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The British brand Innuos has arrived at Son-Vidé with the goal of pushing the boundaries of digital music and streaming. This ambition is embodied in cutting-edge electronics for storing, reading, ripping CDs and processing all digital audio signals. Discover these premium solutions with remarkable qualities.

Innuos: the brand

The Innuos brand was created in 2009 in the United Kingdom to improve and simplify digital music listening. To achieve this vision, the manufacturer focuses on three fundamental principles: a perfect synergy between hardware and software, an open platform and user-oriented development. Innuos promises easy-to-use equipment that is compatible with as many existing devices as possible. In order to maximize their performance, the manufacturer has focused on drastically reducing vibrations and interference.

The Innuos Statement SSD audio server embodies all the brand’s expertise in providing the highest quality streaming.

Innuos: audio servers

In a decade, the British manufacturer Innuos has become a master in the design of audio servers. An audio server is the center of a connected hi-fi system, centralizing music and streaming services. To date, four models are available: the Innuos ZEN mini Mk3 HDD, Innuos ZEN mini Mk3 SSD, Innuos ZEN Mk3 HDD and Innuos Statement SSD.

Thanks to its integrated CD player, the Innuos ZEN mini Mk3 HDD server can read your entire discography and rip it to its internal hard drive.

The Innuos ZEN mini Mk3 audio server is the manufacturer’s entry-level device. For storing files, it is available with an integrated hard drive (Innuos ZEN mini Mk3 HDD) or with an SSD (Innuos ZEN mini Mk3 SSD). The capacity varies from 1 to 4 TB depending on the option selected. Enough to store your entire music library! Then there is the Innuos ZEN Mk3 HDD at the heart of the range, which provides an optimized power supply and improved vibration handling. Finally, the Innuos Statement SSD audio server tops the lineup with an uncompromising design to deliver unmatched performance.

Flagship of the brand, the Innuos Statement SSD audio server uses a fully decoupled power supply and audiophile-grade components to perfect streaming.

All Innuos audio servers integrate a hard driver or SSD to store tracks. They can play and share MQA, DSD512 and PCM files up to 32-bit/384kHz on all compatible connected devices or via USB and Ethernet outputs. The Innuos servers also have a CD player. This means you can play discs, but also to digitize them in FLAC or WAV format. They also act as a CD ripper. Access to web radios, as well as to Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal is also possible.

All Innuos audio servers are easily controlled from a web interface or from the Innuos mobile app.

Innuos: network playback

The numerous network functions of the Innuos audio servers can also be found in the Innuos PULSE network player. The latter offers a more affordable solution than the brand’s audio servers to play music up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD512. The only condition is to be equipped with a NAS. Like the brand’s servers, it allows access to web radios, as well as to Qobuz, Tidal and Spotify services. However, it has the advantage of being AirPlay compatible for easy streaming with an Apple device.

The Innuos PULSE network player allows access to web radios and streaming services and can play music shared via DLNA up to 32-bit/768kHz, DSD512 and MQA.

Innuos: digital signal enhancement

The British manufacturer can also process and enhance digital signals with the Innuos Phoenix USB transport. It is inserted between the DAC and the network player, audio server or any other USB source. It then regenerates the signal to purify it, improve it and maximize data synchronization.

The Innuos Phoenix USB is a USB regenerator that improves the quality of the transmission between a USB source and a DAC.

Innuos is also committed to improving the quality of the local network with the Innuos Phoenix NET Ethernet switch. Specifically developed for audio applications, it reduces Ethernet signal noise and maximizes data synchronization. It reduces jitter on its three RJ45 outputs. The device promises more accurate, transparent and detailed sound with any network player, audio server or connected amp.

The Innuos Phoenix NET Ethernet switch removes interference and noise from the Ethernet network to improve the performance of any connected hi-fi component.

Innuos promises to simplify and perfect music streaming by focusing on elements often neglected by other manufacturers. The result is highly sophisticated equipment in which every component is selected with the greatest care. The brand will soon be tested on the blog Son-Vidé

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