Sonos Sub Mini: the smallest Sonos wireless subwoofer


Multi-room specialist Sonos unveils its new subwoofer: the Sonos Sub Mini. Designed to work with the various connected speakers and soundbars in the Sonos multi-room range, this wireless model, priced at €499, incorporates the key elements of the Sonos Sub (Gen 3) in a more compact and discreet format than ever before. It promises to deliver deep, powerful bass down to 25Hz, without spoiling the decor of the room.

The new Sonos Sub Mini wireless subwoofer can be paired with any Sonos connected speaker or soundbar for even more powerful bass.

Sonos Sub Mini: smaller than ever

The Sonos Sub Mini is the brand’s most compact subwoofer, designed to blend into the background. To do this, it leaves behind the rectangular format of its predecessor in favor of a circular shape. A silhouette reminiscent of the iconic Elipson Planet Sub of the French manufacturer. The Sonos Sub Mini is even more compact, however, with a height of 305mm and a diameter of 230mm. It can be placed discreetly in a living room, a bedroom, an office or any other room in the house.

With its circular shape and compact size, the Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer fits discreetly and elegantly into any home.

Sonos Sub Mini: double driver

The new Sonos Sub Mini is based on the acoustic principles of the prestigious Sonos Sub (Gen 3), which the brand claims to be the “best wireless subwoofer”. Like the latter, it uses two drivers that face inwards inside the cabinet to create a force-cancelling effect and prevent any unwanted vibrations. The drivers are smaller, however, going from 10″ (25cm) to 6″ (15cm) in diameter. Nevertheless, the force-cancelling design provides significant power considering the size of the subwoofer. In addition, each driver is paired with its own Class D amplifier module. These amplifiers are calibrated for the unique acoustic architecture of the subwoofer. Thanks to this design, the Sonos Sub Mini promises to go as low as its big brother, down to a frequency of 25Hz.

With its two 6″ force-canceling drivers coupled with two amplifier modules, the Sonos Sub Mini promises to deliver deep, powerful bass down to 25Hz.

Sonos Sub Mini: TruePlay Calibration

Like other equipment from the American manufacturer, the Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer can use the exclusive TruePlay technology to perform acoustic calibration. It relies on the Sonos mobile app for iOS to perform the acoustic calibration of the room. Based on the measured data, the Sonos Sub Mini is able to adjust the bass reproduction to the specifics of the room. This way, it always offers the best performance. In addition, the Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer and the associated Sonos speaker or soundbar will be perfectly calibrated thanks to the built-in DSP. Of course, it is also possible to make your own adjustments from the mobile app.

With TruePlay calibration, the Sonos Sub Mini wireless subwoofer promises optimal bass reproduction no matter what room it’s in.

Sonos Sub Mini: compatible equipment

The Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer is compatible with all Sonos multi-room equipment. It can therefore be associated wirelessly with older generation connected speakers such as the Sonos PLAY:1 or Sonos PLAY:3, but also with the most recent models such as the SONOS One, SONOS One SL, Sonos Five, SONOS Roam (read the test of the Sonos Roam) and SONOS Roam SL. This Sonos Sub Mini can also provide bass reproduction for movies, TV shows, video games and music when paired with a Sonos soundbar such as the Sonos Ray (read the test of the Sonos Ray), Sonos Beam (Gen 2) (read the test of the Sonos Beam Gen 2) or Sonos Arc (read the test of the Sonos Arc). The sub is also compatible with older models such as the Sonos Playbar and Sonos Playbase, as the durability of their equipment is an essential criterion for the American manufacturer.

With the new Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer, the multi-room pioneer offers a perfect companion for all its connected speakers and soundbars to enjoy more powerful bass without cluttering up the room.

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