Cabasse Rialto: Cabasse’s first connected bookshelf speaker


After the success of its Cabasse The Pearl wireless speaker range, the French specialist is stepping into the world of stereo connected speakers with the Cabasse Rialto speakers. Cabasse’s first active speakers in a classic bookshelf format, the Cabasse Rialto promises to push the limits inherent to this size thanks to a tri-axial driver coupled with a large 6.7″ woofer. Priced at €299, they come with the many streaming options common to The Pearl range, Cabasse multi-room and full connectivity with an HDMI eARC port.

Cabasse Rialto: a historical bridge

The new Cabasse Rialto speakers are named after the most famous and ancient bridge in Venice. A true symbol of the junction between traditional hi-fi and the connected technologies developed by Cabasse over the last ten years. For this first pair of active bookshelf speakers, the French manufacturer delivers a model with soft and rounded lines, similar to those of the Cabasse Murano. A chrome base elevates the speaker for an ethereal design. Finally, the Cabasse Rialto speaker integrates a circular touch screen on its top panel. The latter is very practical, whether it is to simply increase or decrease the volume with its rotation ring, change the sources or access your shortcuts and view the album cover of the music being played.

The Cabasse Rialto connected speaker is easily controlled from the touch screen on its top panel.

Cabasse Rialto: tri-axial driver

Cabasse Rialto speakers promise to deliver the full dynamic range and accuracy of recordings. A technological feat made possible by the use of a tri-axial structure. This technology, developed by Cabasse in 1952 and constantly improved since then, allows all sound waves to emanate from a single source point so that they are delivered in a coherent and natural way, without interference or artificially coloring the sound. To do this, the Cabasse Rialto uses a coaxial driver with a 5″ carbon fiber midrange in the center of which the tweeter is placed. Aligned on the same axis as this driver but placed on the back of the speaker, a 6.7″ driver is exclusively dedicated to the bass. Its design promotes a very high excursion while reducing distortion. The speaker can therefore reach 30Hz, a real feat for an active bookshelf model.

Thanks to its tri-coaxial structure, the Cabasse Rialto promises a balanced, uniform and detailed reproduction over a wide sound spectrum.

Cabasse Rialto: 1050W RMS

The Cabasse Rialto speaker promises perfect synergy between the amplification and the speakers via the patented DEAP (Digital Enhancement of Acoustical Performance) technology. Already implemented in the Cabasse The Pearl Keshi 2.1 speakers, this system optimizes performance via signal processing to exploit all available amplification power while avoiding distortion. As a result, the Cabasse Rialto speaker pair is capable of playing at very high volume while maintaining clarity and precision. The output power is 450W for the bass, 300W for the midrange and 300W for the highs. The pair of Cabasse Rialto speakers totals a very high power of 1050W RMS.

With a total output power of 1050W RMS, the Cabasse Rialto speakers promise to be thrilling.

Cabasse Rialto: acoustic calibration

To ensure optimal sound at all times, the Cabasse Rialto speaker incorporates a microphone for acoustic calibration in order to correct defects in the listening room. With the Cabasse Stream Control application, it is possible to further customize the listening experience thanks to the numerous settings.

The Cabasse Rialto speaker can perform an acoustic calibration to adapt its sound reproduction to the listening room.

Cabasse Rialto: streaming and multi-room

The Cabasse Rialto speaker benefits from the same streaming options as the brand’s previous connected speakers. Notably WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility for streaming. To listen to music throughout the house, the Cabasse Rialto speaker can be used in a multi-room configuration with other Cabasse connected systems, including the Cabasse The Pearl range.

Cabasse Rialto: eARC HDMI input

In addition to its many streaming options, the Cabasse Rialto connected speaker also has a wide range of connectors, with three optical inputs and one RCA input. Conveniently, an HDMI eARC port is also included for connecting a TV. The Cabasse Rialto speaker is therefore a versatile solution, designed for both hi-fi and TV.

Thanks to its HDMI eARC port, the Cabasse Rialto pair of speakers can easily deliver the sound of a TV program.

The new Cabasse Rialto speakers will be available at the end of the year for €299 per pair. You will be able to discover these sublime speakers in preview at the Paris Audio Video Show from 05 to 06 November 2022.

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