BMW i7: a movie theater on wheels?


The German brand is taking rear seat entertainment to the next level with the new 2023 BMW i7. Say goodbye to traditional headrest-mounted displays! Discover the “Theatre screen”, a 31.3″ (79cm) screen ideal for enjoying movies and series in the back of the car. Combined with the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system, the BMW i7 becomes a movie theater on wheels!

With a 31.3″ screen in the back of the BMW i7, passengers can watch the movies and series of their choice in excellent conditions.

The driver benefits from high-level performance with this 100% electric car. It has 544 HP, 745 Nm of torque and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds! The icing on the cake is that the range reaches 625 km with the possibility of recharging in 6 minutes for an additional 100 km (high power charging station).

BMW i7: a movie theater on wheels

BMW i7 Theatre screen: a 31.3″ screen for passengers

The seventh generation 7 Series adopts a large 32:9 widescreen display of 31.3 inches (79.5cm). With a resolution of 8K (8000 x 2000 pixels), the Theatre screen allows you to watch the latest movies and series thanks to the integration of Amazon Fire TV. On-board 5G connectivity allows for ultra-fast transfers, which are necessary for watching an 8K movie. For a more advanced experience, the display supports all three aspect ratios: 16:9, 21:9 and 32:9.

To take advantage of this “car-cinema”, the Theatre screen option is available for €4,900.

The Theatre screen integrates Amazon Fire TV, which facilitates access to streaming services like Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, etc.

Like a true state-of-the-art television, this screen has several connectors. On the program: mini-jack outputs and USB and HDMI ports. This allows passengers to enjoy content from a computer or portable gaming console, such as a Nintendo Switch, on a large screen.

Once the “Theatre” mode is activated, the screen – which until now was discreetly placed at the level of the roof – is lowered. At the same time, the panoramic sunroof is darkened and the side and rear windows are blacked out with blinds to eliminate light pollution.

When the Theater Screen mode is activated, the rear windows are blacked out to eliminate light pollution.

In addition, the tilt of the screen can be adjusted using the 5.5″ touch screens integrated into the door armrests. On the same interface, it is possible to adjust the air conditioning or the ambient light to fully enjoy the experience.

Touch screens on the armrests provide access to numerous settings such as temperature adjustment, screen tilt, ambient light intensity, seat adjustment, etc.

BMW i7: a seat worthy of a high-end movie theater

The touch control panel also allows you to adjust the position of the seat. If you choose the €2,300 Executive Lounge option, the seats can be heated, massaging, ventilated and motorized. The rear right seat provides generous legroom. To take advantage of this last option, however, you will have to free up the front seat.

With the Executive Lounge option, the right rear seat can be extended like a deck chair. So you can watch your favorite movie comfortably!

Note that when the screen is lowered and the front passenger seat is folded, the driver’s right and center mirrors are hidden. For the next generation, will the German manufacturer adopt camera mirrors to remedy this problem?

BMW i7: interaction bar and Curved Display

The car integrates the “BMW interaction bar”. This screen runs all along the dashboard, and extends onto the rear doors. Customizable, this bar displays different colors according to the moods selected in the multimedia system “my modes”. It also responds to voice commands. This configuration is reminiscent of the customizable display of the Aceman Mini Concept featuring Pokémon for Gamescom.

On the driver’s side, the dashboard adopts a Curved Display with its curved digital panel composed of two screens of 12.3 and 14.9 inches. In addition to displaying driving information, this BMW screen should soon bring video games to the dashboard!

BMW i7: Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System

For a car-cinema, you need high-fidelity sound! Just like the B&W system in the Volvo EX90, BMW has put its trust in Bowers & Wilkins by integrating the B&W Diamond Surround Sound car audio system that delivers a 4D audio experience with sea shakers!

With 35 speakers throughout the cabin, 32-channel amplification and 1965W of power, the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround system delivers immersive in-car sound.

This car audio installation has 35 speakers. There are tweeters, midrange speakers, 4D shakers and a subwoofer. To ensure optimal sound immersion, eight surround speakers are housed in the headrests. This allows you to create individualized surround sound.

The 4D shakers placed under the seats guarantee intense bass even at low volume. The system is powered by a 32-channel amplifier with a total power of 1,965 watts. As a result, the sound is powerful, deep and detailed.

Thanks to sophisticated digital audio processing, the sound is ideally suited to your preferences. With a car audio system of this magnitude, all travelers benefit from high-fidelity sound, whether they are listening to music, movie soundtracks or enjoying TV shows and video games.

The Bowers & Wilkins audio system in the BMW i7 adapts the sound to your preferences with different presets: Studio, Concert, On Stage, Rear.

BMW i7: speaker or headphone listening experience

The sound of the engine being almost imperceptible, the music fills the entire cabin, offering total immersion. When passengers want to enjoy the soundtrack of the current movie or series in privacy, it is possible to connect two headsets to the screen. This connection is possible thanks to the integrated mini-jack ports or via Bluetooth. This configuration is very practical, allowing the driver to continue listening to their music while the passengers enjoy the “car-cinema” system in the back.

IconicSounds Electric: sound by Hans Zimmer

For those who enjoy dynamic driving, the BMW IconicSounds Electric mode provides a specific sound signature. Although there are no real melodies, the different sounds make driving a pleasurable experience. Intensity and tone vary with acceleration and road conditions. This sound design was composed by Hans Zimmer, famous for the soundtrack of Gladiator and the Blade Runner 2049: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

BMW has kept lovers of dynamic driving in mind, bringing sounds composed by Hans Zimmer into the cabin with the IconicSounds Electric mode.

B&W Diamond Surround car audio specs

32 channel amplifier
Power output of 1,965W

3x 1″ Diamond Nautilus tweeter (2 are illuminated)
5x 4″ Continuum midrange drivers (4 are illuminated)
4x 1.9″ x 3″ dual aluminum woofers placed opposite one another
4x 1.6″ aluminum 3D drivers
2x 1″ ceramic-reinforced aluminum matrix tweeter
8x 2.3 headrest drivers
8x 4D shakers
1x 7.9″ dual coil carbon fiber subwoofer

Sound Modes: Studio, Concert, On Stage, Rear
Quantum Logic / Aura Vox immersion processing

A real movie theater on wheels with its 31.3″ screen and an excellent high-fidelity listening space with its Bowers & Wilkins audio system… BMW knows how to put entertainment at the heart of this sedan, which starts at 139,900 euros. The optional Bowers & Wilkins audio system is priced at €5,900.

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