screen? It’s impossible not to consider buying an LG gaming monitor. The Korean manufacturer offers a wide range of flat and curved monitors. There are some for the casual gamer as well as for the more experienced.

LG at IFA 2022: LG Ultra Gear 45GR95QE gaming display
The LG Ultra Gear 45GR95QE gaming display was demonstrated alongside the LG GP9 compact gaming soundbar.

Among all the models presented at IFA 2022, the LG Ultra Gear 45GR95QE took center stage. Presented in association with the LG GP9 gaming soundbar, this curved OLED screen (800R) exceeds all expectations for gamers. It offers a 240Hz refresh rate and an infinitely low latency of 0.1ms! In addition, it supports Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium VRR protocols.

LG also presented the 32″ LG 32GQ950 4K gaming display and the 27″ LG UltraGear 27GP950-B gaming display.

LG at IFA 2022: LG UltraGear 27GP950-B gaming display
Equipped with an ultra responsive (1ms) Nono IPS panel, the LG UltraGear 27GP950-B gaming screen offers a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. It is also NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro compatible.

Also in the computer monitor range, the Korean manufacturer unveiled an evolution of the LG UltraWide 49WL95C-WE. It is an extra large screen ideal for audio and video editing, but also graphic design. This new reference is called LG UltraWide 49WQ95C. It offers a wider color space and a higher refresh rate. It also provides support for the Nvidia G-Sync VRR protocol.

LG at IFA 2022: LG UltraWide 49WQ95C pro and gaming monitor
Very similar to the LG UltraWide 49WL95C-WE, the new LG UltraWide 49WQ95C screen is suitable for gaming (5ms, 144Hz, Nvidia G-Sync) as well as graphic design and audio and video editing (DCI-P3 covered at 98%, VESA Display HDR400, multi-window).

LG at IFA 2022: projectors

When talking about LG, it is LG OLED TVs and LG gaming displays that first come to mind. But don’t forget that LG also manufactures very good UHD-4K projectors as well as ultra short-throw projectors, like the excellent LG HU715QW whose review can discover here.

LG at IFA 2022: LG HU715QW ultra short-throw projector
We often forget that LG also makes very good 4K UHD projectors, such as the LG HU715QW which made a strong impression on us when we tested it.

Among the projectors presented at IFA 2022, we noticed the LG BU53PST, a shorter focal length version of the LG BU50NST. These two DLP 4K models are equipped with a laser lamp offering a brightness of 5000 lumens. Both offer a horizontal (± 20%) and vertical (± 50%) lens shift and feature the LG webOS interface. They can access many streaming and VOD services such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube…

LG at IFA 2022: LG BU53PST projector
The LG BU53PST projector only has to be placed at 2 to 2.45m meters from the screen to project a 100″ image (2.54m).

With its shorter focal length, the LG BU53PST can project a 100″ (2.54m) image from a distance of between 2 and 2.45m. With the same image size, the LG BU50NST needs to be placed from 2.89m to 4.57m from the screen.

LG at IFA 2022: LG T90 True Wireless and Dolby Atmos certified IEMs

Unveiled last August, the LG Tone Free T90 were present at the LG booth to find their way into the hearts of the public. Developed in partnership with Meridian, these True Wireless in-ear monitors are aptX Adaptive, Dolby Head Tracking, and Dolby Atmos compatible to provide the ultimate in sound immersion. These IEMs are IPX4 certified and offer up to 9 hours of battery life without active noise reduction, with the charging case offering an additional 20 hours of battery life. The latter also ensures the cleaning and sterilization of the eaerbuds.

LG at IFA 2022: True Wireless LG T90 IEMs
LG also presented the LG Tone Free T90, which extends the range of True Wireless LG headphones that includes the LG HBS-FN6 and LG HBS-FN7.

Although it was less impressive than previous years, the LG booth at IFA 2022 still allowed us to discover some interesting new products. We were particularly excited about the Lifestyle TVs and gaming displays, especially the LG OLED Flex. We’re looking forward to its release!

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