D-ID introduces a humanized AI for your TV


Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives with the aim of improving user experiences. This is true for voice assistants on connected speakers and algorithms that use our consumed content to suggest movies and series that match our tastes on video streaming platforms, for example. After ChatGPT developed by OpenAI and Google and its AI capable of composing music, it’s D-ID’s turn to present an innovation based on artificial intelligence. Although still experimental, it is intended to be installed on televisions and will assume a “human” form with whom you can chat!

A humanized AI built into the television

D-ID, a specialist in humanized artificial intelligence, is focusing its research on the everyday user experience. Consequently, the Israeli company is about to offer humanized artificial intelligence inside your TV. What are the benefits for the user? Real-time assistance that makes your screen easier to use by eliminating the need to go to the help menu, which is often complex and unintuitive.

Illustration of the AI developed by D-ID
The artificial intelligence created by D-ID takes a photorealistic form and ensures a seamless and personalized interaction with the user in order to respond to the latter’s needs in a few seconds.

Through the video presentation of its revolutionary technology (above), D-ID details the capabilities of this as-of-yet unnamed AI. A group of friends is watching a sports match, but notice that the quality of the image is poor. The image is pixelated and stuttered. The owner of the display then summons the support of his TV in one click. The AI then appears in the form of a life-like assistant.

In a few seconds, the AI analyzes the parameters and detects the origin of the problem before offering a solution. In this video demonstration, one of the solutions is to subscribe to a premium subscription. In order to allow the user time to decide if they want to subscribe, the artificial intelligence intervenes in the parameters and switches the image to Ultra High Definition so that the user can test the premium version for free for a few minutes.

Logo of D-ID, the company behind the development of humanized TV AI
Founded in 2017 by three entrepreneurs, the D-ID startup has collaborated with several famous websites to create a new and interesting user experience.

Huge potential

In addition to this brief demonstration, D-ID explains that its artificial intelligence for televisions will be customizable. The user will be able to create an avatar with whom it will be possible to communicate in a hundred different languages. The Chatbot will interact clearly and adopt non-verbal expressions identical to those of a human. Moreover, the artificial intelligence will be able to create customized videos to meet the specific needs of each user. The interactions will be seamless and will ensure convenient and instantaneous support for the TV.

D-ID, humanized AI specialist

Israeli startup D-ID gained exposure in 2021 through a collaboration with a genealogy website. Based on deepfake technology, the company developed Deep Nostalgia, an AI that brings virtually any photo to life! As a result, users can see an ancestor blink, move their head and even smile using just a photo. A stunning technology that also works on sculptures or paintings. The web is now full of videos where the Mona Lisa comes to life before your eyes.

For now, D-ID has not disclosed details about the rollout of its artificial intelligence for displays. But it’s likely that major 4K UHD TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, TCL, Panasonic, Sony or Philips will soon integrate this technology into their displays. It seems that the life led by Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the movie Her will soon become a reality!

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