IsoAcoustics launches a mobile app to help you choose the best isolator


IsoAcoustics has launched a new mobile application! Specializing in manufacturing audio isolation accessories, the brand has developed this intuitive tool to allow customers to easily find the right accessories for their speakers.

Icon of the IsoAcoustics mobile app + IsoAcoustic isolator
The new IsoAcoustics app makes it easy to quickly find the right audio isolation accessory for each speaker model.

In the world of high-fidelity, acoustic isolators play a major role in the performance of audio systems. Among these accessories, Stabren solutions are references with the Stabren MiniStab anti-vibration pads and the Stabren Mesur shock absorber, for example. Their equipment was initially dedicated to precision microscopes before being used in hi-fi. In line with these solutions, IsoAcoustics has developed various high quality isolating accessories.

As a reminder, IsoAcoustics offers speaker feet and acoustic isolators. The brand’s accessories benefit from patented technologies to meet the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles and professionals.

IsoAcoustics app: how does it work?

The Canadian brand already offered a compatibility calculator on its website. Even easier to access and optimized for iOS and Android devices, it is now available on the IsoAcoustics mobile app.

The IsoAcoustics app consists of four categories: Products, Wizard, News and Inquiry.

Overview of the IsoAcoustics application

The IsoAcoustics application includes 4 sections. It provides access to personalized recommendations, features and benefits of the patented insulation technology, as well as the latest news and developments from the company.

Discover the IsoAcoustics range

Firstly, there is a section dedicated to the various ranges of accessories. It is possible to discover the selection of equipment for individuals (Home Audio) or for professionals (Pro Audio). This is followed by a description of the Aperta, GAIA, GAIA Titan, OREA, ZaZen and DELOS series. Each range is detailed as follows:

  • Technical specifications (weight, dimensions, load capacity, etc.).
  • Explanation of the IsoAcoustics technology.
  • Video tutorial on the proper installation of the accessory.
  • Press reviews and awards.
  • FAQ.

Accessory Selection Wizard

The “Wizard” section helps you choose the right accessory. There are eight categories: studio monitors, professional in-wall/ceiling speakers, subwoofers, guitar/instrument amplifiers, floorstanding speakers, other home audio speakers, components and turntables.

Once the category has been chosen, the application asks the user to enter the model they want to isolate from vibrations. IsoAcoustics has a large database with more than 5,000 brands and models. However, it is also possible to choose “Other” when the wizard does not feature a particular piece of equipment. You will then have to fill in its dimensions, orientation and weight. The assistant will then make a recommendation based on this data.

Overview of the IsoAcoustics application
Although there are more than 5,000 models registered in the application, you can still enter the characteristics of other models, in this case the Elipson Prestige Facet 14F floorstanding speaker, to take advantage of the assistant’s recommendations.

To test the effectiveness of the application, we tried it out with the KEF LS50 bookshelf speakers. After entering the model, the application displays the characteristics of the speaker and the recommendation(s). The wizard sometimes suggests several solutions, describes the advantages of each of them, and specifies the size of the thread and adapters if necessary.

Overview of the IsoAcoustics application
Very intuitive, the app simply asks you to choose the model of speaker, turntable or amp to isolate. IsoAcoustics then proposes one or more adapted accessories.

New releases

This category gathers the latest news from the Canadian manufacturer. This includes the launch of new products, the company’s presence at trade fairs and competitions. Some blog posts are also displayed in this tab with interviews, comparisons as well as behind-the-scenes videos.


Finally, the “Inquiry” category includes shortcuts to the IsoAcoustics accessories selection wizard and dealers. You can also be redirected to the FAQ on the manufacturer’s website and get help from the IsoAcoustics team.

IsoAcoustics app: the purpose of isolating accessories

To be able to take full advantage of a speaker’s performance, acoustic isolators play a major role. Indeed, even the best audio systems can become less effective, especially due to vibrations. These accessories guarantee perfect operating and listening conditions.

Very efficient, IsoAcoustics feet and supports are designed and developed by the brand, which has registered various patents. The structure, shape, density, thickness and materials of the accessories are specially designed to absorb unwanted vibrations. The goal of the Canadian brand is to provide professional and home installations with a wider soundstage, better spatialization and increased transparency.

IsoAcoustics Aperta 200
The IsoAcoustics Aperta 200 stands are patented and tested at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). They ensure proper placement and orientation, eliminate vibrations and provide better sound clarity.

Many rave reviews praise the effectiveness of these accessories. In addition, EISA magazine awarded the IsoAcoustics Gaia II acoustic isolators with this glowing review:

The importance of insulation is well known when it comes to providing optimal operating conditions for Hi-Fi electronics. However, it is virtually impossible to truly understand how this applies to speakers until you hear the results offered by the IsoAcoustics GAIA..

EISA Award – Best Product 2019-2020
Guide: choosing between bookshelf and floorstanding speakers

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